I am alive! Word of AsMaineGoes’ impending end has reached me even through my haze of ambivalence, and how could I not have a few last minute words?


First: Let’s be clear that there were TWO things that led to AMG’s demise.

1. Posting on AMG became a possible political liability.

2. Maine Republicans actually had that one election where they won something.

Remember “The Distributist?” Yeah, it become clear at that point that saying really, really, really, dumb things on the AMG could impact your real life. AMG had gotten too big; it was no longer just an email chain for a bunch of likeminded crazies and their political leaders. It was a publicly watched space, where news organizations could check the id of one political party. Suddenly, that crazy thing you might say at your friend’s Tea Party BBQ after a few drinks was something that you should actually only say at your friend’s Tea Party BBQ. The Portland Press Herald, Al Diamon, DirigoBlue, and others were reading and ready to pounce.

Point #2 is related to this. Remember Dan Billings? Well, when Governor LePage won an election, he suddenly had a great new career path: Judge. Scott Fish became spokesperson for Republicans in the Legislature. A few other posters here and there found work in the new Republican administration and legislature. Suddenly, they were more accountable for their postings. This was especially true in the post-Distributist age. Scott Fish’s musings could now become news that would impact his employer. Dan Billings, obviously, can’t be both a Judge and online political savant.

Combine points #1 and #2, and the AMG swamp got drained of its best, brightest, and most entertaining. All we were left with was a never-ending circle of “Naran: That thing Democrats Did Will Cost Us Money” and “Random Crazy: Obama’s Gay Army Will Force Us To Buy Communist Health Insurance Any Day Now” posts. Frankly, I lost interest. And I’m the guy who was so obsessed that I started a frickin’ website. If you lose me, well, you’re not doing great.

Still, however, I would have thought AMG would continue on in perpetuity until the demographic train derailed (the average AMG age is probably about 68). But I guess I thought that because I believed it was possible to run a website on the cheap, and let things stay online long past their “that was fun” date because the internet is basically free (See asmainegoeslolz.com)…. Somehow that logic doesn’t work for AMG because Scott Fish is managing to pay someone $150 a month to run that thing.

There may be other things you can point to about why AMG might be dying, but they are all related to points #1 and #2 above. Naran’s rise as moderator/banner-in-chief? Well, that wouldn’t have happened in a world where Scott Fish stayed on to manage the day to day operations. It led to an ever-shrinking pool of posters and, frankly, a loss of interesting posts, because great stories resolve around conflict.

So that’s my somewhat premature autopsy.

Oh, I almost forgot reasons #3, #4, and #5 for the demise of AMG:


#4 That Alinsky book I keep hearing about,



R.I.P, Maine internet conservative hilarity machine.

It seems that AMGLOLZ actually predeceased AMG, but now that the Fishmeister has officially driven a stake through the Narantula’s heart, how do we appropriately say goodbye?

All suggestions will be gratefully accepted.

Of course, I’m just kidding, and everyone would know it, especially if I said I wanted to do the dirty deed from the seat of a flight simulator.  So that’s the big debate over at AMG with most, except for reasonable Bruce Libby, blaming the media for distorting and exaggerating the Governor’s misguided sense of humor.

But on WGAN’s Ken and Mike show the other morning, a caller made a really good point.  If a fifth grader made a similar comment in school, would he be expelled or simply suspended?  Don’t even ask what the TSA might do to you at the airport.  And here we’re talking about the Governor.  Shouldn’t he be held to an even higher standard?

I have a theory.  It’s all a brilliant strategery to get re-elected.  The more stupid things the Governor says, the more used the public becomes to them and the more immune they become to any further outbursts.  And when during the campaign they’re reminded of all the idiotic blasts from the Governor’s unrestrained mouth, “Oh, that’s just Paulie being Paulie,” they’ll say, reminiscent of Manny Ramirez.  So he earns a pass for being less than a stellar statesman and re-election is in hand.  Brilliant!


Hey, what happened to asmainegoeslolz?

It’s been almost half a year since amglolz has graced us with one of his (her?) refreshing looks at Maine politics and the antics of the Republic Party.  What gives?  Readers have tried to stir him (her?) out of hibernation using ruses such as “amglolz is dead,” but to no avail.  I miss the times we’ve had in the past, dissing various deserving people and laughing at their stupidity.  What happened?  Has amglolz gone over to the dark side?  Has he converted to Libertarian?  Whassup?


Just a Roger Ek quickie….


“how will LD 220 be effective in protecting individual property rights?”

It would strike out words from state and local laws that are not even in the dictionary, such as “viewscapes” or “sustainable”.

I will grant him that viewscapes is not in the dictionary (yet), but sustainable certainly is and has been for a long time.

::sad trombone sound::


1. AMG’s policy on conspiracy theories:

Posting Conspiracy Theories

Don’t. There are many web sites for posts on conspiracy theories. AMG is NOT one of them.

2. This thread.


The Boy Scouts Thread

I think everyone wants to comment on the insanely backwater, destructive hateful mess that is the current Boy Scouts thread. Well, here is a place to do it.

One little thing from me: I love when AMGers quote some wacky source as if we should all know who it is. Example:

Ryan McCabe says he has learned that being gay is not a choice. Bob S responds:

Ryan, born gay has long been disproven. Even Simon LeVay has backed away from that stance.

LOL, right? Whoever the fuck Simon LeVay is, Bob S thinks he is not only relevant but superior as a source. He expects you, the reader, to say, “Well if fucking Simon LeVay finally gave in, then I guess it’s game over for the fags. I’m allowed to call them fags again, right?”

The conservative alternate reality strikes again!

Also, lets give credit to Ryan McCabe, who proves to be the exceptional conservative that doesn’t just ignore AMG’s hate speech but actually puts himself on record opposing it.


Answer to an obvious question

In AMG’s “serious” conversation about gun control thread, someone accidentally raises a serious question:

In this latest horror, how much gun control will have any effect on the mentally ill that steal a gun ?
One child was shot eleven times with an automatic. Would one shot from a single shot gun had a different result?

This person undoubtedly thinks they are making the case for no gun regulations. What a maroon.

The answer is YES. YES, a child is many, many times more likely to survive a singlet gunshot rather than eleven. YES, I’d rather be shot once myself rather than eleven times. YES, I would rather the person aiming at my child have only one bullet available instead of eleven. YES, the school principle who rushed the shooter would have preferred the shooter have only one bullet to use between each reload.

YES, the other children running away from the gunman would have preferred a shooter with a single shot weapon.

Yes, yes, and yes again.

Thanks, Calvin, for putting the finger on the right question, even if you clearly didn’t mean it.