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Breaking news from our correspondent, frantically refreshing AMG to catch every last bit of news before it shuts down….

It looks like….

Yes, it does seem to be true.

Naran likes Paul LePage. Write that down. She seems to not only approve of his policies, but genuinely think he is a nice guy.

Her approval of Paul LePage is only apparent to the careful eyes of veteran AMG readers, such as myself, as it appears largely as subtle statements of mild approval occasionally sprinkled throughout the website. So don’t feel bad if you didn’t notice it. However, you can trust that it is true. She is vaguely positive in her feelings towards the Governor.

Wait- we are getting more from our correspondent. It seems we have – wait – yes, more news. She actually loves the guy. Like, would marry him and have his babies. Mrs. LePage, watch out! There is a tiger on the prowl.

What is the evidence? Here is some, a small post by Naran:


LePage 2014 Kick-Off

Tuesday, November 5, 2013
Augusta, ME

The announcement will commence at 5:45 pm.

New Jobs & Economic Growth ✔
Welfare Reform ✔
Sustainable Spending and Lower Taxes ✔

Governor Paul LePage is Working for Maine

As you can see, there are slight elements of pro-LePage-ishness amongst this thread as started by Naran. For instance, she doesn’t just list “Welfare Reform” as a LePage accomplishment. She puts a little check mark next to it. HOW THE HELL DOES SHE DO THAT? No seriously, how? That is magic. But I expect nothing less than David Copperfield level text characters when I am dealing with Naran.

But the point is, you see, that the check mark denotes that Governor LePage accomplished that goal. If Naran had just listed “Welfare Reform,” you and I would be wondering, “hmm, LePage may have tried to reform welfare, but did he succeed?” Well, now we know. Bag it and tag it.

Naran then follows up with several pithy comments with classic Naran images. First, a shoe phone? Wow. I get it!

And then the classic crying baby seal of the Democratic Party.

That has been in fine AMG use since at least 2000. An oldie but goodie.

Further updates will be provided as events warrant. This is a very fluid situation.


Melvin Udall has a few solemn words to share as AMG appears ready to meet its Maker.

This post by Melvin is a very UNIQUE and special post. He says so.

AMG: a UNIQUE and special place

From time to time, we all get frustrated by what goes on on AMG.

Last night, I spent some time on the BDN web site, looking at two articles and the comments that flowed from them.

Susan Dench blog post

Dems claim LePage breaches constitution

In so many words, the vast majority of comments are ad hominem, uninformed, vicious, embarrassing, and completely lacking in any sense of public discourse.

How long does it take for a newspaper to realize that their own readership, at least as reflected in these comment pages, live in a cesspool? And when do they come to realize that they ‘feed’ the cesspool with their editorial policies?

Want to ‘restore your faith in the people?’ I suggest AMG, not the BDN.

AMG is a pure miracle by comparison, and I’m not sure how Scott Fish did it, exactly, other than creating the right culture right from the start. I’m not sure you could make a fresh start these days and accomplish the same thing.

AMG has a culture worth protecting, and I hope that collectively the ‘community’ can find a way to keep it alive and growing, and retain the unbelievably sane and civil atmosphere it projects.

Except for…….

Just kidding.

Yes, Melvin really did write that he likes AMG better than other websites because those other websites are described as follows: “In so many words, the vast majority of comments are ad hominem, uninformed, vicious, embarrassing, and completely lacking in any sense of public discourse.”

Insert joke here.

AMG, Melvin says, is a “pure miracle” by comparison, with a “culture worth protecting” and an “unbelievably sane and civil atmosphere.”


The “unbelievable sane” website’s front page includes conversations about the upcoming food riots:

“Portland’s worship of the god of ‘diversity’ also makes it prone to be a powderkeg under the right circumstances.”

…. A post entitled “Charlie Crist, Obama’s cabana boy, will run to be Florida’s governor” that includes a link to a picture of Obama hugging another man with the analysis:

Photo of two males is some sort of physical embrace of sorts…..hands clasped. That posturing is something I have never seen between two homo sapiens. Is that new or something. I have seen sports figures do some sort of hip bump, hand clasp, elbow touch and forehead bump. I get that form of expression. But the photo….Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?
Bury your chin in the shoulder of the other, touching ears, spread hand over the back. Intimacy implied says I.

The above might be hilarious if it were a spoof on the usual AMG paranoia of all things homosexual, but given the commentor’s previous posts, I am pretty sure he is actually concerned about two men hugging.

And lastly, the ever-paranoid Roger Ek is telling us (again) that the world is about to end:

I have a good book titled “One Second After”. It details what Homeland Security expects would occur after an EMP over West Virginia or so. What we would see is a blink like a photo flash. Then all electronic devices would be out of service. Your old Ford tractor or Piper Cub would run as long as your stored gas holds out. Then you are on your own. Cities would begin cannibalism as happened in Germany after WWII. It is scholarly work.

Anyone who thinks this is not possible is living in a dream world.


I can indeed. I was in Santo Domingo when there were 2,500 dead in the streets and the temperature was 104 degrees. Americans are living in a dream world. The world knows it. Americans will come to know it.

That is all just off the front page of today’s edition.

Unbelievably. Sane.




I am alive! Word of AsMaineGoes’ impending end has reached me even through my haze of ambivalence, and how could I not have a few last minute words?


First: Let’s be clear that there were TWO things that led to AMG’s demise.

1. Posting on AMG became a possible political liability.

2. Maine Republicans actually had that one election where they won something.

Remember “The Distributist?” Yeah, it become clear at that point that saying really, really, really, dumb things on the AMG could impact your real life. AMG had gotten too big; it was no longer just an email chain for a bunch of likeminded crazies and their political leaders. It was a publicly watched space, where news organizations could check the id of one political party. Suddenly, that crazy thing you might say at your friend’s Tea Party BBQ after a few drinks was something that you should actually only say at your friend’s Tea Party BBQ. The Portland Press Herald, Al Diamon, DirigoBlue, and others were reading and ready to pounce.

Point #2 is related to this. Remember Dan Billings? Well, when Governor LePage won an election, he suddenly had a great new career path: Judge. Scott Fish became spokesperson for Republicans in the Legislature. A few other posters here and there found work in the new Republican administration and legislature. Suddenly, they were more accountable for their postings. This was especially true in the post-Distributist age. Scott Fish’s musings could now become news that would impact his employer. Dan Billings, obviously, can’t be both a Judge and online political savant.

Combine points #1 and #2, and the AMG swamp got drained of its best, brightest, and most entertaining. All we were left with was a never-ending circle of “Naran: That thing Democrats Did Will Cost Us Money” and “Random Crazy: Obama’s Gay Army Will Force Us To Buy Communist Health Insurance Any Day Now” posts. Frankly, I lost interest. And I’m the guy who was so obsessed that I started a frickin’ website. If you lose me, well, you’re not doing great.

Still, however, I would have thought AMG would continue on in perpetuity until the demographic train derailed (the average AMG age is probably about 68). But I guess I thought that because I believed it was possible to run a website on the cheap, and let things stay online long past their “that was fun” date because the internet is basically free (See…. Somehow that logic doesn’t work for AMG because Scott Fish is managing to pay someone $150 a month to run that thing.

There may be other things you can point to about why AMG might be dying, but they are all related to points #1 and #2 above. Naran’s rise as moderator/banner-in-chief? Well, that wouldn’t have happened in a world where Scott Fish stayed on to manage the day to day operations. It led to an ever-shrinking pool of posters and, frankly, a loss of interesting posts, because great stories resolve around conflict.

So that’s my somewhat premature autopsy.

Oh, I almost forgot reasons #3, #4, and #5 for the demise of AMG:


#4 That Alinsky book I keep hearing about,



R.I.P, Maine internet conservative hilarity machine.

Some AMGers have noticed a decline in “quality” on AMG.


I can’t provide any objective assessment, but I can absolutely say that I’ve been giving some thought to a hiatus from AMG. Frankly, I’m tired of and bored by what I view as a hijack of the site by a tiny number of very vocal, my-way-or-the-highway Ron Paul freaks.


With the invasion of the newly minted Ronulans, the quality of discussion on AMG has declined. Many of the newcomers lack manners, introspection, and depth. They’re like eighth-graders who read one book and think they learned the secrets of the universe.

They can blame the Ron Paul fans but let me be honest: that kind of person has always been there. Not necessarily as a Paul supporter, but ideologically present nonetheless.

The difference between before and now is that there is literally no regular poster left anymore who disagrees with establishment Republicanism in any significant way, other than the occasional Paul fan. Everyone else has been banned or harassed into observer status. Paul fans are the only dissent, so you notice them more. Anyone else who might, you know, post something other than “ditto” is long gone.

Because of this, The Editor hints at a big announcement.

It has been a long time since AMG’s Editor has written about the spirit of AMG, it’s mission. Maybe it’s time. A few of the comments here from AMGers I respect very much tell that it is time.

Stay tuned.

I am on the edge of my seat.

No really, I am. I should scoot back. It is uncomfortable. There, that’s better.

My prediction: some statement of grand principle but no real change.

In a stunning policy reversal, the Fishmeister has deemed the use of the word “bullshit” acceptable on AMG. This apparently is in response to the Governor’s carefully chosen remarks about meeting with three unemployed people.

Fish said if it’s good enough for the Bangor Daily News, it’s good enough for AMG — kind of.

Read all about it!

However, the new ruling is limited to the current thread regarding the Governor’s Speech. Maybe they’ll make a movie with that title.

Confusing issues is the fact that the word “asshole” was used in the same thread with no apparent sanctions or repercussions.

Also of interest is Naran’s declaration that to attain the leadership qualities of General George Patton, all one need do is utter the magical incantation, “bullshit.” That should explain the reason for Scott Fish’s policy reversal.

Oh, what fun it is to read AMG every day!

In shocking news that shocked the amglolz community with a profound feeling of shock, we wake up today to find that former AMGer “Jarody” has been arrested criminally charged at the Occupy camp in Augusta.

Apparently he threatened someone with a sledgehammer.

Two points I want to make:

1. Give Jarody some sympathy because he is emotionally distraught. You see, he emailed me a few days ago asking me to come down to Occupy Augusta with him. I didn’t respond. Clearly anyone would be angry and upset over such a rejection from an anonymous political blogger whom he doesn’t know and has never shown any hint of actually being friendly with him.

2. Threatening with a sledgehammer? Last time we knew he was stopped by police he was carrying a handgun. So he is calming down. His tools of violence keep getting less fatality-prone. Before you know it, he’ll just be using pillows to threaten people. Or puppies.

Oh, Jarody. What a tangled web we weave.


Yes on one!

So the AMG thread on the people’s veto of the bill ending same-day registration said, in its title, that Yes on One thought Maine voters were “stupid.” At the time, it seemed to imply that Yes on One couldn’t get enough signatures to put the issue on the ballot.

But they did.

The title was kept, presumably to imply that Mainers were too intelligent to pass Yes on One.

But it has passed.

So what will they say now? Are 60% of Mainers stupid?

By As Maine Goes standards Maine voters are dumber than a post, and I’m proud to say that, by their standards, I am too.


An email…

Being the esteemed (not really) editor (um, have you seen all the typing errors) of Maine’s 50,583nd most popular blog (actually I think Maine Squirrel Feeders United just moved past us), I get lots of email, mostly from spammers but often from real people with an axe to grind. Sometimes I get amazing advertising “offers,” as well.

I usually just press the delete button, but before I delete this one I want to share it.

Subject: Advertising Interest


We’re interested in placing a promotional link on: for a website about how to help a drug addict.

If you already have an arrangement or ad rates in mind, We’d be more than glad to hear from you.



Note that they say they only want an ad on Mark T. Cenci’s page.

I don’t know of it is a real offer or not, and I wouldn’t do it either way, but a part of me smiled.