Tom C

Tom C is flippin’ nuts.

He is a CPA. In his case, this means Certified Public Ass. He also does some work with numbers on the side.

He makes the “Cast” section for several reasons, but what put him over the top was his completely illogical, unreasonable hatred of the gays.

He says gays only want the right to marry because it’s a welfare benefit.

Says Tom:

Gay-marriage advocates are happy to point to 1,138 federal benefits of marriage. These benefits cost the American taxpayer billions of dollars a year. Those proposing the government “get out of marriage” oddly enough, don’t suggest getting rid of those benefits at the same time. What they are proposing greatly INCREASES government.

Think about that. Tom in other times and places complains that American liberals are ruining marriage, leading to its demise, as fewer and fewer Americans actually count themselves among the married because of moral decay and easy divorce… Yet at the same time we leftists have created a welfare benefit that is about to bankrupt America because so many gays are going to get married. Gosh, we liberals are talented! We can do exactly opposing things at the same time, as long as it is all bad. Muahaha…. More marriage is good for the country, except when it isn’t. And we liberals got our America destroyin’ powers working both ways!

And then there is Tom’s obsessive fascination with his allegation that gays are pedophiles. According to him all gays are, or want to be, or are likely enough to be one that you might as well assume the worst. You can’t trust a damn one, in fact, no matter how nice he may seem or she may seem. In fact, Tom says one-hundred percent of young boys targeted by pedophiles were abused by gays. This includes abusers like Jerry Sandusky, despite the fact that Mr. Sandusky was married to a woman and had no known relationships with adult men nor even any known attraction to men. But Tom, being super smart, can arrive at his statistical truth because he defines all pedophiles as gay. The mathematics of statistical analysis become really simple when you’re analyzing tautologies.

Tom takes this a step further when he discusses whether the Boy Scouts of America should allow gay members. He criticizes a former scout for sending back a medal in protest and says:

 You know what the probability is that some homesexual leaders admitted to the boy scouts will have sex with some of the scouts?


This guy is an advocate for an action that WILL lead to child abuse.

I hold these people PERSONALLY responsible for child sexual abuse.

Don’t like it?


I mean, wow. Read it again. Soak it in. That is Tom Frickin’ C in a nutshell for you. Dealing in absolutes, accusing regular people of being personally responsible for child abuse because they think their gay brother or sister shouldn’t be assumed a child abuser, and acting all tough and “what’s it to you, commie punk?” on the internet. Tom. Frickin’. C.

According to Tom, if we admit gays into the Boy Scouts then we have a 100% liklihood that one of them will abuse children. Which is true, because if you put a large, nationwide group of adults in charge of groups of children there is, sadly, a 100% chance that someone will abuse someone. And while the Boy Scouts have never let homosexuals be leaders, not too long ago they had no problem putting accused pedophiles into those positions.  Apparently, no one told them that if you let known pedophiles into your organization there will also be a 100% chance of someone abusing children. Where was Tom then? Living on the streets of Boston, hanging out in bathrooms with holes cut in the walls. So he says. I wonder if Tom could qualify as a scout leader? I think if we let people who hung around in Boston bathroom stalls be scout leaders, there is a 100% chance that some kid somewhere is going to be abused. Maybe Tom will join me in banning himself from the Scouts.

I’ll be honest. My theory on Tom C is that something terrible probably happened to Tom back in his childhood. Being on the streets is no a safe place for a young kid, even one of Tom’s, uh, tenacity. This thought of mine is why there hasn’t been a Tom C page before now- I honestly feel sorry for the guy. It’s sometimes just embarrassing to read this stuff, and I wonder about his clients and his coworkers. Is it awkward working with a guy this sad?

But whatever may have happened would have been decades ago and Tom has shown no sign of growing or learning, or even trying to understand the concept that homosexuals can be good parents, good teachers, and good members of the community, just like anyone else. He still refuses to see anything other than holes cut in bathroom stalls. That, in the end, loses him my sympathy.

Switching topics from The Gay, there is another issue that can give us a window into what it must be like to be Tom C. That issue is domestic violence. In Tom’s worldview, women get away with it, men are always wrongly accused of it, and restraining orders are all a bunch of feminazi hooey meant to keep real men down. Tom apparently went through some accusations during his divorce, as long time readers of AMG are no doubt aware.

But setting all that aside (and there is a hell of a lot one could write on just that aspect of Tom’s internet existence), imagine what it must be like to seriously worrying about the things that Tom worried about in this little story.


Women, being at home in the kitchen, tend to use poison and knifes as preferred methods of eliminating unsightly and inconvenient spouses.

I distinctly remember one time, having apparently disappointed my ex-wife yet again over some matter or another, I received a severe tongue-lashing which a few hours later changed into a happy, bubbly smiling serving of my favorite meal.

I looked into that cold smile – and smiled back.

I poked at the food for a few minutes with my folk, taking to first opportunity to clandestinely dump it deep into the trash.

This guy who is all about the sanctity of marriage wouldn’t even eat his wife’s food because he thought it could be poisoned. Wow. I defer to my previous statements on the awkward sadness of writing about Tom C. Like I said, it’s hard to not feel sorry for the guy. Imagine having to throw away your food because you honestly think your partner in life might poison you- but you also don’t want the marriage to end because God wouldn’t be pleased. What a trapped existence! What a goddamn horrible way to live.

So that’s what we know about Tom. Sad. Tragic. Occasionally funny. Doesn’t trust women, doesn’t trust gays. Liberals are all evil-doers who want to hurt children. If he were a fictional character, the author would win an award. But he isn’t fictional. Some poor guy is going through life this way, worrying about women poisoning him and spending hours each day writing about the horrors of letting any homosexual, anywhere, near children in a world that is increasingly tolerant of homosexuals and increasingly negative in its views towards the likes of Tom C. It’s a tough life.

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  1. Bill says:

    Nice to see a cast page for Tom. Thanks!

  2. Average Joe says:

    But just when you think the nutcase can’t get any nuttier, he posts this: “Caught on tape: Colorado gay man wrongfully arrested on guns charge” showing a video of a gay man being harrassed by police for legally packing. Couldn’t figure that one out — making a case for open carrying or against gay-bashing. I’m guessing the former, but the latter kind of goes with it. Tom C, we hardly knew ye!

  3. tomcisanidiot says:

    Tom C wrote, “I’ve long suspected Obama is a sociopath”. LOL. As Naran would say, “Pot, kettle, black”. As jimvisanidiot would say, “It takes one to know one”.

  4. Jill Trottier says:

    “I’ve long suspected that tomcisanidiot is a sociologist.”

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