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Posting Conspiracy Theories

Don’t. There are many web sites for posts on conspiracy theories. AMG is NOT one of them.

2. This thread.


Answer to an obvious question

In AMG’s “serious” conversation about gun control thread, someone accidentally raises a serious question:

In this latest horror, how much gun control will have any effect on the mentally ill that steal a gun ?
One child was shot eleven times with an automatic. Would one shot from a single shot gun had a different result?

This person undoubtedly thinks they are making the case for no gun regulations. What a maroon.

The answer is YES. YES, a child is many, many times more likely to survive a singlet gunshot rather than eleven. YES, I’d rather be shot once myself rather than eleven times. YES, I would rather the person aiming at my child have only one bullet available instead of eleven. YES, the school principle who rushed the shooter would have preferred the shooter have only one bullet to use between each reload.

YES, the other children running away from the gunman would have preferred a shooter with a single shot weapon.

Yes, yes, and yes again.

Thanks, Calvin, for putting the finger on the right question, even if you clearly didn’t mean it.


Tom C Returns!

Stop all the blog presses! The most amazing thing has happened.

AMGLOLZ favorite “Tom C” has returned to As Maine Goes. And in quite the same way he left it, I might add: completely bat-shit crazy with a sprinking of irrational anger.

I will let a quote from AMGer John Chapman explain the majesty of Tom C:

You [Tom C] are quick to prejudge people you have never met, based on happenings you have never seen, in places you have never been. You are frequently wrong, despite “cherry picking” cases that appeal to media wonks at first blush. That is because the term “fact” means something different to you than it does to most.

Tom C is awesome. He likes to accuse cops of murder based on internet conspiracy theories. And he never, ever backs down no matter how silly or precarious his prior assertions become.

In the current thread, he is still arguing that a man was wrongly accused by corrupt Maine police of trying to murder a hospital administrator. This guy was caught shooting near the hospital, with the gun, and his Mom said he was planning to kill the victim. What does Tom C think?

Oh, the dude was just squirrel hunting.



Un-American Average Joe

AMGer Average Joe, on vacation in socialist Europe visiting socialist family, reported on an incident where a disturbed man caused a crowd to scatter in fear during a public event.

Average Joe does not explain why, despite his claim to be an “average” American, he did not pull out his concealed handgun and immediately pop the crazy Dutch mofo. Also lacking is an explanation as to why his family does not live somewhere more freedom loving, like Alabama.


Mafia Wars

Ok. Look, we all know Roger Ek is a few bondage clubs short of a Republican fundraiser. But this is above and beyond, even for him:

Is it still safe to play the game “Mafia Wars” on line? I don’t play any on line games, but they are popular entertainment for some folks. In that game the participants adopt aliases and imaginary names, plot takeovers, alliances and murders. They set up traps to lure people into ambushes. It’s FICTION. It would be one thing if some part time deputy somewhere was taken in by this imaginary game, but the Obama administration sent hundreds of federal officers with air cover to arrest some on line gamers. In the process they bamboozled a grand jury into actually indicting these gamers. Eventually this will come back to whoever thought this up. It should be a career ending move.

Does anyone have any fricken idea what Roger is talking about? I couldn’t find anything on google other than some fake news stories like this, but it doesn’t even match Roger’s fact pattern. Nonetheless, it is immediately apparent that Roger has none, zero, zilch, less than any understanding of how Mafia Wars works. It is a little text based facebook/iphone game. Totally incomprehensible that the FBI would arrest some tween facebooking on his phone.

You know how we all have a little thing in our mind that beeps “Bullshit… Bullshit…” when something doesn’t make any sense? Roger doesn’t have that.


People Huntin’

AMG user Bigshooter has a plan to stop the epidemic of people huntin‘ at Maine’s state parks.

“It has been brought to my attention that it is not lawful to carry a firearm (even if licensed to do so) in Maine State Parks at certain times. This means that if a bad guy wants to go “People Hunting” in these areas, no legal, law abiding citizens will have the ability to defend themself or those around him.”

Naysayers might argue that Bigshooter is searching for a problem to match his pre-desired solution, namely to be allowed to bring his penile compensator into state parks.  Those people are ignoring the obvious death toll of people hunting on our state park patrons.  That toll is currently in the hundreds of thousands of zeroes.

Why has it taken our politicians so long to take a stand against people hunting?  When will the the pro-people hunting lobby finally be overcome?  How much longer can the mainstream media ignore the people-hunting-at-Maine-state-parks story?

Bigshooter adds later:

“If a bad guy decides to take a gun into one of these zones, be it a school, a bar, a trail in the forest, the only thing you know for sure is that everyone is outgunned and at his mercy.

I think I have been tasked with a little more responsibility to my friends, fmily and myself than to be at the mercy of a whackjob, placing our (and my) like in his hands, cowering like a sheep. Bigshooter don’t play that.”

You’ve got to hand it to someone that thinks taking a walk in the woods without a firearm is the equivalent of cowering like a sheep. That is just the kind of calm, balanced attitude I want in someone carrying firearms in schools and bars.  Guess what Bigshooter: If we wanted your protection we’d give you a badge, a paycheck, and a psych analysis.  We don’t.

I’m also not sure what the sentence “Bigshooter don’t play that” was supposed to convey.  Referring to oneself in the third person is generally not well regarded.  Referring to oneself in the third person by use of an overly-masculine, possibly gay-porn-inspired handle is generally even less well regarded.