The Editor

Scott Fish, a.k.a. the man with the plan, a.k.a. the Editor.  As Maine Goes is his brainchild.  I’m a bit young so I don’t know from experience, but a little research tells me that Mr. Fish has been active in Maine Republican politics for decades.  Given Maine’s total dominance by the Democratic party for at least 30 years, this gives Mr. Fish the aura of irrelevance and failure so necessary to be a prominent conservative in this state.  Note that I said conservative, not Republican.  We have two Republican Senators who are very successful and held in high regard by many people.  They probably don’t post at As Maine Goes.


In consideration of the recent landslide Republican victory in this state, I felt it necessary to add that Mr. Fish’s aura of irrelevance and failure is somewhat diminished. He now has a 1:15 ratio of victory to irrelevance. Of course, it is arguable that As Maine Goes is still irrelevant given that the biggest victors in the election were moderate Republicans in the state legislature while the AMG favorite, Paul LePage, scrapped through by a tiny margin… but I digress.

Mr. Fish now serves as communication director for one of those hated-by-AMG moderates, Senator Kevin Raye. Does this support the theory that Republican politicians use the right wing to win elections but, immediately after, spurn them as loud wackos with whom they had a drunken one night stand? Hmmm…

As that past would suggest, Mr. Fish is prone to reasoned, well-considered arguments; like this one where he expressed dismay about the Senate planning to vote on health reform on Christmas Eve when surely they would never dare do so on the Muslim holiday of Ramadan. Because, of course, Democrats=Muslim+Hate Christmas.

Ramadan, of course, is a 30 day event that occurs at a different time each year.   In 2008 occurred during the month of September.  The Senate was in session for most of that month,  so there is nothing accurate about Mr. Fish’s assumptions.  I’m also not convinced he even understood that Ramadan was a multi-day holiday.  But hey, it took me five minutes on google to gather this information – way too hard.

The Editor also has a soft spot for music, particularly examples of jazz and drumming that came into existence prior to 1979 and more modern products of African refugees.  Other hobbies include banning liberals for speaking their minds and signing “Best, Skf” to every post no matter how much he wants to gut that person like a trout.

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