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Just a Quickie

Someone is asking AMG user and wannabe union-buster Sonny Laymatina why he continues to bang his head against the electronic wall and post exactly the same drivel over and over and over again. Sonny’s response:

Would you ask George Will or Thomas Friedman these questions?

Why or why not?

Oooh! Oooh! <<RAISING HAND>>

Can I answer? Please? Pretty pretty please? I can? Ok. Here goes. “Would I ask George Will or Thomas Friedman these questions?”

No. I would not.

“Why or why not?”

Because they aren’t fucking assheads.


Hi Mark,
My Name is Facts

If you enjoy Mark Turek’s propensity to cover his ears and yell “lalalalalalalalala!” then you’ve got to read this thread. John Chapman takes Mark to task for his random, irrelevant complaints about Democratic candidate for Governor John Richardson.

As background, please know that Mark used to work for Maine’s tourism department but was forced to resign for god knows what. I’d guess being a complete douchebag.

Some excerpts:

MARK: Mr. Richardson should be asked to explain his family and/or friendly relationship with a man named Jimmy Cook. In addition, taxpayers deserve to know why then-Commissioner Richardson appointed/shuffled Jimmy Cook through various good paying jobs within his Department (DECD).

JOHN CHAPMAN: Re Jimmy Cook, I’ve seen the links — seems he is VERY pro prganized labor, or at least WAS. [...] If Cook was guilty of misconduct – give us the details. If you believe he is simply an empty suit getting unwarranted $, I’ll grant you, that’d be tougher to show.

MARK: [About the] the hiring of Jimmy Cook [...] since you’re personal friends with Richardson, why don’t you explain to AMG how the two are related.

JOHN CHAPMAN: Because I have NO FRIKKIN IDEA if, or how, they ARE related !!!! That’s my point. I don’t think there IS ANY RELATIONSHIP, based on what you’ve posted. If you think hiring this guy Cook is bad, other than because he also had union jobs _ TELL US WHY!!! YOU are the one saying, in essence, “hiring Cook was VERY VERY BAD”.

MARK: One of my past co-workers told me that we had to hire Jimmy Cook into DECD because he was related to then-Commissioner Richardson. Although she didn’t give me specific details, it sounded like a related by marriage situation.

JOHN CHAPMAN: How would the issue of Richardson being “related to” a nonrelative be of any interest to anybody, anywhere?

And so we see yet another Mark Turek master plan torn apart and rolled into tiny little balls for the purpose of being chewed upon and shat out by facts, leaving Mark with only little steaming piles of fact poo. Excellent.


Sonny’s Love Sonnet

Sonny Laymatina, a.k.a. the test-tube clone grown from the ingrown toenail of Mark Turek, posted this on the SEIU thread:

NEW MSEA THEME SONG (sent to me by an admirer)

Sonny, thank you for the truth you let us see.
Sonny, thank you for the facts from A to Z.
Our lives were torn like windblown sand.
But a rock was formed when we joined hands.
Sonny one so true, we’re for you.

It is nice to see something so sweet and beautiful on a message board usually so filled with anger.

I wish Sonny would hold my hand. Alas, my union contract specifies that I may only hold hands with Sonny when more senior hands are unavailable.


Where is my check?

AMG user Sonny Laymatina, also known as Mark Turek’s even more repetitive doppelganger, responded to some statistics posted by Mark Turek regarding PAC donations by SEIU Local 1989 thusly:


Citizens United for Maine’s Future sounds like a cover for an off-shore bank account.

So that’s $272,387.09 of our dues money going towards among other things getting gay marriage passed into law.

And how much you want to bet that some of that money is going to pay for that AMG Parody website?

Sonny, I’ll take that bet.  I’ll bet you $272,387.09 that this website receives no money from Citizens United for Maine’s Future.  Are we on?  If so, I’ll send you a contract to sign.  I really encourage you to take the bet.  Just think of all the stuff you could buy with $272,387.09.  For instance, that is 3,404 prostate stimulators to use with your pal Mark.

I also really like the idea that Citizens United for Maine’s Future sounds like an off-shore bank account.  Wow.  Could you please elaborate?  Which words signal “off-shore bank account?”  How many known off-shore bank accounts are you comparing it to?


I feel pretty bad about this, but asmainegoes poster Mark Turek elevated himself on my list of priorities by commenting on this site.  I give my sincerest apologies to all the more hilarious posters out there.  Check out Mark’s profile.

I also updated The Editor’s page.  He blew my assumptions out of the water by starting a thread about a “Brazilian” musician active in last two decades.  Despite The Editor’s suggestion that she was one of the ‘best Brazilian singers” he’s run across in a long time, she appears to be a multi-cultural Belgian refugee.