Ye Olde Dan Billings Souvenir Shoppe

This is the one and only place to get the best Dan Billings memorabilia and support the Help AMGLOLZ Hire Dan Billings Fund all at the same time! Check out our selection of quality merchandise at low low prices!

BITTERNESS:  Say it all in style with this fashion masterpiece. You’ll still be able to bring a smile to people’s faces, even though all your possessions were liquidated at auction.

Only $12.99!!

SIMPLICITY: Sometimes simple is best. Express your love with this gorgeously plain collector’s item.

Only $9.99!!

Traditional: When you’re feeling nostalgic, just throw on this classic beauty.

Only $14.99!

Bottle Opener:  No home is complete without a Dan Billings bottle opener. It will crack open your brewski the same way Dan cracks the books to win your case. Warning: Drinking and driving after use costs extra.

Now just $5.99!

Get the complete set, now just $35.99 $29.99!

Disclaimer: These items are parody. Nothing will be created or sold without the express written consent of Dan Billings.

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  1. Danielle Billingsley says:

    I want one of each. Does that mean I get sued?

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