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The Boy Scouts Thread

I think everyone wants to comment on the insanely backwater, destructive hateful mess that is the current Boy Scouts thread. Well, here is a place to do it.

One little thing from me: I love when AMGers quote some wacky source as if we should all know who it is. Example:

Ryan McCabe says he has learned that being gay is not a choice. Bob S responds:

Ryan, born gay has long been disproven. Even Simon LeVay has backed away from that stance.

LOL, right? Whoever the fuck Simon LeVay is, Bob S thinks he is not only relevant but superior as a source. He expects you, the reader, to say, “Well if fucking Simon LeVay finally gave in, then I guess it’s game over for the fags. I’m allowed to call them fags again, right?”

The conservative alternate reality strikes again!

Also, lets give credit to Ryan McCabe, who proves to be the exceptional conservative that doesn’t just ignore AMG’s hate speech but actually puts himself on record opposing it.

In this thread, the hateful bigots on AMG line up to spout off about gay people getting those special rights we were all warned about.

You see, Portland City Hall will be opening at midnight of the first day same-sex marriage will be legal, for three whole hours. This will let people get married right away, rather than having to wait through the weekend.

In AMG-land, this is a “special right.”

Yes, having to wait decades for the privilege of getting your ass out of bed at midnight is such a special, special right.

The arguments against this are absurdly petty, inane, and stupid.

Says Reaganite:

If my town’s office has special hours for these special, newly entitled people, I will be in line. I will be there to get a new transfer station permit. And if I don’t get it, there will be all kinds of hell to pay.

Somehow, I don’t expect anyone around Mr. Reaganite fears whether or not he intends to have “hell to pay.” It is hard to fear payment of hellishness from someone you think would have a truck scrotum on his vehicle if only he could understand the instructions on how to attach them.

Besides, Portland would marry straight couples if they showed up and paid, but they might not do any other permit work. Why is a “transfer permit” the measure of “equal” rather than just the possibility of marrying all types who walk in the door?

Melvin Udall thinks that same-sex marriage only won because Mainers didn’t realize that the phrase “same-sex couples” also means… EVIL HOMOSEXUALS!

By the way, I believe the victory won is that ‘same sex couples’ could get married. Is that the same as homosexuals?

I wonder what would have happened if the ballot issue had said homosexuals.

And Bruce Libby is, well, just dumb.

So, I have a message for the people of As Maine Goes. You are really getting ridiculous. I mean, you are getting so ridiculous that you are making last week’s ridiculous feel inferior and have a mid-life crisis. I mean, last week’s ridiculous is buying a convertible right now wondering, how do I get my mojo back? Because this weeks craziness is some of the worst I’ve ever seen.

Portland is opening for some extra hours to marry people. Marriage is the building block of our civilization, right? So shouldn’t you be happy?

Apollo, Bob Emrich, Reaganite, Bruce Libby, et al. are seen by many people as what they are: hateful persons who prefer discrimination to equality. Keep it up!

Marrying gays at midnight would only be a special right if they had been allowed to get married during regular office hours the day before, and the day before that, and the day before that. They couldn’t.

Suck it up and move on. You have lost this war.



Apollo continues to caricature himself

Okay, no surprises in this post. Apollo doesn’t like gays.

But even though I know Apollo’s mindset well, it still gives me a twinge of surprise when he says stuff so obviously inappropriate as this:

Everyone knows gays have dozens of partners and their relationships are very short and often violent. Pretty soon they’ll be clogging up the Maine courts with divorces and assaults.

Then I get a twinge of sadness that Apollo is so goddamn hateful.

But then I feel a lot more happiness, because Maine rejected Apollo’s worldview at the polls last week.

So lets have an online toast to Apollo and people like him, who frankly did more to help our side than their own.


Apparently, this whole gay marriage legalization thing was a big screw up. It wasn’t illegal anyways! Whoops. Our bad. It is so embarrassing to seek, push, and win a referendum that doesn’t even do anything because gay marriage was already legal.

I sure am sheepish.


Sign Bitchin’

In this thread, all the usual suspects complain about No on 1 sign destruction.

They have a video of signs being placed in front of the Maine College of Art, then later being destroyed or removed by pedestrians.

Yes, sign defacement is wrong. But if you are moaning about it, you have lost. Signs get defaced. Fact of life. In 2008, my Obama sign in Portland disappeared twice. I got over it. I didn’t request the “MSM” broadcast an expos√©. It isn’t really news that your No on 1 sign doesn’t last long in front of MECA.

So keep complaining about your “lost” right to have no signs kicked over, ever, and forget how the sign’s message is discriminatory and immoral. Yes, immoral. Wrong. Like racism. Like misogyny. The opposite of right. Ignore your immoral message and keep whining about the signs.

They are losing and know it.


Tom C now has a cast page.

Despite my years of reluctance towards making an internet monument to the tragic melancholy that is Tom C, he now has his own page. I had to do it. Tom C, recently, has been back and ranking second to Naran in posts per day.

In the thread on the Chick-fil-A fiasco, Woodcanoe regales us with a shocking story of liberal immorality. He has gay family on Facebook, and you would not believe the depraved depths of that these poor lost souls will sink to! These activists push their gay-ey gayness all over Woodcanoe’s Facebook page, flaunting themselves like… Well, I’ll let you think of the proper adjective to describe their disgusting, cretinous activism.

We would not dream of posting pictures of ourselves hugging and kissing, in such a public place as Facebook, yet that does not bother this crowd one whit!

Egads! Hugging? In public?

Let me sit down for moment. I need to calm down. I had been a supporter of gay marriage but…. But that was before I knew these animals we’re hugging each other in public. Oh god. Oh my god.

And don’t even get me started about the kissing. That just makes my Puritan blood boil. Oh, how I yearn for the days of yore when loving couples did not hug each other like baboons in heat all over my computer screen.


“Anything goes.”

Jim Cyr, in backing up Apollo’s argument that gay marriage will lead to more child abuse, informs us that the modern definition of liberalism is “anything goes.”


I would simply remind Northarrow that the very definition of modern liberalism is “anything goes”.
It’s not rocket science.


Why the “anything goes” crowd would want to declare their love for one particular person and accept the legal and social boundaries connected to the institution of marriage, I don’t know, but then again I’m not a rocket scientist.

Anyways, given that most of the commenters here are liberals, and we live crazy “anything goes” lives, I thought we could entertain everyone with stories of our latest debauchery.

I’ll go first.

Last night, my wife, with whom I have been faithful our entire marriage, and I walked to get ice cream at a local shop because it was hot. We then went home, read separate books, and went to sleep, so that both her and I could get up well rested for another hard day of working for the man, paying taxes, paying bills, and maybe having a little bit left over for more ice cream. Basically “anything goes” to the letter.

Earlier this week I played tennis on a publically funded tennis court, like a dirty communist. Anything goes.

Sometime before that, my wife babysat for another couple who, despite their liberalistic “anything goes” lifestyle, decided to marry, have two kids, and work. They do occasionally let homosexual friends speak to their children, which is pushing the limits of course, but hey, anything goes.

I changed the oil in my car last month and I did not purchase a new washer for the oil pan as instructed by the manufacturer, but I instead reused the old washer. Anything goes.

Sorry to get everyone’s heart racing, but it’s hard to talk about my “anything goes” lifestyle without getting some adrenaline moving.


Tom C: Homosexual = Rapist

There is a good exposition on the cobweb mechanics of the mind of Tom C in this thread.

Apollo started the thread, therefore, its title is purposefully provocative and idiotic: “The Penn State Tragedy – How One Gay Man Destroyed A Great University.”

The thread goes sort of like this: “Blah, blah, pedophile, blah, is gay, blah, gay is evil, blah, children, blah.”

Then some sanity is inputted by “Sockeye:”

 This headline and following comments are a sad commentary to where AMG has gone.

To which Tom C replies with the usual Tom C bravado:

Sockeye, like the people at Penn State, would rather stick his head in the sand than talk about the real issues.

When you ask “who would let something like this happen?” you usually don’t have to look very far to find someone who WOULD let it happen.

Apparently, in Tom C’s world, if you don’t want to admit (incorrectly) that a male pedophile who was married to a woman for decades and who never showed any evidence of relationships, or interest in relationships, with adult males is actually a homosexual, then you are putting your head in the sand.

Whatever. The pedophile at Penn State was in a regular old, traditional, heterosexual marriage. This is about as far from “homosexual” as you can get. He victimized children. That isn’t the same as being gay.

Sockeye responded, distilling everything I just said into conservative-speak:

Blaming pedophilia on homosexuality is like blaming guns for murder.

Interesting analogy. Makes sense, although making homosexuality the “gun” and pedophilia the “murder” implies a sort of loaded implication that homosexuals are just a hair trigger away from abusing kids… but I don’t think the analogy was meant that way. I think Sockeye merely meant that, like murder, victimizing children is an act a person chooses to do and not simply part of a state of being gay, straight, or whatever.

But Tom responds in the most horrific way possible.


It’s like blaming penises for rape!

Penises don’t rape people – rapists do!

First, nice “lol.” Sockeye is trying make a great point, so the best way to deal with it is to pretend you don’t see the cognitive dissidence in your own opinions- hence, “lol.”

Second, Tom’s statement is factually true. But he doesn’t mean it quite that way – it is dripping with sarcasm. Because in Tom’s world, being homosexual makes you a rapist-in-waiting. Otherwise, he couldn’t pin the blame on the Penn State affair on homosexuality. It wouldn’t compute. And Tom C will make it compute, goddamn it.

Somehow, he thinks this sort of talk is heroic, brave, and deep. Sigh….