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3 comments to “Go ahead and try and reconcile the following:”

  1. erin says:

    Right; that’s what The Maine Wire and any spin put out by MHPC are for. ;)

  2. Ruben says:

    Usually I can just laugh at these fools and take my little, probably only clever to me, pot shots at them. But when I read the following from this “Spider” shit head, it just made me sad to realize (again) that these people will go to the length of disparaging parents who lost children to senseless violence to prove their point of, well, of…of…um…well, I’m not really sure what their point is.
    It’s hard to reconcile the mixed feeling of wanting to pray for people like Spider who must just be miserable, sad little cowards or wanting to punch him in the face:

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    “SH….LOTS of questions. Something is very wrong with the SH story. My disbelief started with the Robbie Parker interview. Father of 3 beautiful girls (if you believe the photos) …And this guy shows up at an interview..the next day I guess…with a HUGE grin as he steps outside to the mikes…not a tear to be seen. Would you not have been totally distraught and unable to even speak? This man is practicing deception….period.”

    Pathetic, really just pathetic. Fuck the praying for him, I’ll take the punch.

  3. chris coose says:

    “I don’t, as I have heard from “people who knew people” who lost a child, enough to make one think that people were surely killed here. And also if one was going to stage some sort of incident, dead bodies are very effective psychological tools for that job.”

    What’s to be said? (cept I’m tickled these are the people speaking for gun culture status quo)

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