TOM C: Liberalism is dead

AMGLOLZ power-user Tom C posted this screed on February 20, 2010. I have a feeling that, like a fine wine, it will only get better with age. [Edited March 6, 2009: Tom also added the Pentagon shooter to the list of “liberals” conducting a “reign of terror” over the country.”]

There isn’t much I can do to improve the reader’s experience, so the whole thing is posted verbatim below.


The end of liberalism?

Maybe not, cockroaches are hard to wipe out completely, but it just feels like it.

Look around you. When has it been this bad for any political movement before?

Democrats in control of the Congress and can only demonstrate spectacular inability to do anything.

In the White House a man who never ran anything in his life trying to run the country assisted only by a bunch of liberal political campaign experts, and almost daily proving himself to be an incompetent embarrassment to the country.

And the goverment he brought with him. Hillary Clinton, the “overcharge” Secretary of State. Homeland Security in the hands of a liberal ideologue who seems primarily intent on ferreting out pro-life protestors and tea party supporters – while passengers on airplanes must resort to hand-to-hand combat with terrorists in order to stay alive. Political correctness that allows a self-proclaimed “soldier of Islam” free reign in the army, and the opportunity to execute his own private jihad.

And the public isn’t fooled anymore.

Polls are showing the great dissatisfaction with Obama, and fewer and fewer members of the public are claiming association with the Democrat party, or claiming to be liberal. The best and brightest candidates that the Democrats seem to come up now are comedians hand-picked to run in elections fixed by ACORN… while career Democrat politicians are looking at the handwriting on the wall, and preparing their quiet escape.

The re-emergence of conservative values as the public sees what 50 years of progressive social policies have brought us. Droves turning to back to the importance of the family and God, and the quiet emergence of a social revolution in the mega-churches.

The liberals reduced to hate speech and threats against conservatives, trying to get them fired from their jobs – and vocally condemning conservatives with tiresome, well-rehearsed “outrage” to an audience that finds the liberal creed less and less credible.

Spontaneous demonstrations across the country, as Joe and Jane Everyman assemble in town squares demanding their government back.

Fewer and fewer people watching the MSM anymore – while the public thirsts for objective news from Fox, driving the ratings through the roof.

And, now, this week, we see 2 prominent examples where hard-core liberals, people who have made lives of being “victims,” their dreams turning to dust around them, forced to face their own failings and going out and trying to commit mass murder in frustration with the making of their own lives. [Editor’s note: This is apparently in reference to Joseph Stack and Amy Bishop.]

It just feels like the whole liberal thing is collapsing. It feels like the end of what they are trying to do.

4 comments to “TOM C: Liberalism is dead”

  1. Tom C says:


    Hey, you were right – like fine wine, this is getting better with age!

    Get used to saying: “Governor LePage”!

  2. amglolz says:

    I assumed we will call him Governor 38, part deux.

    Because he is polling at 38%. And he speaks French.

    Does it at all concern you that the AMG proclaimed extreme liberal Libby and an ex-Carter official are polling, combined, pretty close to 50%? Liberalism seems quite alive in Maine.

    Or that the Democrat’s “spectacular inability to do anything” has resulted in health care reform and financial reform, which you’re getting used to as we speak?

  3. Tom C says:


    Well, you’re right.

    The spectacular thing they did “do” was get the electorate so mad at them that the Democrats are looking at a historical rebuke in November.

    So I guess they did do something worthwhile!


  4. amglolz says:

    I’d trade two major reforms that will benefit our country for decades to come in exchange for a bad election for my favored political party. I guess I care about my country. Weird, huh?

    The election is very competitive. But Democrats have a better than fair chance to hold the Senate and a fighting chance at the house. In Maine, LePage below 40% leaves him entirely dependent on Cutler splitting the vote and doesn’t imply much in terms of coattails.

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