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Just a Roger Ek quickie….


“how will LD 220 be effective in protecting individual property rights?”

It would strike out words from state and local laws that are not even in the dictionary, such as “viewscapes” or “sustainable”.

I will grant him that viewscapes is not in the dictionary (yet), but sustainable certainly is and has been for a long time.

::sad trombone sound::


Let us take a moment to thank AMGer “Three Pipe Problem,” who dared to call out paranoid propaganda and actually introduced science into a thread on As Maine Goes.

The paranoid miscreant who started this particular thread, “Watcher,” immediately abandoned his premise after being confronted. He resorted to the “gee, I don’t know if my crazy ideas are actually true but it couldn’t hurt to keep your mind open,” line of post hoc thinking, and then after being nailed down a second time has simply ceased to respond.

AMGer “Jeepn” is on Charlie Webster’s side regarding those black mystery voters.

I grew up in Warren and live in Waldoboro. Due to the small town demographics, I know all the residents of color. If I saw a bunch of them at the voting booth, they would also stand out to me and I would question their eligibility with the town, but past dems have made sure they cannot be questioned, and I have no “right” to question their residence. The ballots are anonymous so once it’s turned in, there is no way to tell how they voted, and there is no proof they SHOULD have voted.

Incidentally, there were 2 full pages, with two colums, of new voter registrations in Waldoboro. I was in a line of about 50 people and knew a scant handful. Where do these people live? You mean to tell me all these people, while moving into the area and registering their cars, paying taxes, and getting dump stickers, merely forgot to register to vote until voting day? Oh please.

I just love this. “I know all the residents of color.” Said point blank, as if it were a scientific fact.

Question for the genius: Why isn’t it possible that there are people in your town that you have never met?

You can’t know people you haven’t seen. If you are in a line with 50 people and you know a “scant handful,” then it seems to me that you aren’t as popular around town as you think you are.

And maybe the new voters didn’t forget to register, smarty pants. Maybe they knew they could register when they go to vote. It has only been that way for a few decades.

Republicans are now the party of crazy conspiracies. The dumb party. This isn’t a joke. They have really become this bad.

Charlie Freakin’ Webster.

He says in a new interview that dozens of ‘black people’ voted in the Maine towns. Scandal! Voter fraud! You see, no one in the town recognized these people. Did they really live there?

Maine Republican Party Chairman Charlie Webster has once again raised allegations of possible voter irregularities, even as he’s headed out the door.

“In some parts of rural Maine, there were dozens, dozens of black people who came in and voted on Election Day,” he said. “Everybody has a right to vote, but nobody in (these) towns knows anyone who’s black. How did that happen? I don’t know. We’re going to find out.”

In an interview with the Press Herald on Wednesday, Webster said his point wasn’t that these new voters were black. It was that they weren’t recognized by town officials.

“I’m not talking about 15 or 20. I’m talking hundreds,” he said. “I’m not politically correct and maybe I shouldn’t have said these voters were black, but anyone who suggests I have a bias toward any race or group, frankly, that’s sleazy.”

Webster said he has identified five “pockets” of the state where he has concerns about voter irregularities. He would not identify those areas but said he plans to send thank you cards to all the new voters. If a large number of those are returned because the address is invalid, Webster said he’ll know he’s on to something.

I’m not saying Charlie Webster is a racist, but there are certainly pockets of potential racism in his brain that I am worried about. I can’t tell you which parts of his brain. Anyone who suggests I don’t really have evidence of the racism in Charlie’s brain must be pretty sleazy to impugn my character like that. Because I do. I just can’t tell you, for the aforementioned reasons. Get it?


Plain old nuts.

He thinks there is rampant voter fraud out there, but he can’t tell any news organization who or where. He is going to solve it himself by sending “thank you” letters. Uh huh. Yes, that would be conclusive.

Any newspaper would be willing to go knock on some doors to break a voter fraud story. They could settle this in 24 hours. Just give them some addresses. He won’t, because it is bogus. If it wasn’t bogus, Detective Webster would be doing something a little more proactive than sending out some cards.

This guy is stupid. Absolutely stupid.


More Mackenzie

Mackenzie is really not bright.

Reason number one: she is still pushing a weird “43 trillion” lawsuit as some sort of impending victory for real America.

Please note that the entire stock market is worth $40 trillion. These people are suing for the value of every publicly traded company in America. That makes me a little bit suspicious that this lawsuit just might be, maybe, concocted by crazies. I’m just getting a small whiff of tinfoil in the vicinity. What can I say? I am sensitive to that tea-stained tinfoil smell.

But it doesn’t make Mackenzie suspicious at all. Also, Naran is encouraging her to keep AMG “updated” on what happens in this “case.” What a bunch of jokers. With intelligence like that, it is amazing they can figure out how to turn their computers on.

Hey, maybe that is why Naran posts and comments at all hours of the day and night. She might think that if her computer goes to sleep, it will never wake up. It is as good a working theory as any.

Reason number two: Mackenzie just doesn’t understand the world in general. Period. It is beyond her. The scope of her intelligence is limited to things like eating, breathing, and most likely tying tea bags to her hats. My evidence is this:

Why would the white house be in charge of petitions for recounts? Shouldn’t it be a neutral party.

She is referring to the White House website, which lets anyone start a petition. If you get 25,000 people to “sign” such a petition online by visiting the website, the White House promises to look at it. Some tea partiers started a petition for a national vote recount due to their wild imaginations of rampant voter fraud. I mean, why else could the black guy win? Right?

Mackenzie learns of this petition. Mackenzie wonders why the White House is in charge of petitions for recounts. Shouldn’t someone else be handling that, she asks.

She doesn’t understand what is going on. She doesn’t get it. She really doesn’t. Mackenzie, honey, the petition is just a PR stunt. I could start a petition to force you to get a tan. It doesn’t matter who is “in charge.” It is just a meaningless online petition.

Mackenzie Andersen. Enough idiot for a hundred villages.


Mackenzie, Mackenzie….

Good old’ Mackenzie Andersen, bringing forth a new crackpot conspiracy theory to AMG.

Another one that no one bothers to shoot down, because on AMG crazy conspiracy theories are just an expected part of life.

In this one, someone is suing for 43 TRILLION dollars based on some evil plan that Obama is carrying out. I’m not even going to bother trying to explain it.

I will just note that 43 TRILLION is more than two thirds of the total wealth in the United States, so if this guy wins then everyone from Bill Gates to Mackenzie Andersen would have to turn over 2/3rds of their stuff to make the math work. Just saying.


Time to choose

Okay. It is time to answer the big question once and for all.

….if it’s a plane full of mormons and a plane full of muslims, which do you feel safer boarding?


Muslim. The plane is full of them. They don’t want to blow themselves up.

The Mormon plane, on the other hand, won’t be serving alcohol.


“Anything goes.”

Jim Cyr, in backing up Apollo’s argument that gay marriage will lead to more child abuse, informs us that the modern definition of liberalism is “anything goes.”


I would simply remind Northarrow that the very definition of modern liberalism is “anything goes”.
It’s not rocket science.


Why the “anything goes” crowd would want to declare their love for one particular person and accept the legal and social boundaries connected to the institution of marriage, I don’t know, but then again I’m not a rocket scientist.

Anyways, given that most of the commenters here are liberals, and we live crazy “anything goes” lives, I thought we could entertain everyone with stories of our latest debauchery.

I’ll go first.

Last night, my wife, with whom I have been faithful our entire marriage, and I walked to get ice cream at a local shop because it was hot. We then went home, read separate books, and went to sleep, so that both her and I could get up well rested for another hard day of working for the man, paying taxes, paying bills, and maybe having a little bit left over for more ice cream. Basically “anything goes” to the letter.

Earlier this week I played tennis on a publically funded tennis court, like a dirty communist. Anything goes.

Sometime before that, my wife babysat for another couple who, despite their liberalistic “anything goes” lifestyle, decided to marry, have two kids, and work. They do occasionally let homosexual friends speak to their children, which is pushing the limits of course, but hey, anything goes.

I changed the oil in my car last month and I did not purchase a new washer for the oil pan as instructed by the manufacturer, but I instead reused the old washer. Anything goes.

Sorry to get everyone’s heart racing, but it’s hard to talk about my “anything goes” lifestyle without getting some adrenaline moving.