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Someone contacted me through an anonymous third-party proxy and offered me $200 for this domain name.  So funny -

1)  If I sold this domain, I’m sure I could think of another domain name to use, so I’m not sure what the benefit is to the buyer.

2) $200?  God, with all the welfare my liberal ass is pulling down you’d better make a bigger offer than that.  As we know from welfare moms make $54,000 a year just for breathing.  Those figures, according to AMG, came from ex-state senator Lois Snowe-Mello so you know they’re accurate.

3)  You can just e-mail me your next offer. There better be 5 digits!



Welcome to the only website in the world created for the purpose of making fun of another website.  I read As Maine Goes daily and really enjoy it.  It is a conservative message board.  If you wrote characters for a book based on people that post at As Maine Goes, the critics would rip you apart for your stereotypical depiction of the chest-thumping, bible-toting, “real” american i’m-a-redneck-and-proud-of-it types that share their wisdom on a daily basis.  But it is real.  These people exist.

Now, I’m sure most of them are nice enough in person.  We would probably enjoy each other’s company in non-political setting like a BBQ or a baseball game.  I say probably because, being a liberal, I’ve never actually experienced either of those two things.  Are they like a Regatta?  Those are fun.  Anyways, my point is that we’re probably very similar in a non-political sense.  I also don’t doubt that they truly want what is best for their country and their children.

None of that makes them any less batshit crazy.

So I’m building a “Cast” section that will document the posters I think are most interesting.  I also want to keep tabs on the latest and greatest examples of nuttiness in the Hall of Fame as I have time.  That is all for now.