The Distributist

First: What the heck is Distibutism?

I didn’t know either! You can do what I did and look it up on wikipedia. Or you can just take my word that it is a Catholic-based economic and social theory favored by right-wingers around the world. James O’Keefe of fake-seduce a CNN reporter fame is apparently a distributist. It also holds some sway in the British National Party. Hooray!

Who is “The Distributist?”

To put it succinctly, The Distributist is one of the most hateful persons posting on As Maine Goes. I mean it. He really goes overboard. Not just overboard like, oh, I got too close to the edge and fell in overboard, but more like let me tie myself to this rock, jump off the plank, and sink to the bottom of the Mariana trench overboard.

The guy hates Muslims. Despite his clinging to a particular, tiny philosophical branch of Catholicism (Distributism), he fails to see any differences among the one-billion plus Muslims and declares each and every one of them a danger to America. In fact, he expresses hate at pretty much everyone not of his social conservative religious styling. Check it out:

In a thread entitled, “Understanding Islam:”

Apparently Islam is the religion of peace… But that peace is only achieved when the heads are removed from the bodies of all non-muslims.

Commenting on a 13-year old Muslim child in Portland that mixed chemicals to create a “bomb:”

Aw, isn’t that cute, a little muslim boy preparing to be a muslim man… they blow up so fast!

A thought on people who aren’t religious:

When you say “religious people” and “non-religious people” you really mean human beings and human non-beings.

He can even attack both homosexuals and Muslims in one thought:

The intellectual dishonesty exhibited by homosexual activists and their appeasers is of titanic proportions. The social pressures applied at-large to acquiesce to their demands of acceptance and full endorsement have been frighteningly successful.

Existing information could lead one to conclude that homosexual behavior is to genetics what islam is to religion.

When The Distributist isn’t busy attacking Muslims, he spends his time attacking homosexuals. He thinks they are mentally ill and a danger to children.

Here he attacks another poster who disagrees:

While you continually display your considerable expertise on ignorance, it does not require rocket surgery to realize that same-sex attraction is a mental illness, despite how the modern, politically correct, psychiatric dictionaries try to window dress it.

The same thought stated more concisely:

Gays are not “gay” at all, just angry. And mentally unstable

He says supporters of “gender disorientation pathology” show an…

“…inability to step back from your dogmatic blessing of gay rights for even a moment and see it as the unique crusade based on procuring universal social endorsement of the personal, selfish, sexually promiscuous lifestyles that it is[.]

He even writes poetry about the Maine Department of Health and Human Services:

laden with lesbians
who have as their mission
the dismantling of the traditional family.

And then he kindly defines “normal” for the rest of us:

No argument need be advanced in support of normal behavior; it is self-evident. It just is [...] In this case, as their behavior runs counter to the laws of nature, man and God, there is little hope that they will ever achieve the status to which they aspire. Recognizing this fact, they have elected to kick and scream as an army of spoiled, angst-ridden teen-age girls determined to get their way rather than examine their own behavior and it’s deleterious affect on children and other living things.

Who is the Distributist, really?

It is my belief that the Distributist is Michael Pajak. Here are the facts supporting the Pajak = Distributist theory:

  • An alert reader pointed out that, once, a long time ago, The Distributist (“TD” for short) attempted to post an image onto As Maine Goes but, instead of the actual image, the site displayed the path of the file on TD’s computer. The path included a folder “mpajak.”
  • The miracle known as Google shows that someone calling themselves “The Distributist” and hailing from “mid-coast Maine” posted on this blog. The link next to the name leads to “Trendology Research,” a company of which Michael Pajak is President.
  • TD’s postings on As Maine Goes show that he hangs around the Bath area. For instance, he went to Paul LePage’s Bath rally and is familiar with I-295 near Brunswick. Michael Pajak lives in Woolwich.
  • Furthermore, Michael Pajak’s politics would seem a pretty nice fit with TD’s viewpoints. He was certainly on the short list- the biggest reason to think TD and Michael Pajak were not one and the same is because Michael Pajak has a public username, “mpajak.” You can see both “mpajak” and “The Distributist” posting on the same page of this thread, which mentions the firing of Michael Pajak from a legislative aide position in 2006.

It is not infrequent that the “out” Michael Pajak comments in the same thread as TD. In fact, sometimes TD even comments on threads started by “mpajak.” Given the evidence above, however, I think it is pretty likely that Michael Pajak equals The Distributist. Obviously, one can imagine situations where they are different people yet account for the information above, but you’ve got to really have the mind of a mystery novelist to do it. (UPDATE: Later events in 2011 have erased what little doubt there was about The Distributist’s identity.)

Okay, so who is Michael Pajak?

Michael Pajak’s history, as alluded to above, includes a stint as a legislative aide to the Maine GOP. In 2006, following the loss of social conservative, philosophical bedmate Chandler Woodcock to Governor John Baldacci, Pajak was purged from the legislative staff along with fellow As Maine Goes user and social conservative Bob Emrich.

In 2008, Pajak managed the campaign of Republican Dean Scontras. This is the same Dean Scontras, of course, now running again against Chellie Pingree in 2010 (but with a different campaign manager, thank God!).

According to his linkedin page, in 2009 Pajak did a brief stint as Development Director at Chop Point School in Woolwich. Seven months apparently being the maximum length of time Pajak could tolerate Chop Point or Chop Point could tolerate Pajak, he left the job at the end of 2009 and became the manager of Bill Beardsley’s campaign for Governor.

Bill Beardsley was the other social conservative in the Republican primary. Think Paul LePage but more polite and without as much focus on the economic impact of Maine’s buffalo regulations. He lost, of course.

Why post under two usernames?

I can only speculate. It surely requires some planning to maintain two personalities on As Maine Goes even to the point of replying under one username in a thread started by your other username. I think it is a ploy to protect his “professional” identity from the other identity he uses to write slurs against Muslims, homosexuals, and other groups he wishes to attack. I presume Scott Fish, Editor at As Maine Goes and the man who personally approves all usernames, is aware of this dual-identity. I also find it unlikely that other fellow As Maine Goes travelers in the mid-coast area, like Melvin Udall, were unaware of The Distributist’s actual identity. I mean, really, how many conservative followers of distributism can their be in mid-coast Maine? Someone else in that group had to know.

But why do it? The obvious reason seems to be that Michael Pajak is aware that his speech regarding Muslims and homosexuals is so far out there, so insulting, and so unfit for public consumption that he knows he has to create another identity to tell us what he really thinks.

That being said, it is almost worse that Scott Fish, who purports to tightly control As Maine Goes for the purpose of maintaining manners and intellectual discussion, allows a Republican operative to maintain a separate identity in order to facilitate the slandering of minorities again and again.

So what?

So there’s a guy on As Maine Goes who hates fags and towelheads. What else is new? Well, I think Michael Pajak is different.

This guy is regularly employed among Maine Republican circles. He is a known entity, and they still hire the guy. The Maine Republican party, in public, would never endorse any of those statements listed above. But in private the Republican establishment is all too happy to have him run a campaign. Not only that, but As Maine Goes will even give him two usernames- one to say things meant for public consumption, the other to say what he really thinks but knows should be kept quiet in polite company.

That’s frightening.

The only good thing about the guy is that he is currently managing the campaign of independent Kevin Scott who, according to the most recent poll, is getting 1.6% of the vote. So at least he’s moving down, not up, in the political hierarchy. May it continue.

18 comments to “The Distributist”

  1. Betty Royal says:

    All of your evidence above could also point to someone else in Pajak’s household who has access to his computer (perhaps share’s it). It could be his wife, roommate, mother, etc. That would also explain why he would not deny it was him…he was protecting someone close to him who is the Distributist. This person may have views that differ from his and now you have cost him a job by speculating.

  2. amglolz says:

    Give me a break.

    What do you think are the odds it wasn’t Pajak? I’m curious. And just to check, you DO think that someone who says those sorts of things should never work in government, right?

  3. Average Joe says:

    I can’t believe that even the LePage administration would oust the guy without first extracting a confession from him. In fact, I’m amazed they didn’t give him a promotion once they learned how extreme his views were.

    Score one for Team LePage. Which makes the score about 12-1.

  4. amglolz says:

    From the MPBN story, Dan Demerritt seems pretty confident Pajak said what he said.

    I’ve yet to see any conservative on AMG comment how nice it is that The Distributist isn’t actually posting anymore. Nor how nice it is that someone of his extreme views isn’t “feeding at the taxpayer trough,” as they say,

  5. amglolz says:

    Re: Average Joe, I wouldn’t be surprised if Pajak turns up again in a political job, just not a public one. I think Maine’s social issue right wingers will take care of him fine.

  6. Betty Royal says:

    “What do you think are the odds it wasn’t Pajak? I’m curious. And just to check, you DO think that someone who says those sorts of things should never work in government, right?”

    I don’t think they should, but that’s not the point of my comment. The point is that people shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that best suits their bias without considering every possible alternative.

  7. amglolz says:

    I want to ask you again what you think the numerical odds are that Pajak isn’t The Distributist. 1%? 10%?

    I put it right around 0.001% at the moment, and if he isn’t then Paul LePage, Dan Demeritt, and Bill Beardsley are the people who should be the target of your scorn. They tossed him and said it was because of the actual postings, not just the mere allegation of the postings.

  8. Betty Royal says:

    I have no idea what the odds are. But if, as you say, Scott Fish approves the accounts at AMG and is particular about it, why would he give Pajak two separate accounts? LePage, Demerrit et al. may have made their decision based on appearances, that’s politics. Or, Pajak was still unwillingly to expose someone else to “scorn.”

  9. amglolz says:

    Maybe Scott Fish is supportive of allowing hateful people to say hateful things on his website but still maintain a public image that would allow them to get political appointments.

  10. Average Joe says:

    After a few years partaking in the joys of AMG, it’s my understanding that multiple accounts are allowed by the fishmeister. For example, who do you think might be posting as “Friends of Maine’s Mountains?” Could it be the same Michael Pajak? I tend to think so.

  11. amglolz says:

    Another thing: professional campaigners endanger their bosses by doing this stuff. Pajak is lucky this didn’t come out during the Scontras campaign in 2008, or that Beardsley didn’t win the nomination and then have to fire Pajak right before the election.

  12. Emmaline says:

    I will add to Betty’s comment. What is it about the First Amendment you guys dislike so much?

    Or is it just the 1st Amendment is bad when it’s stuff you don’t like? I see stuff on this web page that is pretty nasty. If you guys ever get outted, how much will it affect your families and life?

    You might think twice when ratting out others. what goes around, can come back around when you’re not looking.

  13. amglolz says:

    Speech has consequences for both Mr. Pajak and myself. I was almost sued. I didn’t see you standing up for my “first amendment rights” then.

    I put that in quotes because the first amendment has nothing to do with either case, but you brought it up.

  14. Emmaline says:

    You guys bash amg for letting Pajak post. this is about 1st amendment rights.

    You were almost sued. Have you lost a job? will that happen if you get outted like you did to Pajak?

  15. amglolz says:

    The first amendment does not prevent one private citizen from criticizing another. That is what I am doing. And that is what Pajak was doing on AMG. The first amendment also doesn’t prevent the private owners of AMG from telling him to take a hike. In fact, people are banned from AMG all the time. Do you complain about their “first amendment rights?” I doubt it.

    I would not lose my job because I don’t work in politics. If I worked in politics, I probably wouldn’t do this blog.

    The things Pajak said were very risky given his career choice. Frankly, if I were one of his bosses (such as Dean Scontras and Bill Beardsley) I would have chewed him out. Campaign managers shouldn’t be going around making bombastic, controversial statements.

    I think you should consider that maybe the person who lost Michael Pajak’s job was Michael Pajak.

  16. Emmaline says:

    What about Bob Emrich? He’s not a state or public staff. Why are you going after Bob?

  17. amglolz says:

    Because he defended Pajak and his years of bigotry, and seems to care not a whit for the literally thousands of people he insulted over the years.

    Seriously, if you add up all the groups Pajak attacked it must be like 50-60% of all Mainers. He tried hard each and every day. What kind of Reverend is okay with that?

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