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Thank you

I want to thank all the readers and commenters.

When I started this site is was just a place to rant. I never particular advertised it nor expected much attention.

But of late I am impressed with the hits I am getting and the willingness of people to comment. I feel like I can leave the site for a week and interesting stuff still happens.

The rolling, thirty day counter of unique visitors is over 2,700 people. Being the internet, the actual count once you deduct spam-bots and random people from away is much lower. But a non-scientific extrapolation of IP addresses from the New England area suggests to me that over half that count are real readers.

As time goes on the site has built up quite a bit of content, which allows people to comb through posts and comments going back more than a year.

It is not uncommon to have over 20 people on the site at any one time.

Last year, I rarely had more than five.

So thank you for reading! I enjoy the outlet to rant and I love reading comments.


Merry Christmas!

New posts may return after the holidays. Right now I am too busy waging the war on Christmas.

This mostly involves shopping for presents and eating cookies.

Seriously though, Merry Christmas!


Website Delay

I hope that the problem causing the long delays this site was experiencing has been fixed. We shall see.


Site Update

A couple of new things to report:

1) The 3.5% of people reading this blog on their iPhones will now see a mobile adaptation by default (but you can switch back if you like). This makes viewing this blog on an iPhone way better than viewing AMG on an iPhone, which freezes the browser whenever I try to scroll. Lame.

2) The top drop down menu on this site now correctly floats above everything else. I don’t know how it looked on your browser, but on mine it would be obstructed by the “comment” number on each entry heading. I know nothing about the intertubes so I consider this a heroic victory for myself.

Because this post has to do with tech stuff rather than AMG or politics, I’ll try to mesh politics and tech together with the following video, which is a discussion from Fox News of the so-called pornography in the game “Mass Effect.” Fox’s discussion is completely erroneous; the game contains a love scene with little graphic detail. Interestingly, the psychologist appearing on the show said that Fox News told her right before air that Mass Effect contained pornography (she hadn’t seen any it herself), but when she later saw the part in question she felt she had seen worse on episodes of Lost. Fox, of course, never issued any apology or correction. Yet another reason everyone under age 35 knows Fox is bullshit.

If you want to see what Fox considers “full” nudity and leaving “nothing to the imagination,” you can watch the scene here. Oddly, Youtube doesn’t even deem this bad enough to include a warning, much less a roundtable discussion. The nerve!

P.S.- Mass Effect 2 recently came out. Get it.