It’s Baaaaaaack!

Same URL, same cast of characters, supposedly new participation rules, but same lock-out of banned miscreants like me.   Let the games resume!

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  1. pb says:

    Just checked it out & cannot determine if Naran has a role or not…My initial hunch is NO….If you read between the lines on the themainecitizen in the AMG thread, you get the sense she is primarily blamed for it coming of the rails in the last couple of years, and rightfully so

  2. The Wizard of West Kennebunk says:

    Maybe there’s some recourse, then – as in, those folks who were banned because of her ban-on-a-whim approach, they can be unbanned and participate..?

    No worries, she’s clogging up other forums with her nonsense, and she’s got 90% of the participants in those various forums blocked, so it’s just like being on AMG still. Gotta keep the dream alive!

  3. Average Joe says:

    I received an email inviting me to rejoin AMG in an apparent benevolent amnesty program. Maybe they think I’m an illegal alien ineligible for amnesty, as I haven’t been able to log in. I’ve requested a new password both as Average Joe and with my email address, but it doesn’t recognize either, even though it recognizes that I’m locked out. Oddly, when I tried to create a new account, it said the name Average Joe is taken. So here I sit, much like Philip Nolan, a man without a country club.

  4. pb says:

    It must be killing Naran (who no longer posts as far as I can tell) to see the administrator actually posts releases that aren’t necessarily Pro-GOP.
    While you still have the resident yahoos present (Apollo, Tom C. Islander, etc) there is far more “sane” representation than during her reign. Will this last? who knows but it is a far more compelling read now that she and her echo chamber mentality has been banished..
    One last question. What happened to FLAMMENWERFER…aka the Nutty Professor?

  5. Average Joe says:

    I did see one comment from The Narantula, but only one. Could she have been banned? Oh, what lovely irony that would be!

  6. Naranisanidiot says:

    No need to be invited back. I was banned years ago for obvious reasons. Now you can register even if you have a “free” email account and you don’t even have to write to the administrator on your hands and knees begging to be let in. It took me about 3 minutes.

  7. Tim Wright says:

    Melvin Udall is worried.

    “Interestingly, I note a wave of new members joining on 1/27/2014.

    Just a coincidence, no doubt.”

    Melvin just HATES that people who don’t worship at his altar are allowed to speak.

  8. lancedutsonismyhero says:

    Apollo has been banned and Gaffer was warned not to be a bigot. A new day has dawned?

  9. Average Joe says:

    Wow! A lot of discontent being voiced about not being able to call liberals and Muslims assholes not to mention gays. Imagine that. Could the pendulum have swung a little bit closer to center?

    Since I haven’t re-upped my permission to swim in that cesspool (and don’t intend to), I can’t click on a user name to see if they’ve been banned or not.

    Could someone please check to see if Naran has joined Apollo among the banned? Or maybe she’s just been told to shut up. If so, I’m amazed that she has listened.

  10. chris coose says:

    Look for Houlton.

  11. Bill says:

    She is so transparent.

    Also, a dummy.

  12. Bill says:

    Oh this is just too good!

    According to Naran/Houlton:

    “Nobody was ever hollered out of AMG. We’ve had plenty who couldn’t take the heat when called on their fatuous visions of welfare Utopia and other nonsense, and when confronted with actual facts instead of unicorns and glitter. Turned tail and run, they did.”

    Nope, no one was “hollered out of AMG, she just banned them.

    It’s fantastic to see people call her out on her once mighty (in her mind) fiefdom for what it really was, a pathetic bully pulpit for the small minded and bigoted.

  13. The Wizard of West Kennebunk says:

    I’ve read that Houlton is not Naran in one of their threads. Could totally be b.s., but one never knows. I noticed that a commenter named Rebecca mentioned that no one has reached out to Naran since the site re-launched, and that she’s a bit depressed right now, so one wonders if she doesn’t participate because she wasn’t allowed to beat people down with her ‘codswallop’.

    If I can’t boss people around, I’m taking my ball and going home. Sort of seems to be the theme, but she can’t stay away from a message board; her compulsion to comment prolifically is strong.

    Found the comment:

    “Negative, Naran is not a participant of the “moderators”.

    But, I do believe that Lance is remiss in not contacting Naran and offering her a place on the new AMG. AMG was/is the center of her life for a long time. The inability to make any kind of personal financial gain for her services only served to place her in a precarious position. One where a little appreciation for her of past service would be of benefit. I think she is feeling a bit depressed at this point in her life. If any of you guys could send her at least a “Thank you”, I think it would lighten her day. She is still around.”

  14. lancedutsonismyhero says:

    I read a post from extreme wingnut MacKenzie Andersen that said amglolz identity was revealed on the Maine Citizen, which she has been promoting as an alternative site where one can use terms such as “dimwit” and “homo” with impunity. Is this true? I couldn’t find mention of it there.

  15. Anna says:

    Naran is still busy getting people banned at the Bangor Daily News.
    The woman never quits

  16. evie says:

    She’s been busy as Guest Guest at the BDN. People still are revolted by it.

  17. Average Joe says:

    MacKenzie Andersen is headwedged, as usual. She has “determined” that someone posting as Opposer is actually amglolz. May or may not be true, and I haven’t seen anywhere where she outed Opposer by true name. Don’t anything she says as fact. It isn’t.

  18. amglolz says:

    Hey everyone. I really only even check out my own website every couple months, and can barely be motivated to check my own amglolz email. I am not posting anywhere, I’m not on AMG, and McKenzie is not too bright. I just don’t get the same kick out of it. Something can wind me up for a few hours, but then for the next month I just feel like why bother? You need a certain sense of aggrieved annoyance to keep posting, and right now I just don’t have it.

    I was invited to the new AMG. I don’t think I want to join. The only kick I would get out of it would be to pick on the locals, and that wouldn’t be nice.

  19. amglolz says:

    And I have no evidence, but my gut feeling is that “Houlton” is Michelle Anderson. Does anyone remember why she had to leave AMG? It seemed to me like she just disappeared.

  20. chris coose says:

    I’ll bet I have half of this correct. There was a time there was at least a couple of moderators. M. Anderson and Naran after S. Fish let go the helm. Michelle announced she was going to put together her own site, concentrating on N. Maine. My gut tells me there wasn’t room for 2 captains on that 3 hour tour.
    Curiously, Houlton is missing since the dust-up and I don’t feel the presence of her ladyship.
    The place remains an echo chamber despite the new owner’s intentions to broaden the assembly.

  21. Jim Michaud says:

    Hi Asmainegoeslolz! I love this site and have been reading it faithfully. This is my first comment. AMG has only been revived barely a month and they’ve already committed a honking blunder. There’s a thread that claims Senatorial candidate Shenna Bellows joined an anti-BIW protest. Turns out that Ms. Bellows was in Augusta speaking against drones and DIDN’T follow the crowd to BIW. Some guy named John Chapman called them on it. It’s stunts like this that makes AMG to be known as Maine’s version of FOX News.

  22. chris coose says:

    “It’s stunts like this that makes AMG to be known as Maine’s version of FOX News.”
    That is a horribly nasty insult to FOX.

  23. pb says:

    The Tipping-Rep Lockman thread has the potential to be highly entertaining.

  24. Jim Michaud says:

    Yes, the recent Lockman thread should be entertaining reading. When he was first elected in 2012, I thought it must be his son. Now I found out that, no, it’s indeed THE Lawrence Lockman of long ago notoriety. This dude has a paper trail you definitely don’t want to follow. He has made statements that will curl your hair. An aside: bring up the Tipping blog column on Mr. Lockman and see a picture of Mike Michaud circa 1988. A hoot!

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