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Some AMGers have noticed a decline in “quality” on AMG.


I can’t provide any objective assessment, but I can absolutely say that I’ve been giving some thought to a hiatus from AMG. Frankly, I’m tired of and bored by what I view as a hijack of the site by a tiny number of very vocal, my-way-or-the-highway Ron Paul freaks.


With the invasion of the newly minted Ronulans, the quality of discussion on AMG has declined. Many of the newcomers lack manners, introspection, and depth. They’re like eighth-graders who read one book and think they learned the secrets of the universe.

They can blame the Ron Paul fans but let me be honest: that kind of person has always been there. Not necessarily as a Paul supporter, but ideologically present nonetheless.

The difference between before and now is that there is literally no regular poster left anymore who disagrees with establishment Republicanism in any significant way, other than the occasional Paul fan. Everyone else has been banned or harassed into observer status. Paul fans are the only dissent, so you notice them more. Anyone else who might, you know, post something other than “ditto” is long gone.

Because of this, The Editor hints at a big announcement.

It has been a long time since AMG’s Editor has written about the spirit of AMG, it’s mission. Maybe it’s time. A few of the comments here from AMGers I respect very much tell that it is time.

Stay tuned.

I am on the edge of my seat.

No really, I am. I should scoot back. It is uncomfortable. There, that’s better.

My prediction: some statement of grand principle but no real change.

In a stunning policy reversal, the Fishmeister has deemed the use of the word “bullshit” acceptable on AMG. This apparently is in response to the Governor’s carefully chosen remarks about meeting with three unemployed people.

Fish said if it’s good enough for the Bangor Daily News, it’s good enough for AMG — kind of.

Read all about it!

However, the new ruling is limited to the current thread regarding the Governor’s Speech. Maybe they’ll make a movie with that title.

Confusing issues is the fact that the word “asshole” was used in the same thread with no apparent sanctions or repercussions.

Also of interest is Naran’s declaration that to attain the leadership qualities of General George Patton, all one need do is utter the magical incantation, “bullshit.” That should explain the reason for Scott Fish’s policy reversal.

Oh, what fun it is to read AMG every day!


No funding for you!

So Governor LePage wants to defund MPBN.

This is not shocking. Their reporting was the toughest during the election. He joked about punching one of their reporters. He refused to do a one-on-one interview and call in program that all the other candidates participated in at least once during the campaign.

And his staff telegraphed it. In September 2010, when LePage used the word “Bullshit” at a press conference and MPBN reported it, LePage’s current chief counsel wrote this:

I hope the folks at Maine Public Broadcasting are working on a plan to replace the state funds that won’t be included in Governor LePage’s budget.

Still considering whether to cancel my membership.

So LePage says it isn’t about the campaign, but the obvious truth is, duh, of course this is about the campaign. It is retribution.

Luckily for MPBN I think they are somewhere around twice as popular as Paul LePage. They will win this fight.



Silence the hate?

There is a Democratic mailing going out to some Mainers that includes pictures of Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin and says, “Silence the hate. Vote early. Vote Democratic.” You can see it here.

Scott Fish, Editor of, does not approve.

Silence The Hate????????? Really, Arden Manning? Really, Maine Democrat Party?????? Silence The Hate? Where do you guys make up this stuff? The Vomitorium?

What a disgrace.


I would like to point out that As Maine Goes is a repository of some of the most hateful things said in the state of Maine. For instance, someone calling himself “The Distributist” is regularly allowed and encouraged to say things like:

Existing information could lead one to conclude that homosexual behavior is to genetics what islam is to religion.

He managed to slur homosexuals and Muslims in the same sentence. Muslims, apparently, don’t even qualify as a religion. This wasn’t a one-off event, either: The Distributist is a prolific source of anti-gay and anti-Muslim hate speech.

Mr. Fish retains total control over what is said on As Maine Goes and has regularly banned posters because he thought they went a little outside of the bounds of proper behavior. But what does The Distributist have to do to get banned? Isn’t he regularly outside the bounds of proper behavior? Apparently not.

If Scott Fish wants to silence the hate, he should start on his own message board.


Speaking of Free Speech

The rumpus over the Cutler Files reminds me that I never made a shout-out to the people who helped me when I was threatened with a legal action by a person seeking my identity. I want to do that now.

You might remember Mark Cenci, creationist geologist extraordinaire, threatening to sue me over a joke. I sure do. For those that don’t, here is an excerpt from one of Mark’s angry emails to me regarding his potential legal action:

How’s your net worth by the way?  Should I order that hot tub I’ve been looking at?

I contacted several organizations seeking assistance should there be an actual court filing (not that I was convinced Mark would follow through- I had a pretty good case seeing as the whole Constitution thingy was on my side) and was quite pleased when the Electronic Frontier Foundation responded within a day. They were quick and organized. Before too long I was speaking to a lawyer and they had called my domain registry, email, and web hosting services to preemptively warn therm that a lawsuit may be filed and to not release any information. All agreed to provide notice to me so I could fight any attempt to divulge my identity.

Although I’m stubborn enough and confident enough in my legality that I was able to stand up to the bully, many people surely fold at the first mention of the word “lawsuit.” Some of those people might not give up their freedom if they knew there were organizations like Electronic Frontier Foundation willing to help bloggers.

I encourage all bloggers to click the button below to learn more about EFF and would further encourage all persons to donate to this worthy organization.

Bloggers' Rights at EFF

I want to point out that on September 27 I wrote at Dirigo Blue:

Cutler wants the person or people who made a website to file paperwork and make disclaimers. He wants them exposed…. This is certainly chilling and, dare I say it, anti-American. It seems like the sort of thing one might learn in, say, China.

And today, October 4, Dan Billings said this:

Mr. Cutler apparently believes that people don’t have a right to criticize him or even examine his background, and now he’s looking to exact revenge for his failing gubernatorial campaign. Obviously, this is what Maine people can expect from a Cutler Administration – whenever he is criticized or his opponents question his policies, he’ll bring in his team of lawyers to censor and silence the dissent. He’s clearly spent too much time living in communist China.


Eliot Cutler’s Ego

I wrote this over on DirigoBlue regarding Eliot Cutler’s decision to file a complaint about a personal website that presents him in a negative light. Bloggers beware!

Please check it out.


“Ground Zero” Mosque?

As much as it pains me to be on the same side as Michelle Anderson and Mark Cenci on any issue, the question of whether a place of worship can be built on private property was one I thought we settled a couple hundred years ago. It is sickening that so many of the same people who rail against so-called political correctness and identity politics on a daily basis have no problem using both so long as the targets are Muslim. The builders of the mosque have no connection to the terrorist attacks other than their religion.

What makes this even more depressing is that while one simply expects certain AMGers to forget about the principles that make America great on a regular basis, it is less expected from even very conservative politicians until it happens.