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AMGer “Jeepn” is on Charlie Webster’s side regarding those black mystery voters.

I grew up in Warren and live in Waldoboro. Due to the small town demographics, I know all the residents of color. If I saw a bunch of them at the voting booth, they would also stand out to me and I would question their eligibility with the town, but past dems have made sure they cannot be questioned, and I have no “right” to question their residence. The ballots are anonymous so once it’s turned in, there is no way to tell how they voted, and there is no proof they SHOULD have voted.

Incidentally, there were 2 full pages, with two colums, of new voter registrations in Waldoboro. I was in a line of about 50 people and knew a scant handful. Where do these people live? You mean to tell me all these people, while moving into the area and registering their cars, paying taxes, and getting dump stickers, merely forgot to register to vote until voting day? Oh please.

I just love this. “I know all the residents of color.” Said point blank, as if it were a scientific fact.

Question for the genius: Why isn’t it possible that there are people in your town that you have never met?

You can’t know people you haven’t seen. If you are in a line with 50 people and you know a “scant handful,” then it seems to me that you aren’t as popular around town as you think you are.

And maybe the new voters didn’t forget to register, smarty pants. Maybe they knew they could register when they go to vote. It has only been that way for a few decades.

Republicans are now the party of crazy conspiracies. The dumb party. This isn’t a joke. They have really become this bad.

When Obama was elected, some conservatives attacked him by attacking the integrity of the American system. They said he wasn’t American and was illegitimate.

This is a disgusting attack because it wrongly erodes trust. Voters need to trust that their vote counts. And of course, the attacks are completely bogus.

Well, they are doing it again with the 2012 election. The vector they have chosen is the idea that massive voter fraud turned the election in favor of Obama. To try and show this, they will link to any crackpot theory they can find on the Internet and scream for a recount.

AMG even devotes a “sticky” thread to this crazy idea at the top of the forum.

Naran started the thread. Yes, in a forum that says it bans conspiracy theories, the moderator is posting conspiracy theories and forcing them to the top of the page.

She says:

—-> Republican National Lawyers Association – Documented List of Voter Fraud, Election Fraud, and Machine Malfunctions in the November election, from across the USA.

—-> Massive Voter Fraud in St. Lucie County, FL Called into Question – 141% Turnout

—-> America Needs a Recount. Online Petition


How does any state certify a county election result that shows a 141% percent turnout? How about 158%?

Florida has some explaining to do.

No Naran, Florida doesn’t have any explaining to do. It didn’t certify a result that shows 141% turnout. It simply didn’t happen.

It isn’t true.

The Florida county clearly explains its numbers on its webpage. What happened was that Florida ballots were on two cards. Each card had different elections. The Federal, state, and referendum question were divided amongst the two cards. So each voter can put two cards into the pile to be counted.

When they counted, they had 140% more cards than voters. But since each voter got two cards, that means that actual turnout was a minimum of half the number of cards. So, 140% “turnout” in cards is really about 70% turnout in people.

That’s it. No big conspiracy. Someone just couldn’t read a spreadsheet correctly.

She is a goddamn moderator.

Okay, no surprises in this post. Apollo doesn’t like gays.

But even though I know Apollo’s mindset well, it still gives me a twinge of surprise when he says stuff so obviously inappropriate as this:

Everyone knows gays have dozens of partners and their relationships are very short and often violent. Pretty soon they’ll be clogging up the Maine courts with divorces and assaults.

Then I get a twinge of sadness that Apollo is so goddamn hateful.

But then I feel a lot more happiness, because Maine rejected Apollo’s worldview at the polls last week.

So lets have an online toast to Apollo and people like him, who frankly did more to help our side than their own.


Apparently, this whole gay marriage legalization thing was a big screw up. It wasn’t illegal anyways! Whoops. Our bad. It is so embarrassing to seek, push, and win a referendum that doesn’t even do anything because gay marriage was already legal.

I sure am sheepish.

When I talk to older relatives, it is clear that their default voting preference is Republican.

There are lots of reasons, but I have heard over and over that Reagan was great and Jimmy Carter was “the worst ever.” They use this framework to analyze current candidates even though Jimmy Carter last held office more than three decades ago.

The worry for Republicans should be this: George W. Bush is your Jimmy Carter. Among many voters, but younger voters especially, he is perceived as terrible on foreign policy. He is perceived as terrible on domestic policy. He is perceived as terrible on economic policy.

Obama is not yet Reagan. But if the economy substantially improves over the next four years, he could be. Many young voters who chose Obama 60/40 might just remember that choice as the one that led to a renewed America, just like my parents remember their choice of Reagan as one that paid dividends for decades. Just substitute Bush’s Great Recession for Carter’s Stagflation and you get the idea.

Voters under 40 today are the 50 and 60 year old voters of the next few decades. Will these people be basing their Presidential votes in 2032 on comparisons to George W. Bush and Obama? It is very possible.


Or maybe birth control has more to do with it than we thought. Is it a coincidence that as more women go on birth control pills (especially single women) our leaders have become wimpy, nanny-ish, and ineffective? And the Dem party constantly pushes for birth control coverage….

Fewer phrases lead to dumber ideas on AMG than the opening line, “Is it a coincidence that….”

Thank you, Tea Party.

Republicans lost the legislature. Both houses. I can’t think of anything they did to try and keep it. Every bill was a right-wing jack-off. Maybe if the Beth O’Connors of the world tried to moderate their inner monologue before speaking aloud, they could hold onto their seats and accomplish some of their goals rather than blowing it all in one wasted term.

Having a crazy Governor didn’t help either.

Good night.

Ryan McCabe:

And if you haven’t figured it out already, I am a numbers guy and I love this stuff. Political junkie and numbers junkie are a dangerous combination. Karl Rove is my idol!

In this thread, all the usual suspects complain about No on 1 sign destruction.

They have a video of signs being placed in front of the Maine College of Art, then later being destroyed or removed by pedestrians.

Yes, sign defacement is wrong. But if you are moaning about it, you have lost. Signs get defaced. Fact of life. In 2008, my Obama sign in Portland disappeared twice. I got over it. I didn’t request the “MSM” broadcast an exposé. It isn’t really news that your No on 1 sign doesn’t last long in front of MECA.

So keep complaining about your “lost” right to have no signs kicked over, ever, and forget how the sign’s message is discriminatory and immoral. Yes, immoral. Wrong. Like racism. Like misogyny. The opposite of right. Ignore your immoral message and keep whining about the signs.

They are losing and know it.