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It’s Baaaaaaack!

Same URL, same cast of characters, supposedly new participation rules, but same lock-out of banned miscreants like me.   Let the games resume!



What, oh what will I do with all the time I’ll have on my hands?   I don’t know what the withdrawal symptoms will be like, but I’m not looking forward to it.  I can only watch Fox News so long before the repetition gets to me.   Oh, woe is me!


The first rule of AMG….

Ignore those people!


A new home for AMGers….

Reading As Maine Goes has obviously given me a lot of good fun over the years.

Like you, I was astonished to see that the website upon which this blog owes its very existence is in danger of closing.

Well, AMG, now it is time for me to return the favor. I present to you the As Maine Goes Exodus Forum.

This is a free forum for members of the former AMG community. Sign up and post away, friends.

I know. You wonder, why would we join a forum set up by our mortal enemy, amglolz? Isn’t this a trap?

And to that I say, friend, we are all Mainers. In times of great need, we must come together. Liberals and Conservatives, crazies and not so crazies, it doesn’t matter. We are all human.

And it’s free.

I’ll even give Naran “moderator” status. I swear.

Let’s let the past be the past, and create a new unified era in the As Maine Goes internet-verse.

We can do it.

Click here.

UPDATE FOR AMGERS- Just to be clear, you do need to register to post in the forum. And once Naran is set up as moderator (I have no doubt she will be contact me any minute now) she can make sure everyone is who they say they are, right? So no need to worry about anonymous yahoos jumping into your intellectual debate.

It seems that AMGLOLZ actually predeceased AMG, but now that the Fishmeister has officially driven a stake through the Narantula’s heart, how do we appropriately say goodbye?

All suggestions will be gratefully accepted.

Of course, I’m just kidding, and everyone would know it, especially if I said I wanted to do the dirty deed from the seat of a flight simulator.  So that’s the big debate over at AMG with most, except for reasonable Bruce Libby, blaming the media for distorting and exaggerating the Governor’s misguided sense of humor.

But on WGAN’s Ken and Mike show the other morning, a caller made a really good point.  If a fifth grader made a similar comment in school, would he be expelled or simply suspended?  Don’t even ask what the TSA might do to you at the airport.  And here we’re talking about the Governor.  Shouldn’t he be held to an even higher standard?

I have a theory.  It’s all a brilliant strategery to get re-elected.  The more stupid things the Governor says, the more used the public becomes to them and the more immune they become to any further outbursts.  And when during the campaign they’re reminded of all the idiotic blasts from the Governor’s unrestrained mouth, “Oh, that’s just Paulie being Paulie,” they’ll say, reminiscent of Manny Ramirez.  So he earns a pass for being less than a stellar statesman and re-election is in hand.  Brilliant!


Hey, what happened to asmainegoeslolz?

It’s been almost half a year since amglolz has graced us with one of his (her?) refreshing looks at Maine politics and the antics of the Republic Party.  What gives?  Readers have tried to stir him (her?) out of hibernation using ruses such as “amglolz is dead,” but to no avail.  I miss the times we’ve had in the past, dissing various deserving people and laughing at their stupidity.  What happened?  Has amglolz gone over to the dark side?  Has he converted to Libertarian?  Whassup?