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Michael Pajak, who has not denied he is “The Distributist” on AMG despite direct questioning, is now working for “Friends of Maine’s Mountains” as their Executive Director.

Friends of Maine’s Mountains exists to lobby against the development of wind power. According to their fact-based arguments, wind power is a tool of the devil.

Personally, I think that wind power should be built with due consideration given to its impact on the local area, but the concept that conservative Mainers will fight a wind turbine to the end of time (as Scott Fish did in his hometown) and discourage large electricity-producing and job-creating wind farms because of the way they look, yet would probably be wetting themselves with joy to have a big smelly paper mill built anywhere in the state, strikes me as a bit absurd.

But back to Michael Pajak. This is how his bio at the lobby group’s website describes him:

Michael Pajak, Executive Director – Pajak is the owner of imMEDIAcy, a public relations firm, and a partner of Trendology Research, a market research company that publishes hundreds of U.S. industry reports annually. He has worked in state government and the private sector, owned his own restaurant and gone commercial fishing. Pajak has brought his communications, research and advocacy skills to enterprises ranging from the Maine People’s Alliance to the Republican National Committee, and served on the campaigns of Democrats, Republicans and Independents with equal zeal. First coming to Maine in the 1970′s to climb Mt. Katahdin, Pajak lives in Woolwich.

It is odd that Pajak leaves any mention of his work for liberal/Democrat groups off his linkedin page. It is also odd that having “gone commercial fishing” is worth mentioning in a description of a wind lobby Executive Director. It is not odd at all, however, that the bio makes no mention of the Distributist’s hateful speech, because who would want someone like that to represent your organization?

No one.

Friends of Maine’s Mountains has been given their own login at As Maine Goes to post propaganda.

This guy doesn’t have a clue how repulsive he is.

Listen here. Taken from two nearby posts in this thread.

Gays are not “gay” at all, just angry. And mentally unstable. Sorry, no link for that fact.


Not to stray too far from the thread, I’ve yet to meet a homosexual I would want in the foxhole, humvee, or tank alongside me. And I’m not talking just for prurient self-protection. I find them to be completely nice people, but emotionally unstable each one. War is no environment for an emotionally unstable platoon in pink. War protests, nowthere is a much more suitable environment for your average sufferer of gender perception disorder.

I find absolutely nothing wrong with “discriminating” against homosexuals in the military. I am somewhat contented hearing that they might still.

- The Distributist, 2007


People Huntin’

AMG user Bigshooter has a plan to stop the epidemic of people huntin‘ at Maine’s state parks.

“It has been brought to my attention that it is not lawful to carry a firearm (even if licensed to do so) in Maine State Parks at certain times. This means that if a bad guy wants to go “People Hunting” in these areas, no legal, law abiding citizens will have the ability to defend themself or those around him.”

Naysayers might argue that Bigshooter is searching for a problem to match his pre-desired solution, namely to be allowed to bring his penile compensator into state parks.  Those people are ignoring the obvious death toll of people hunting on our state park patrons.  That toll is currently in the hundreds of thousands of zeroes.

Why has it taken our politicians so long to take a stand against people hunting?  When will the the pro-people hunting lobby finally be overcome?  How much longer can the mainstream media ignore the people-hunting-at-Maine-state-parks story?

Bigshooter adds later:

“If a bad guy decides to take a gun into one of these zones, be it a school, a bar, a trail in the forest, the only thing you know for sure is that everyone is outgunned and at his mercy.

I think I have been tasked with a little more responsibility to my friends, fmily and myself than to be at the mercy of a whackjob, placing our (and my) like in his hands, cowering like a sheep. Bigshooter don’t play that.”

You’ve got to hand it to someone that thinks taking a walk in the woods without a firearm is the equivalent of cowering like a sheep. That is just the kind of calm, balanced attitude I want in someone carrying firearms in schools and bars.  Guess what Bigshooter: If we wanted your protection we’d give you a badge, a paycheck, and a psych analysis.  We don’t.

I’m also not sure what the sentence “Bigshooter don’t play that” was supposed to convey.  Referring to oneself in the third person is generally not well regarded.  Referring to oneself in the third person by use of an overly-masculine, possibly gay-porn-inspired handle is generally even less well regarded.