Ray Richardson

Ray Richardson is a talk show host on WLOB.  He also has in own website:  www.rayrichardson.com.  I think of Ray as a Rush Limbaugh without the sense of humor, a Sean Hannity without the cleverness, and an Ann Coulter without the anorexia.  No matter my disagreement with right-wing talk radio, I will admit that they are smart, focused, and can argue persuasively.  Luckily for Maine Democrats, none of those qualities apply to Ray Richardson.

Like many conservatives, Ray seems to have a strong “gut check” form of logic.  In other words, if it hits him right off as icky or wrong, he is against it.  It rarely requires more than 2.7 seconds to arrive at any conclusion; any facts supplied later are merely obstacles.  Causes du jour include opposing gay marriage, opposing laws against discrimination towards gays, and opposing general gay-ness.  Dude doesn’t like gays.

Other causes include unequivocal support of losing candidates such as Chandler Woodcock, Charlie Summers Dean Scontras, and John Frary.  His 2008 Republican “Dream Team” was President Fred Thompson and Vice President Tom Tancredo.  Wow.  I wish Mr. Richardson many more happy years of political windmill tilting.

Unfortunately, Mr. Richardson may no longer be a poster at As Maine Goes due to a hasty decision to insult the Editor’s honor when a third party sort-of-not-really questioned the honor of Ray’s wife.  No word yet whether Mr. Richardson, a transplanted Southerner, donned his white dueling gloves while typing that fateful last post.

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  1. Lucky says:

    This is a funny site…one problem – you’ve got some facts not quite right. Ray does back only candidates destined for failure, correct but, in the 2008 1st CD Ray did not back Summers’ play. Ray was a big Dean Scontras man. He, all by his little self, put Scontras’ efforts to beat Charlie in the primary in the toilet with the show-stopper he pulled on stage at the MEGOP convention. What a scene he caused….

  2. admin says:

    Lucky, thank you. Not only is Dead Scontras more accurate, but also funnier. What happened at the convention? I did not know of this.

  3. Lucky says:

    Each of the Congressional candidates were told in advance of their respective addresses to the convention they had a certain time limit. Ray was part of Dean’s demonstration and, when Scontras ran way over, his mike was cut off. Ray was on stage and went bananas screaming his head off and making a general ass of himself. People who were there told me they thought Richardson’s head was going to blow off – kind of an in person version of his on line attack on AMG

  4. luckyme says:

    Hi everyone, just wanted to say hello. I am a member on AMG, although the bitterness and downright scariness there keeps me from posting much. My handle there is lucky. Not the same Lucky you have here, though. Betcha that’s caused some confusion!
    I refer to AMG as Angry Men Griping.

  5. amglolz says:

    Thank you for clearing that up; I had assumed you were the same Lucky.

  6. luckyme says:

    Not quite the same, though. My handle is a discriptive adjective rather than a name – no upper case L.
    Still.. if someone from there came here and registered as Lucky… that’s just gay. ;-)

  7. PB says:

    From Melvan Udall today:
    “For the first time in months, I found myself out on the road early enough to search for WLOB on my FM dial. It was not at 95.5 like it had been the last time I checked.

    Tuned to 1310 AM, and the call sign checks made it clear it no longer appears on FM.

    Ray Richardson and JJ Jeffreys were doing their usual shtick, and made a few what seemed to be pointed barbs aimed at former co-host Ted Talbot.

    I was left with two impressions. First, that WLOB is going down, and that the departure of Ted was not being handled with much detachment, to say the least.

    Any insights?”

    AMG logic for why the PPH, and many other print media’s major drop in circulation is due to their liberal slant. How many friends on AMG have claimed to drop their subscription to the “TPTSNBN” or what ever they call it? How does that explain WLOB going down the toilet or the Washington Times……Just sayin……

  8. amglolz says:

    My gut tells me WLOB isn’t going down, but that is only because I don’t understand how it didn’t go down a long, long time ago.

  9. PhotoMaineAC says:

    Ray Richardson is a brainwashed IDIOT!!!!

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