Michelle Anderson

Here are the cliff notes on Michelle Anderson, if that is in fact her real name.

She is a moderator.  She is absolutelyfuckingnuts.

Logic has no meaning within her realm.  She will jump to any conclusion if it will fit her pre-existing script towards interaction with the world.  There are a few simple rules to her world, and they are as follows:

1.  They are out to get you.

2.  Michelle Anderson is always right.  Her personal experiences provide all the knowledge required to analyze any event about which she has read something on the internet, no matter how complex.  If any facts are missing from the description of the event on the internet, they can be safely assumed by the powerful fountain of wisdom that is Michelle Anderson.

3.  They are not only out to get you, but everyone who could stop them is also out to get you.

4.  If, in contradiction to rule two, Michelle Anderson’s personal life experiences do not provide and immediate and complete answer to any particular issue, a google search leading to a geocities page with a black background will, most likely, provide the missing information.

4.  If Michelle Anderson dislikes it, it must be unconstitutional.  See Federalist # 32, referencing the “Michelle’s Gut” test to be used on all matters of national import.

5.    They got you, you just don’t know it yet.

There is so much more to write, but it will take some time to organize it properly.  Examples shall be provided.

UPDATE: Part two is here. For even more Michelle stories, try searching for her in the search bar or click on her tag.

22 comments to “Michelle Anderson”

  1. luckyme says:

    Michelle is a moderator who needs moderating. She actually calls other members names, like she’s in junior high. Example? One member in good standing is Domino. Domino’s been a member for years, has good things to say, and is more middle of the road than most. Michelle calls her Dumino, has done so repeatedly and so other members do so as well. WTH? How is that okay for the mod to do that?

  2. Chris Coose says:

    It is interesting who S. Fish chooses to be moderators. Michelle Anderson was referencing me in her kindergarten fashion and I called her on it in the, WTF Ms. Moderator context. Seemed to work.
    The platform for her personal experience comes from her religion, sobriety and jail time. That’s all good, mind you, if you are writing a script for a movie like The Town.

  3. amglolz says:

    Now that makes me want to write and produce “As Maine Goes – The Musical.”

  4. Tim Wright says:

    Found this hilarious. In the “Sarah Palin’s gonna announce for President on Sept. 3rd” (which, BTW, was yesterday) thread, our intrepid newshound, moderator and former ghetto resident Michelle Anderson posted this insightful nugget:

    “I read on Facebook that she isn’t going to announce.”

    Well, okay then.

  5. Average Joe says:

    But you gotta admit things have really gone to hell in a handbasket since that Al-Jazeera terrorist came to Rockland at the request of Thomaston’s Knox Museum to spread his lies and to recruit for Al-Qaeda.

    If only people had listened to Michelle Anderson, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in today.

  6. jimvisanidiot says:

    Tim, I think Michelle was being facetious. She’s not an idiot. AJ, wrong Ms. Anderson. She is an idiot.

  7. Tim Wright says:

    Hmmm…..as I was told so many times on AMG, sarcasm doesn’t translate well there. But I love the idea that GOPcollegestudent probably cried himself to sleep last night upon reading that.

  8. Average Joe says:

    OMG, jimvisanidiot, you’re right! How could I confuse the hopelessly deranged Mackenzie with the comparatively slightly challenged Michelle?

    Having spent five years in Minnesota, I should know better than to confuse my Andersons, Andersens, Petersons, Petersens, etc., etc.

    Thank you for setting me straight.

  9. PB says:

    “Steve Jobs Won’t be Down for Breakfast”……Stay classy Michelle Anderson….AND Naran of course jumps in to defend her…..

  10. zooeyg says:

    Betty and Veronica.

  11. erin says:

    Wow. I hope she’s delivered a helping heaping serving of Karma just when she needs it. Same with Naran; her comments on PPH have become more and more pointed, except they’ve devolved simply into name calling and picking on people. She was taken to task for it by a PPH moderator the other day.

  12. zooeyg says:

    um, they both appear to be a couple of miserable old women – I’d say the karma thing is working pretty well already.

  13. amglolz says:

    Naran: “As for the phrase in question, Howie Carr may have fostered its use in America over the last decade, but he did not originate the phrase.”

    Fostered in its use in America? She seems to imagine more than 0.5% of America cares a small shit’s worth about Howie Carr. I’ve never heard this particular saying anywhere but AMG.

  14. zooeyg says:

    Me neither, but I’m not a journalist of Naran’s stature.

    As to Mr. Jobs – he filled his life well, and helped us all live and think different(ly). Rest in peace.

  15. chris coose says:

    Oh my.
    post 64 by Ms. Anderson contains a video that must be watched! (I got about 1/2 way through)
    Mr. Goldbug explains that the entire OWS deal is staged, including the cops. I think I also heard that The Rep. Giffords shooting was staged by Soros and Move On.
    “While some of it is a bit out there,” , states Ms. Anderson. Oh my. I wouldn’t know what to write in response on that thread.
    Scott Fish has to consider the sanity of his moderators. I don’t know him to be crazy and I’m pretty sure they have a policy not to allow ccrazed conspiracy. Maybe that is what I shall write to Scott.

  16. Average Joe says:

    You’ve got to watch that video! It’s amazing! The level of face recognition used by this guy is loose, to say the least. “It’s a black guy, must be him.” “This chick has dark hair, must be her.”

    All the cops are actors? Wouldn’t the real cops take umbrage at this? Or are all of them in on the conspiracy? And a conspiracy it would have to be. Simply unbelieveable!

    I’ve gotta find the Gabby Gifford’s “staged event.”

  17. Tim Wright says:

    Quoth Vikingstar: “I haven’t had a chance to watch the video yet. But, given the choice of accepting Michelle’s judgement or Mr. Coose’s, well, that really isn’t a contest , is it?”

    No Vikingstar, it isn’t. Thanks for stating what we all believe.

  18. Average Joe says:

    Whose judgment (spelled correctly) would you accept?
    (a) Michelle Anderson
    (b) Michelle Bachman
    (c) Michelle Obama

    That’s a tough one for the AMG crowd, much easier for most of us.

  19. Tim Wright says:

    So, it’s been weeks (if not months) since Ms. Ghetto Behavior Eliminator has commented on AMG. What gives?

  20. PB says:

    I notice her “North of Bangor” podcast is no longer featured on the home page…I’m guessing something around the Ron Paul flap had something to do with her bailing…..I’ll ask one of my conservitive buddies who posts there what happened
    On that note, I wonder why Steve Scharf no longer posts….Possibly could have something to do with Apollo, the Distributist, etc……..

  21. Average Joe says:

    I love it when they turn on each other and eat their young. Makes the site even more boring than it has already become.

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