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There is a currently 9 page thread about picking a new GOP chairman to replace the non-irreplaceable Charlie Webster. It is wonderfully sweet. The discussion is, basically, about why they lost and what needs to change, but all the answers show a blissful ignorance about what parts of the Republican Party so many people find objectionable.

Take Thrasybulus, for instance. He says the GOP lost because it is talking about social issues like abortion.

Then he goes on to show just HOW CRAZY he is on the abortion issue.

Most modern abortions are sought in order to prolong the period available for recreational sex. And of course avoid buying a new wardrobe or to increase disposable income.

Please, please explain to me how in an age of birth control pills, people seek abortions to “prolong” the period “available for recreational sex.” Abortions make a poor method of birth control, as I’m sure anyone who ever had an abortion might tell you.

And implying that women don’t want to have kids so they can avoid the travesty of having to “buy a new wardrobe,” well, that isn’t condescending at all. Surely these idiotic women aren’t worried about feeding, housing, educating, and caring for children who will require an enormous commitment. No, they are just concerned about clothes. Because they are women. Women like clothes.

He goes on:

A current trend is to abort to get the “right” sexed designer baby. Islander is right on when he mentions that while men, even husbands, have no say, they certainly will pay.

An attack that might resonate with a secular, but increasingly weary society, is to say abortion is usually a sleazy creepy thing to resort to, but we’ll shut up about it if you will just publicly declare the reasons for your abortion, and the father will be required to sign off. If he won’t sign off and has the ability to raise the child, he gets the child. Won’t pass right away, but it will surely cause some consternation on the Left, and open some minds. Black men under the age of 25 are the most anti-abortion group in the USA…

This is one cockamamie bit of thinking. Let us go over it in detail.

1. It is trendy to abort children to get a “designer” baby. Despite being of an age where all the people around me are having babies, I have yet to hear anyone speak of even considering an abortion to control the sex of their child. I guess I’m not as in tune with the culture as a guy who goes by “Thrasybulus.”

2. Make women publically declare their reasons for any particular abortion. Need I discuss why this would probably not be so popular with the female voters?

3. Men have no say in the abortion decision but, due to some feminazi plot, might still pay child support on kids they don’t want. Wow.

Ok, reader, please remember that this thread at AMG is a discussion about how to win. As in, lets improve the Republican brand among women by, say, letting women’s angry ex-boyfriends have the option to force them to either carry a child or force an unwanted abortion. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Women will love that! And if the boyfriend says he doesn’t want the kid, but the woman still has it, well then that guy just has no responsibility for that child’s care. How could that possibly go wrong?

Thrasybulus is sure that if Republicans pushed this idea, it would “cause some consternation on the Left” and “open some minds.”

Uh, no. It would be like Todd Akin’s crazy statement, but times ten. Any politician not dependent on nursing assistants to feed him mushed carrots would run from such a plan, immediately. It is ludicrous. Full on crazy.

And then there is Bob Emrich, the leader of the losing campaign to continue marriage discrimination. He responds to someone saying that the social issues of abortion and gay marriage are losers in Maine with this:

I disagree, Ryan. You are generalizing according to bias. Marriage won more votes than Romney.
Look at the Maine legislature.
In 2009, marriage won. Did you and others proclaim it to be a winning issue then?
More than 50% of Americans are now pro-life and the highest gains were among young people.
The problem is not with the issues but in treating the issues as unimportant.

Apparently, no one has ever showed Bob the graph showing the change in public approval of gay marriage over time. Or he doesn’t understand it. Or, he is a religious bigot who is so blind to reality that he can’t see the plain truth in front of him. Pick one.

Lastly, the thread includes some general discussion of whether to pick Rich “Are you going to finish that barrel of lard?” Cebra or Beth O’Connor for the new chair position.

I saw elsewhere on AMG that Beth O’Connor, in her losing bid to retain her Maine statehouse seat, was outspent 20-1 by her opponent.

So Republicans are thinking of choosing for their party leader someone who could not win their own election, could not organize or raise funds, and frequently posts crazy shit on AMG. Yes, that will be a big improvement from Charlie Webster.

It all makes me smile.

Charlie Freakin’ Webster.

He says in a new interview that dozens of ‘black people’ voted in the Maine towns. Scandal! Voter fraud! You see, no one in the town recognized these people. Did they really live there?

Maine Republican Party Chairman Charlie Webster has once again raised allegations of possible voter irregularities, even as he’s headed out the door.

“In some parts of rural Maine, there were dozens, dozens of black people who came in and voted on Election Day,” he said. “Everybody has a right to vote, but nobody in (these) towns knows anyone who’s black. How did that happen? I don’t know. We’re going to find out.”

In an interview with the Press Herald on Wednesday, Webster said his point wasn’t that these new voters were black. It was that they weren’t recognized by town officials.

“I’m not talking about 15 or 20. I’m talking hundreds,” he said. “I’m not politically correct and maybe I shouldn’t have said these voters were black, but anyone who suggests I have a bias toward any race or group, frankly, that’s sleazy.”

Webster said he has identified five “pockets” of the state where he has concerns about voter irregularities. He would not identify those areas but said he plans to send thank you cards to all the new voters. If a large number of those are returned because the address is invalid, Webster said he’ll know he’s on to something.

I’m not saying Charlie Webster is a racist, but there are certainly pockets of potential racism in his brain that I am worried about. I can’t tell you which parts of his brain. Anyone who suggests I don’t really have evidence of the racism in Charlie’s brain must be pretty sleazy to impugn my character like that. Because I do. I just can’t tell you, for the aforementioned reasons. Get it?


Plain old nuts.

He thinks there is rampant voter fraud out there, but he can’t tell any news organization who or where. He is going to solve it himself by sending “thank you” letters. Uh huh. Yes, that would be conclusive.

Any newspaper would be willing to go knock on some doors to break a voter fraud story. They could settle this in 24 hours. Just give them some addresses. He won’t, because it is bogus. If it wasn’t bogus, Detective Webster would be doing something a little more proactive than sending out some cards.

This guy is stupid. Absolutely stupid.

I know I shouldn’t take it seriously. My Mom taught me to never, ever take anything seriously when it is said by a person who voluntarily goes by the name “Vikingstar.” But here it is.

Vikingstar ponders when the hordes of liberal posters will begin showering AMG with their heresy because it is an election year. He surmises that they aren’t here yet because the Democratic machine isn’t yet paying them money to “astroturf” AMG.

If Democrats are paying anyone to post anything on AMG, we are screwed. There could not be a more stupid way to spend kindly donated money.

Does Vikingstar think the great masses of Maine come to AMG for unbiased, open discussion, and might be swayed by some planted users saying things like, “Gee, I don’t know. I kind of like Angus King,” or, “Actually I sometimes listen to MPBN and like it?”

No. No one is coming to AMG with an open mind. They come either to laugh or, thank goodness for my blog, kindly provide fodder for the people who came to laugh. There is only a slight space in between those two options, and his name is Dan Billings and he is on AMG sabbatical right now.

Seriously, how paranoid do you have to be to think Democrats want to pay people to write stuff on AMG. My goodness. But I guess compared to the recent “Democrats want to use  secret sterility pills to control the world” thread, Vikingstar is being pretty tame.

These people are fricking nuts.

If you needed just a little more evidence that hardcore AMG conservatives are paranoid to the point of ignoring all fact, check out this little nugget from “Watcher.”

He is giving a post-election breakdown of the same day registration people’s veto, and he tries to make a point that only nine states have the same rule and they are all “infested” with liberals. But check out his list!

As I have noted in prior posts, the GOP continues to exhibit its absolute failure to be able to get a simple message across to the public.

We may have seen that Maine is only one of nine states which has election-day-registration (EDR) but that fact was never hammered home. I think all nine states are Liberal-infested ( Iowa, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, N Carolina, Wisconsin, Wyoming and Maine).

Okay, so not only do we liberals run things in the utopia on the other side of the maple curtain but we rule with an iron fist over the bleeding heart strongholds of Idaho and Montana. Oh, and Wyoming!

Seriously? How does anyone type this and not realize how wrong it is?

Fricking Wyoming!


It’s cool.

Our local Tea Party is now pushing a children’s book. Yes, now your child can learn to read while simultaneously learning about death panels, the dangers of vaccination, and the 75-year Ponzi scheme known as social security.

It could have made a great ironic gift for many young Maine moms and dads, but the $20 price seems like a reach. This is too bad, because I know several parents that I could just see gagging on their own bile as they opened it at their kid’s next birthday party.

I love the cover. “It’s cool.”

Well, only on As Maine Goes do you get a running argument over two specific assertions:

1) Do Americans have a constitutional right to vote? And,

2) do Americans have the constitutional right to own a dog?

And the MAJORITY opinion is that the answers are, respectively, No (right to vote), and Yes (right to canine companionship).

Mike Travers makes the main point here, in response to “CV43,” but Melvin Udall really takes it home in the successive comments.

I happen to own two dogs, and CV is telling me I don’t have a right to do so? What about owning a cat? Or a table lamp, or an easy chair? Do I have a right to own them?

Do I have a right to have a child?

Do I have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? To own private property?

As this discussion moves on, I begin to see how clearly people exist on two different planes of understanding of what our system of government is based on.

Uh, yeah. One person has a “plane of understanding” where they see the nearly half a dozen places the Constitution speaks on the right to have a Republican form of government and to, specifically, VOTE, while the other person likes to imagine that the Founders fought and died so today’s Americans could sit at home, not allowed to vote, but be content anyways because they get to hang out with Fido the cocker spaniel.

I don’t know who CV43 is but he argues pretty rationally, which is a bad sign for his longevity on AMG.

Later on, Melvin writes a whole lot of bupkis I have trouble understanding. He says he will “stipulate” the right to vote, which one could charitably interpret as “I’m sorry I was so dumb as to not see the words written in the Constitution over and over and over,” but frankly I doubt he is even giving that much. I think it is more along the lines of, “Well, for the sake of argument I was accept, temporarily, your absurd argument that we Americans have some sort of voting rights.”

Oh, and Melvin continues to insist there is a constitutional right to own a dog, which apparently comes from the a supposed literal right to have property (not actually in the constitution….) or a VERY broad reading of the “right to happiness.” Personally, I’d be happier if some poor canine didn’t have to listen to Melvin’s 8th grade, C- student civic lessons.


John Frary: I love Paul.

John Frary is at it again. Here is my rewritten, short version of his love letter to Paul LePage in the Kennebec Journal.


Hi. Are you mad at me? Good. I like it when people are mad at me. Let me try to do it some more.

Paul LePage is a really awesome Governor. Did you know he had a sparsely decorated office at Marden’s, so of course he would be an excellent Governor? It just makes sense.

I absolutely adore Paul LePage. He is the coolest guy ever.

Paul LePage has read the constitution. And the Federalist papers. But all of you morons out there still hate him because he doesn’t read gay little art books. Clearly nothing about his actual words or actions plays any part in your irrational hatred of him, because you’re just a bunch of stupid little twerps with bookshelves full of gay-ass little art books and maybe even some faggy poetry.

Paul LePage adopted a guy from Jamaica. How many Jamaicans have you jackasses adopted? I thought so.

Man, that Paul LePage is sure swell.

Oh, there was some real news last week about some guy resigning or something. I don’t know anything about that.


J. Dwight, a political activist for the Maine Republican Party and economic advisor to the current administration, was arrested for domestic violence. This guy is an AMGer who goes by the name “ldwight.”

The police who arrived at the scene found Mr. Dwight intoxicated and say there was probable cause to arrest him and under the charge of domestic assault.

But don’t worry, John Frary (aka “Flammenwerfer”) spoke with the alleged victim and she assures him, J. Dwight’s good friend, that everything is a-o-k.

Because of the nature of domestic violence, the best way to find out what happened is, of course, for one of the alleged perpetrator’s good ‘ole buddies to just ask the victim what happened. That usually works great. Thanks, Frary.