AMG user “Traci G” [EDIT: Traci G is actually Traci Gauthier, and is running for State Senate] posted this whopper. Steven Scharf, a man who joined the Republican party solely for the fine ass, started a thread about The Downeaster being extended to Brunswick with a $35 million grant. The Downeaster, of course, is the train that currently runs between Boston and Portland.

The grant will upgrade tracks, allowing the Downeaster to make stops in Freeport and Brunswick. I know, this isn’t very interesting yet but that is why AMG has conservative conspiracy connoisseur Traci G.

She posted the following:

“It’s just like the old days,” said Rep. Chellie Pingree, D-Maine.

[NOTE: Deleted by AMG's Editor.]

What was deleted? Apparently a picture of some poor souls being loaded on a train for transportation to Auschwitz, or the gulags, or the like. If anyone has the actual picture please send it to me and I will add it here.

Not only did she post this absolute tripe, she then defended it. Twice. No, Thrice.

Traci G: it was not intended to be funny sarcastic or stupid. Chellie Pingree is a socialist and attended Communist Party of Maine events thrown in her honor. What do you think socialists and communists think of when they think of the good “ole days”? . Sorry my visual history lesson touched a nerve. It should. When you have as much disdain for this womans total diregard for the Constitution (and the oath she swore to uphold and protect it) then I will take your questioning of my character more seriously.

Traci G: [Responding to Charlie Neville] I think I know my intent more than you do charlie…… I have posted on other threads the links between her and the communist party and her and the democratic socialist party. if you want to read more into it than go for it.

Dan Billings: And what does that have to do with this thread or the picture you posted?

Traci G: what socialists/communists have used trains for in the not so distant past.

Cripes. She actually said, “What socialists/communists have used trains for in the not so distant past.” I have to apologize because that isn’t funny, it is just depressing.  Someone compared the Downeaster to genocide and they really mean it. It isn’t a joke. It isn’t a hyperbole. This person exists. And where does she feel comfortable expressing this view to the world? As Maine Goes.

Yea, a train that will help Bostoners get to L.L. Bean is just like murder.  Just. Like.

To Tracy, Chellie Pingree is a communist because some internet group somewhere consisting of, likely, three guys and one of the guy’s girlfriend who only signed up because she thought he was “rebellious” and shit, cited a Chellie Pingree event or something. Is that really how you decide to compare people with genocidal murderers? Guilt by association based on something you read on the internet? What a freaking tool.

Ironically, a quick search for “Traci G” turned up this. She was commended by a group with a web page  calling themselves “Idiots of the World United.” I guess that is conclusive proof that she is an idiot.

Sad. But at least it inspired a new poll.

An AMG user recently compared the Downeaster extension project to genocide. What group do you think will be the most victimized on the new Downeaster?

  • Slightly squished cafe car sandwiches (41%, 11 Votes)
  • Minority groups and their families (22%, 6 Votes)
  • L.L. Bean gift cards (22%, 6 Votes)
  • I-295 rush hour traffic (15%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 27

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10 comments to “Traci G:
Brunswick, Maine = the next Auschwitz.”

  1. Perry Bonney says:

    Give’m hell, folks! Born in Maine, it seems that I can’t here about the Maine Republican delegation while in my adopted home of Texas (where I am a proud supporter of my US Congressman, Ron Paul) but I always here about them voting with the Democrats.

    Then I see that my older brother, whom I love very much, ( and who lives/ shuttles between New Jersey and Orient, Me, South of Houlton) has on his Facebook page the map of Wisconsin, stylized to the shape of the Socialist Party International fist. And that’s just the first thing I see on it.

    Give ‘em hell, boys, and at least make the socialists not feel too much at home in our country.

  2. amglolz says:

    Traci G may do a lot of things, but giving Democrats hell isn’t one of them.

  3. Flea says:

    I here that. Let’s chase all the socialists out of hear!

  4. Flea says:

    and in a cruel twist of irony, both states got smarter when you moved.

  5. Perry Bonney says:

    Traci G will never get into office until she learns to give the Dems hell. If she can’t stand up to the leftist parasites freeloading off of our conservative sweat then someone else needs to run in her stead.

    And I ‘here’ you, Flea. The socialists need to move out of ‘hear’, possibly to North Korea, where there are no free-marketers to sponge off of, and where too many eat tree bark to survive. And the North Korean leadership are all fat, like Michael Moore, as a reward for their displayed brilliance for thinking of such a wonderful idea.

    And amglolz, I don’t suppose that you were the cause of your website not accepting my old username or password, were you? If so, I just wanted to thank you for backing up the liberal rhetoric of “Free speech!” I have spent over 26 years in the military, active duty and reserve protecting your right to it, even if I disagree with what you say. How many years have you spent defending my right to free speech? And that’s not just sarcasm – I am hoping that you actually have spent at least some time, in the Reserve/Guard, if not active duty, protecting my rights.

  6. amglolz says:

    I don’t know why it rejected your old username and password. The website has automatic security checks that sometimes are a bit too tight, but it has to be that way because there have been multiple hacking attempts. Other users have sometimes been unable to log in, too, so it wasn’t because of your viewpoints.

    If you email me your old username I will reset the password for you.

    Like most Americans I have not been in the military. I do have military in my family. Thank you for your service.

  7. tim wright says:

    Now that I think of it, this guy is wayyyyyy too unhinged, even to be Flammenasshole. And, wayyyyy too brief.

  8. Flea says:

    I did just 4 years in the service so I’m only entitled to be “Guy Who Served.” 26 gets you the honor of being “Guy Who Quotes How Many Years He Served” whenever he perceives a slight or challenge to his belief system. He’s also the last guy to challenge any of the talking heads that spew his flavor of bile about their lack of military service.

  9. Perry Bonney says:

    tim wright, if you really think that I am “wayyyyyy too unhinged”, you’ve been living under a rock. I’ve sparred with too many people on the left to believe that I am that unhinged. In fact, one former coworker indicated that a certain person (another former coworker) who is closer to the middle than I, was far more unhinged. Those two couldn’t even talk anymore. I was always cordial, even while standing firm in my beliefs, and the always acted like they recognized that. Others on the left that know me act the same way. I wasn’t that harsh here. Get a life.

    And flea, I gather that you didn’t read my entire post. I ended with “I am hoping that you actually have spent at least ***some time, in the Reserve/Guard***, if not active duty, protecting my rights.” I meant that – I never meant that anyone has to at least match my service, and it should be obvious that I meant to say that. I do admit that not every one has a calling to serve, but one should at least serve on jury duty when called, an equally important element of a free society, when there is no compelling reason not to do so. And if you never get called, good for you.

    As it is, amglolz didn’t block me from his weblog for any reason, much less my views, it was just a glitch of some sort. So he is not part of that center-of-left element that demands unlimited free speech, tries to keep me from my rights, and not have defended my rights (in the military), as I had originally suspected.

    And again, Flea, thank you for your service.

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