What, oh what will I do with all the time I’ll have on my hands?   I don’t know what the withdrawal symptoms will be like, but I’m not looking forward to it.  I can only watch Fox News so long before the repetition gets to me.   Oh, woe is me!

14 comments to “Only a few more days until Christmas and the death of AMG”

  1. Narsbars says:

    Narantula is in mourning. At least she is dressed in black.
    She seems to be appearing under multiple names at the BDN political posts and keeps getting called out until each avatar is abandoned and a new one shows up.
    So glad. Happy to see them go into the same trashcan they dug their attitudes out of.

  2. Average Joe says:

    Naran: And, finally, to the Liberal Lurkers — so much for your claims that AMG and Maine conservatives are funded by the Koch brothers and other Republican billionaires.
    Ha ha.

    BUT I WISH THEY WOULD! (My addition…she didn’t really say that)

  3. pb says:

    Seriously, these guys have all kinds of ideas on how to run government, cut spending, etc, yet collectively they cannot manage to figure out a way to keep that half site running come December 26th…..I can just picture SKF when asked how much he would sell the site for….”That will be ONE MILLION DOLLARS…hahahahahahahaha”

  4. Average Joe says:

    Not ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Why, that’s extortion!

  5. PastorSlob says:

    I still can’t believe it cost $150 a month for that turd.

  6. chris coose says:

    I’m kinda waiting for Naran and Scott Fish to jump up and down laughing about pulling an April fool joke on Christmas.
    Good night and good luck , Naran. I’ll be following your journalistic journey, rocketing surely toward a Pulitzer.

  7. mainelydave says:

    How do you sell a site that apparently earns less than $150 a month and can’t turn a profit? Scott, pay me a dollar and I’ll take it off your hands. I’ll immediately fire Naran, ban most of the regulars and invite all the formerly banned people back.

  8. Narsbars says:

    AMG, rats, sinking ship. They are running to TheMaineCitizen.
    If I had the $ I would offer to buy AMG. I would not ban any of the mouth breathers that surface from the septic system that Naran swims in, but would open it up for opposing views.

    It might cut down on the guys only naked drum circle they sit in over there, (it is drums they are beating on with one hand?) but it would be hilarious watching them run into facts.

    Has anyone asked SKF how much?

  9. Tim Wright says:

    According to Bob at The MaineCitizen, “I cannot be specific about price yet. Scotts price is negotiable, but we need to know if we can come up with fourteen thousand dollars. That would pay Scott and keep AMG on line for two years. Maybe Scott would take payments over time to give us some breathing room.”


  10. Naranisanidiot says:

    I just read on the “God Save AMG” thread on the Maine Citizen that Naran banned Michelle Anderson some time ago.

  11. Narsbars says:

    Narantula banned anyone capable of writing anything from the left and not drooling.
    She was also gutless as she never notified anyone and refused to respond to any queries.
    She suspended the drooling exclusion for the right wingers, she had to, to have anyone to post.

  12. Bill says:

    What in the hell costs so much over there? Is Naran drawing a pay check?

    What a fricken scam.

  13. Tom says:

    Please use your imagination. You have done a great job, providing a humorous site mixed with insight. We lost UnionMaine a few years ago with the labor slant, then WhiteNoise insanity, Dirigo Blue is limited by the owners employment.
    Your talents and your readership have proven themselves. Maine needs a liberal blog like yours.

  14. Steve Fringe says:

    You could always try your debating skills at http://themainecitizen.com/ There is no Naran threatening to hit you with a wooden spoon.

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