Mark T. Cenci

Who is Mark T. Cenci? Mark is a litigious libertarian that has run for office in our great state in between posting obnoxious retorts on AMG directed towards anyone who dares think differently than he. And yea, he wants to sue me.

As someone who likes to write obnoxious things, I’ll say I’ve got no problem with that pastime. But a lawsuit? You play with fire, sometimes you get burned. ¬†Forgive me for thinking that someone posting on a political website for several years and running for office would be a big boy that could handle a little Harold and Kumar joke. My bad. Now he says my little joke is damaging his reputation. You see, some potential customer might come across it and think that Mark likes to smoke weed.

Being a professional geologist, of course, Mr. Cenci has always been very careful about his online image. He would never want to ever, ever lose a customer by, say, insulting them or calling them names. Never. He is far too careful with his reputation to do that.

That’s why I’m offering a $200 dollar reward for anyone who can identify the person impersonating Mr. Cenci and saying all these things attributed to him on AMG:

To a poster that thinks maybe drugs should be illegal:

Attitudes like yours are despicable. I wish you utter failure.


The War on Drugs, ever failing and ever escalating, has caused rampant drug use and abuse in America and Mary, I hold you and your fellow drug warriors to blame.

You have wrecked havoc everywhere, including a handy source of funding for Islamic terrorists.

Hide your face.

To, apparently, a state legislator:

Looks like that weight you lost didn’t come out of your fat head.

And then:

The joke was that the fat he lost didn’t come from his head.

Which implies that it is still in there.

Ergo, he’s a fathead.

Is it really that complicated a joke?

On his unique method of displaying calm professionalism towards potential customers online:

Verbal temper tantrum? I always write this way.

To a poster that dared present an opposing point of view:

Are you illiterate?

On his fellow AMGers:

Thank God for AMG.I always suspected Maine was replete with fusty old misanthropic greedy bastards…

On his plans for the future:

The country is going to tyrannical hell and I need to make as much money as possible and then leave all this Maine malarkey behind.

He said that last one in 2005, so I guess he hasn’t made enough money yet. Count me among those hoping Mark makes the requisite amount of cash as soon as possible.

To Charlie Neville:

charlie, conversing with you is like entering a Black Hole.

You are an ass because of the following (not because I disagree with you):

You made a claim that my argumentation was lacking.

Yet you asked whether I was invested in a Car Share competitor.

That isn’t argument, charlie.

That is called ascribing motives. That is a nasty thing to do. Much more so than calling a demonstrable ass, an ass. I take it as a personal attack.

So congratulations on checking over your posts for spelling and grammer. You get a star!

Tomorrow, you can begin to learn to think.

This next one is a personal favorite. Mark’s a big smart geologist. You know, the kind that learned how old the earth is and how there are all those fossils laying around. But this is what he thinks about evolution (note the modest tip of the hat to his own rationality versus all the other peons on AMG):

There aren’t too many people more coldly rational than me on AMG. And I studied science, including geology, paleontology and audited Lynn Margulis’s Evolution class at BU. (originator of the eukariotic cell theory of evolution and once the wife of Carl Sagan. I also believe she was helpful to James Lovelock, who came up with the Gaia Theory of Earth behavior).

And I have to tell you, that simpleton characterizations of the people who question Evolution (as simpletons) are among the stupidest and most ludicrous things I am aware of.

Evolution Theory has real problems folks. And its boosters are doing little to increase its credibility.

And later:

I’m afraid the proponents of macro evolution are the ones who do not understand it.

If they did, they could make a convincing case and put skeptics in their place.

Look, I know that the theory of evolution has little to do with what Mark does day-to-day, which appears to be septic tanks and groundwater. But this guy is a geologist and he doesn’t think anyone has made a convincing case for evolution. That’s a little bit funny.

Mark “whuddya mean there’s all them fossils in them rocks” Cenci, God’s gift to geology, lawyer’s pocketbooks, and anonymous bloggers.

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  1. jimvisanidiot says:

    Ha ha, you nailed him. I can feel his frothing outrage. Keep up the good work. Now that this site is here, I wonder how the AMG regulars manage the rest of their lives. They seem to be as obsessed with you as they are with posting their drivel on AMG. You rock, asmainegoeslolz!

  2. amglolz says:

    Thank you for the kind words! Will you pay my legal bills? :)

    I’m hoping that one day the word “lolz” will be blocked on AMG the same way all mention of Mike Hein is blocked (he was AugustaNeoCon back in the day).

  3. jimvisanidiot says:

    Is Cenci still threatening legal action against you?

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