The first inductee to the AsMaineGoeslolz hall of fame is a posting that occurred on the fateful day of December 7, 2009.  On that day the metaphoric carrier fleet of Ray Richardson carried out a stunning daylight raid upon the manhood of Scott Fish, Editor.  Unlike the Japanese carrier fleet attacking Pearl Harbor 68 years earlier, however, Admiral Richardson missed his target.

He didn’t just miss his target.  He bombed the wrong country.

The story is this:  Ray Richardson was defending his approval of Les Otten as a gubernatorial candidate.  Between snipping back and forth, a person named Woodman asked Ray if his family had financial ties to Otten’s campaign and implied that this might be the reason for his otherwise inexplicable support for an unelectable random candidate (Woodman forgot that Mr. Richardson only supports unelectable candidates.  Google Chandler Woodcock).  Woodman posted an image showing Ray’s wife’s facebook page with photos from an Otten event.

Immediately after Woodman’s post, the Editor made a short statement to Ray on some other matter.

Ray’s next post is fantabulous.  Apparently mistaking Woodman’s post as being written by the Editor, Ray writes:

You of all people Scott Fish.

At least have the integrity to say that this was from FACEBOOK, a place you are obviously friends with my wife. A place where she has posted thousands of photographs as an “amateur photographer.”

What a cheap shot.


Not my wife, nor me have any fianacial connection to Otten.

If some Richardson somewhere shows up, they are not connected to me.

What a cheap shot Scott, I thought you were above such bull shit.

Don’t ever drag my wife into what I do.

No one here is worthy of the ground she walks on.

Cancel my account and take this forum and shove it up your ass.

I think this post is best when imagined as read by a fine Shakespearean actor.   “Et tu, Editor?  Shove thy forum upeth thy ass.” And frankly, this post would be funny even if the anger were directed at the right person, but the blind misdirection of aggression towards the Editor himself makes it Hall of Fame material.  Bonus points because Ray Richardson is actually an on-air radio talk show host.

Furthermore, that actual text itself is hilarious.  ”At least have the integrity to say that this was from FACEBOOK?”  I’m confused.  Where would the integrity be in that?  Does it matter?  Is it more honorable to question a woman’s honor if one correctly cites Facebook?

I also like that Ray’s wife is a quote-unquote “amateur photographer.”  No offense, but the unnecessary quotes make it sound like she takes pictures of something, well, dirty.

I don’t think Mr. Richardson has posted recently.

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