Mark Turek

Mark Turek, if that is his real name, is a one trick pony.  I don’t know what happened to Mark, but something did and he blames unions.  When he gets up in the morning to take a dump and that shit smells, he has no doubt whatsoever that a union is to blame.

Mark was a big advocate of a lawsuit against an agreement requiring all state employees to pay a portion of union fees, whether or not they joined the union.  It lost in Federal District Court.  Then it lost at the Supreme Court.  Unanimously.  Who can unite Justice Ginsburg and Justice Scalia?  People like Mark Turek.

Mark was super-psyched about going to D.C. for oral arguments and was “cautiously optimistic.”  Oddly, there was no follow up post in that thread when the decision came down.  I assume this is because he still doesn’t accept that it happened.  It just doesn’t compute in Mark’s mind.

More recently, Mark has chosen the super-catchy jingle “Time for a procedural audit of SEIU Local 1989.”  What that message lacks in style it makes up with the proponent’s complete lack of credibility.

Another recent Turek project seems to be Maine Taxpayer’s United.  This group lists two “initiatives” on its website; both are failed referenda from the November election.  The “About” section is also interesting.  It says “Currently, the MTU network is includes [sic] 110 Maine Communities with approximately 214 first-tier individual contacts. Many of these contacts operate their own networks which comprise a second tier.”  I’m not sure what the deal is with 1st and 2nd tier contacts.  I interpret that to mean that they have 214 people on their electronic mailing list and some of those people own a dog.

Truth be told, Mark isn’t all that interesting or funny because he is way too repetitive.  He endlessly drones the same message  over and over until he loses a legal battle and all appeals are exhausted.  That can take years!  But he commented on this site, so I had to do something.  In his comment, Mark pointed out that the SEIU and ACORN logos are missing from my website.

Well, Mark, I see two possible reasons.

1) I have nothing to do whatsoever with the SEIU or ACORN; or

2) Myself, the SEIU, and ACORN got together in a smokey room and planned this whole thing out.  We were trying to go under the radar and achieve victory through complete surprise.  We then laughed like this: ” Muahahahaha!”  But now you, Mark Turek, have uncovered our secretive plot!  It is all over.  DAMN YOU MARK TUREK!  You are like Batman, you always show up just as we were about to get away with it!  Back to the drawing boards.

One last note: Mark, I don’t want you to clutter up my comments section like you do on asmainegoes, where you might be the only poster in a thread for months on end.  Therefore, you are limited to one comment per week, starting now.  Keep notes and make that comment count!

One comment to “Mark Turek”

  1. Narsbars says:

    Turek, AMG,

    The first does not care about the truth. The second feels that refusing to publish the truth is the solution.
    I was banned on AMG for no reason but it was coincidentally enough after using facts to refute fiction.
    I brought up the supreme court decision, the string of losses and asked when is enough, enough?
    I only hope our new governor does not insulate himself from good ideas because of their source.
    State employees know where the waste is to be found, millions and millions of dollars spent with no purpose except to make someone look good.
    On the good side, their are good Republicans in Maine, representatives that are tired of taxing all of Maine just to support a few large Augusta businesses. Maybe they will have a chance to be heard.
    Banned on AMG.

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