Dan Billings

UPDATE #2, August 29, 2012: Dan Billings has been nominated to be a Judge. Just this one time, I agree with Governor LePage.

Good news for all lolzers: Those Dan Billings collectibles you bought just went way up in value!


UPDATE: Dan Billings is currently head legal counsel for Governor Paul LePage. Congratulations! I think… On the one hand, you’re close to the levers of power. On the other hand, your job is to tell the lever of power that 35 states cannot override the Federal government just by getting together and giving each other a group hug. And that there aren’t any buffalo regulations in Maine. And that based on your expert legal research, you believe that Maine residents like Mr. LePage should probably pay taxes in Maine and get in-state tuition for his kids in, well, Maine.

At least you’ll be keeping busy.

I   Dan Billings.

Why do I ♥ Dan Billings?

Easy. Because he’s a liberal.

Haha, no, just kidding. He isn’t a liberal. Don’t sue me. Please don’t sue me.

Seriously, I do heart Dan Billings. He is my AMG hero: a conservative with principles. With logic. Someone who can actually separate nonsense from reality and make a strong argument. If he starts a thread, there is a point to it. It isn’t just for the LOLZ.

I’m not saying that I agree with all or even most of his conclusions, but I can understand how he arrives at them.

Which is why we’re opening a Dan Billings souvenir shop here on AMG.

Here is my thought process: Eventually, I’m going to get sued. Case in point: this site wasn’t up more than a couple of weeks before some kid was threatening libel. I bet Mark Turek would have already filed papers if he could find a lawyer that would take his calls anymore.

When I get sued, I want the best attorney available. I’m pretty sure that is Dan Billings. I’m also pretty sure that the best don’t come cheap. Therefore, I need a way to raise funds.

What better way than a Dan Billings tribute shop? You will find no better selection of Dan Billings memorabilia than right here. All proceeds go to the Help AMGLOLZ Hire Dan Billings Fund. Click here!

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