What is As Maine Goes?

AsMaineGoes (“AMG”) is a message board used by a very, very conservative group of Mainers.  Do you like Sarah Palin a little bit?  Not good enough.  Do you think she is like Ronald Reagan mixed with Jesus and a dash of General MacArthur?  Climb aboard.  The more dogmatic and knee-jerk you can be, the better.

Why make fun of it?

Because they’re asking for it.  Seriously, I’ve been reading through their posts for years and have always found it amazingly fun.  And because the ability to post is strictly controlled, it is like a psychological experiment in the power of an echo chamber. Even if I could post there directly, it would be useless because you can’t explain to an idiot that they are an idiot; you can’t explain to the paranoid that they are paranoid.  So I decided to just blog about it here.

I don’t think this is funny.

I understand and note your concern, but don’t care.

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  1. Charlotte says:

    I nearly shot water out my nose….I laughed so hard. Happy New Year!

  2. Mark Turek says:

    This site is a great site, but where are the ACORN and/or SEIU logos?

  3. Mark Turek says:

    Who created this masterpiece of a site?

  4. amglolz says:

    My ACORN and SEIU masters wanted me to add the logos last week, but I’ve been on lunch break.

  5. deb says:

    Dear Anonymous, Love the blog! Don’t think that you are a coward
    and oh..you are so right about the paranoids and idiots. Who would want them to know who you were. Thanks for keeping us laughing about them!

  6. Steve says:

    Funny, to be honest I don’t agree with all on ANG but it has its valid point of view on many issues.

  7. Steve says:

    Pretty funny site I have to say

  8. Mister X says:

    Jim you are an idiot.

    The policy for posting on AMGs that anonymity is protected, I see no reason why the operators of this website should be held to a higher standard than the nut jobs posting to AMG.

    AMG’s Anonymity Policy

    Anonymity is protected on As Maine Goes. Any AMGer who gives a public positive identification of any other AMGer without that AMGer’s knowledge and consent will be banned from AMG for life. No parole. No appeals.

  9. Mister X says:

    Jim is employed by the Maine House Republican Office
    tel: (207) 287-1440 please give him a call I am sure he would love to hear from all of you.

    Jim Fossel, Augusta

    He is the son of State Rep. Leslie P Fossel (R-53) of Alna, I think its cool that he started his job in the House Republican office on the same day his daddy was sworn into the House of Representatives (Nepotism anyone?), he still lives at home so maybe they get to car pool.

    Jim is very prolific on both Twitter and Facebook. I notice he sends a lot of tweets during the work day. Its cool though, his Dad is one of the bosses so no biggie.

    If anyone is interested I have some great pictures of Jim Fossel doing a little binge drinking with the Young Republicans in Indianapolis. Don’t worry though it was organized binge drinking and apparently his team won some kind of trophy.

    From his Twitter Description:

    A small-government guy in a big-government state. All-around New England sports fan, especially Celtics. Mac user. YR NCM for Maine. I like Phish, too.

    JimFoss on twitter

    From a recent Twitter posting
    “@DirigoBlue In all seriousness, people are not equal – they have different abilities. That’s not a bad thing & it’s insane to ignore it.”

    Mr. Fossel is apparently not a believer in equality.

    From Jim’s Facebook Page

    Basic Information

    Networks:Dickinson Alum ’05
    United States Congress
    Maine Legislature
    Birthday:February 5, 1982
    Hometown:Alna, ME
    Siblings:Scott Fossel
    Parents:Judith Wanvig Fossel
    Relationship Status:Single
    Interested In:Women
    Looking For:Friendship
    A Relationship
    Political Views:Republican
    Religious Views:Boston Celtics

    Personal Information

    About Me:I believe in small, fair, transparent government that truly responds to the will of the people, not a privileged few.

    Education and Work


    * Dickinson ’05
    * Political Science, Theatre

    High School:

    * Hebron Academy ’01

    Employer:Maine House Republican Office
    Position:Policy Aide
    Time Period:October 2008 – Present
    Location:Augusta, ME
    Description:I assist in developing and promoting the House Republican agenda.

    Employer:U.S. Senator Susan Collins
    Position:Staff Assistant
    Time Period:January 2008 – October 2008
    Location:Augusta, ME

    Employer:The Leadership School at Kieve
    Time Period:February 2007 – November 2007
    Location:Nobleboro, ME

  10. Gordon Davis says:

    amglolz, though I am a conservative I haven’t been on amg in some time, I have little use for people who criticize and pontificate without the nuts to use their real names. And most of them are a joke anyway. And I know that some of them set up multiple identities and have staged arguments with themselves. Sick! I like your site, though I am sure we would agree on precious little politically, but rise above amg’s level and use your name and require posters to do the same. Happy New Year!

  11. Jim Fossel says:

    Administrator, the original post was not written by me. Please delete this reply.

    Kind Regards, Jim Fossel

  12. Jim Fossel says:

    My father is not in leadership, so he is not a boss and I was hired before he was elected. I do not live at either of my parent’s residences, if that is what you mean by “home”.

    You’re apparently not a believer in legality: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/libel

  13. dudley says:

    How about Sonnylaymatina using his real name on this rightwing blog? The scumbag attacks MSEA with lie after lie, which Scott Fish, an MSEA hater for years (werecognize him well, youngsters), allows and promotes. He insults people who work in behalf of many others. He’s a former employee fired for incompetence, isn’t he? Let him identify himself.

  14. Jim Fossel says:

    Again, please delete the libel about me you are hosting on your site.

  15. Mister X says:

    For the record all the information posted came directly from public sources on the internet. Sources that you seem to manage. Unless of course you are suggesting that you are not JimFoss or http://www.facebook.com/jimfossel are not yours. Just because someone doesn’t like the image that their public presence portrays doesn’t make it libel or slander.

    The point has been made and as far as I am concerned the post can come down.

    The fact that you are uncomfortable with all of this information being made public makes the argument for anonymity better than anything else I could come up with. The posters on AMG make make hundreds of unfounded accusations everyday and since it is a closed forum there is no avenue for them to make the request you just made.

  16. Jim Fossel says:

    I am perfectly happy with this information. I was hired in October, my father was elected in November, and you’re a moron.

  17. Jim Fossel says:

    You said that I live at home; that is not true. Therefore it is libel. I expect an apology and a retraction.

  18. Jim Fossel says:

    Besides which, you worthless idiot, I didn’t even make the original comment, which is why the administrator of this site deleted it. Save your misdirected liberal rage for someone who cares.

    You’re a liar; my FaceBook information is private. You had to have Friended me in order to access it and I own it. By reposting it you are violating FaceBook Terms of Service.

    Don’t believe anything this crazy dipshit says.

  19. Mister X says:

    Where you hired to work on your father’s campaign? If you did any work on his behalf that might be a felony! Freedom of information requests seem to be all the rage these days maybe someone should request one into the goings on of the House Republican Office.

    Now I find the timing of your hiring even more troubling!

  20. Mister X says:

    Libel requires that some sort of damage be done to you. Getting the day you started your new job and address wrong is hardly damaging to your reputation.

    If I say you are tall and you are short it’s not libel. If I say your car is red and its blue that’s not libel. The statements are just wrong.

  21. Jim Fossel says:

    Honestly, you’re a retard.

    I didn’t work on his campaign. Nobody “works” on Maine House campaigns.

    Did you even read the information you illegally copied from FaceBook?

  22. Mister X says:

    @Jim Fossel

    Original post “Honestly, you’re a retard.

    I didn’t work on his campaign. Nobody “works” on Maine House campaigns.”

    Two things:

    1) Take it easy with the R word. Not everyone is born as smart or pretty as you and I.

    2) I guess the fact that no one on the Republican side works on Maine house races explains a lot. I don’t want to arm my enemies here but it seems kind of obvious that maybe a little campaign work might close the 40+ member deficit you have with the democrats.

  23. Jim Fossel says:

    “Take it easy with the R word”? After you make a fake comment by me, then repost my information online? I’ll call you whatever I want. You have no moral compass whatsoever. DON’T YOU LECTURE ME!

    It’s “you and me” in that context, by the way. So much for you being smart.

    It says a lot that you call me your enemy. How petty and small-minded. I don’t consider people my enemy just because they disagree with me. That’s exactly the kind of thinking that’s ruining America, I think.

    I’m sorry, I consider work to be professional, paid work. I volunteer to help with things that I care about. Work is what I get paid for, and I don’t get paid to assist with state house campaigns.

  24. amglolz says:

    I don’t see any libel. Lots of reputable people live with their parents. If any information is wrong you have had the opportunity to correct the record.

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