AsMaineGoes has a varied cast of characters.  Nearly all are conservative, but there are a few liberals.  The liberals tend to get banned after some time for some reason or another.  But among the bulk of the cast there are a few trends one can observe:

1.  Posters on As Maine Goes tend to be male.

2.  Posters on As Maine Goes tend to be old.

Yes, this mirrors the Republican Party in general.  Shocking.

Now, I can’t completely guarantee the accuracy of every judgment of age or gender I’ve ever made about a poster, but over the years I’ve come to recognize names and accumulate some background knowledge.  For instance, a poster that talks about his or her grandchildren I generally count as “old.”  Likewise, I come to classify posters in the “elderly” catagory when they discuss how they escaped the sinking Titanic on their lobstah boat or remember back when Lewiston wasn’t all full of Frenchies.

There are a few younger posters, for sure, but they are rare.  Once there was a person known as “gopcollegestudent” who was remarkable not only for his youth but also his absolute inability to show any sign of actually receiving a college education.  I’m serious; this kid wrote the English language like a human LolCat.  But eventually he faded away and we were left with a bunch of old geezers with memories of the glory days of Great Northern Paper and faded dreams of a time before Depends.

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18 comments to “Cast”

  1. M. Piletti says:

    Write one about Tom C. please!!!

  2. amglolz says:

    Believe me, I will. He is a favorite.

  3. Tom C says:


    I finally rated ASMAINEGOESLOLZ!

    Hot damn!

  4. Emmaline says:

    Ummm…. speaking of misspellings, GEEZER is spelled like this – the kind you referred to live at Yellowstone.

  5. amglolz says:

    Thank you. Copy reviewer is so fired.

  6. amglolz says:

    You’d rate your own page if I could find your divorce rant from several years ago. Was it deleted?

  7. Tom C says:

    “You’d rate your own page if I could find your divorce rant from several years ago. Was it deleted?”

    Probably. Some of my best stuff was deleted. Some of it was pretty far out, I’m guessing that Scott is trying to save me from myself.

    Well… like the old poem – “people who write on [bathroom] walls… “

  8. Tom C says:

    Hey! Now I’m a “dick” on asmainegoeslol!


    I’m movin’ on up!

  9. luckyme says:

    And you’re so well educated on all things deviant! Whoever heard of Paraphilia before you posted it?!

  10. Tom C says:

    “And you’re so well educated on all things deviant!”

    You have no idea!

  11. Tom C says:


    Because liberals need to attack their critics personally, you need to go right after what you perceive as my stereotypical “Christianity.”

    That always leads you to the paradox – “Does Tom C have sex, or not? If he DOES, then he’s a hypocrite – if he DOESN’T then he’s sexually frustrated!.”


    I love it!


  12. amglolz says:

    Sorry, attacking you personally based on things you say is so liberal of me. I’ll try to make my attacks vaguely about large groups of people next time. You know, like saying gays are pedophiles and all that. That is much more intellectual.

  13. Tom C says:

    “You know, like saying gays are pedophiles and all that. ”


    Sorry, you’re so much smarter than me, your logic must be going over my head.

  14. amglolz says:

    So which is it? Sexually frustrated or sinner? Or do you ascribe to a version of the Gospel that lets Tom get some action?

  15. Tom C says:

    I ascribe to enjoying the idea that you would wonder about it.

  16. amglolz says:

    Think of it as a proselytizing opportunity. Imagine the new believers you could bring into the fold if people realized that being born again = guiltless hot sex.

  17. Tom C says:

    I wish!


  18. jimvisanidiot says:

    Please do a profile on Tom McLaughlin. His blog is a field rich with manure and his crop is ripe and ready to be mocked.

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