A new home for AMGers….

Reading As Maine Goes has obviously given me a lot of good fun over the years.

Like you, I was astonished to see that the website upon which this blog owes its very existence is in danger of closing.

Well, AMG, now it is time for me to return the favor. I present to you the As Maine Goes Exodus Forum.

This is a free forum for members of the former AMG community. Sign up and post away, friends.

I know. You wonder, why would we join a forum set up by our mortal enemy, amglolz? Isn’t this a trap?

And to that I say, friend, we are all Mainers. In times of great need, we must come together. Liberals and Conservatives, crazies and not so crazies, it doesn’t matter. We are all human.

And it’s free.

I’ll even give Naran “moderator” status. I swear.

Let’s let the past be the past, and create a new unified era in the As Maine Goes internet-verse.

We can do it.

Click here.

UPDATE FOR AMGERS- Just to be clear, you do need to register to post in the forum. And once Naran is set up as moderator (I have no doubt she will be contact me any minute now) she can make sure everyone is who they say they are, right? So no need to worry about anonymous yahoos jumping into your intellectual debate.

28 comments to “A new home for AMGers….”

  1. amglolz says:

    As the body of AMG lies in its bed, hooked up to metaphorical IV tube of a $150 monthly subsidy from Scott Fish’s gubmint salary, the answer presents itself.


    thejohnchapman: “We could all start posting on AMGLOLZ.”

    naran: “We’d need Hazmat suits for that, TJC. Last time I looked, several years ago, it was littered with liberal zombies of the worst kind. :)

    Myself, I would prefer Facebook, because there is no way to shield a Twitter page from the hordes of vicious liberal cyberbullies.”

  2. Tim Wright says:

    Bring it on! C’Mon, Melvin! Don’t be ascared, old man! You’ll be welcome here! Can I call you Pem?

  3. anon says:

    She prefers facebook because it allows her to do exactly what she did on AMG – shut out the voices of dissent. Whether her head is lodged firmly up her nether regions or in the sand, she appears to be genuinely afraid of allowing for open dialogue. Her ‘bully pulpit’ only works if she can smack at someone online and they can’t see it, or respond in kind.

    Much like all of her carping about issues, local and otherwise.

  4. zooeyg says:

    It is actually not a bad idea. I was initially drawn to AMG because I do believe in the idea of a public square, a commons, the agora – and I do believe that SFK was sincere in his attempt to create such an online forum, a community of diverse posters with similar interests but not lock-step opinions. That all changed when he handed the reins to someone else, and vacated the joint. You get what you pay for, I guess.

    Are people capable of the kind of self-restraint, self-discipline, and civility that are necessary to cultivate healthy discourse? Perhaps, but not when “moderators” need to control and dominate the discussions. Such immoderation drowns out everything else.

  5. Average Joe says:

    The Narantula squeaks: “AMG has liberal posters, and as long as they behave themselves in a civil manner, and contribute something of worth to the conversation, they are very welcome, just like anyone else. That won’t change, no matter what form AMG takes eventually.”

    On behalf of me, Tim, and countless others, I call “bullshit!” Give Naran a keyboard with the “delete” key missing.

  6. Mike G says:

    I like the idea that the financial collapse was blamed on Obama. He continued it but it was a result of FED policy under the various regimes that preceded him

  7. Mike G says:

    While many of you despise some of the work that us on AMG were doing with our comments against the republican establishment, you were supporting Obama in his deal with established Health Insurance Companies. I mean what is up with that, you have your hero, who makes a deal with corporations to set Health insurance rates?

    Jesus Tim, I’d thought you’d be smarter than that!

    Then you have Obama doing untold numbers of drone strikes on innocent people and you just stay quiet and not to mention Libya, I think many of the reasons that some former members left AMG was because you could not be held to your own hypocrisy.

    Some of us were fighting the good fight against Collins and Snowe, war mongers if ever there were any, and no minor reason why the GOP wants AMG gone.

    Have you read AMG lately or are you so stuck in your mindset that we don’t matter?

  8. MikeGisanidiot says:

    MikeG, you are an idiot and no, you don’t matter.

  9. Average Joe says:

    Calm down, boys. Darwin was right — it’s the principal of natural selection.

  10. Mike G says:


    Well was good chatting with whomever you are. I notice you can post in whatever moniker you want here.

    I think I’ll come back as George

  11. amglolz says:


    The “work” you are doing on AMG against the “Republican establishment?” The “good fight” against Snowe and Collins? Dude. You are just a guy posting on a website.

  12. amglolz says:

    If you want to play by AMG rules, go into the new AMG forum where registration is required!

  13. amglolz says:

    And we have our first post in the new AMG forum, courtesy of John. The future is now!

  14. Mike G says:

    Well dude

    You just run a website that regurgitates comments from another website.

    Your mission is what, to embarrass Naran who booted you off the site many moons ago. Now THERE is a mission from God.

    And once AMG is gone, will you consider your mission accomplished? Maybe you can archive the AMG files so your can keep your mission going, regurgitating posts from 1998 to present.

  15. amglolz says:

    I haven’t been booted from anywhere. Never was an AMG poster.

    And second, yeah, I’m just a person with a blog! But I don’t claim I’m doing hard work or standing up to the establishment. You do!

  16. Mike G says:

    Ohh Ouch

    Good point, I guess I’m not standing up against anything, I’m just a mindless idiot spouting off my two cents for those stupid enough to listen. And you are what?

    I was talking to Tim Wright in my original post, or someone who posts as Tim Wright. I’ve actually had conversations with Tim Wright or someone who posted as same on AMG. He seemed to be a reasonable guy, someone that you could have a political discussion with, someone that while on the otherside of the aisle so to speak shared some of my views.

    You have a good night sir madam, I’ll crawl back into my ignorant little hole

  17. amglolz says:

    Mike, I’m not saying you are ignorant. All I am trying to convey is that you can’t act like writing on AMG is some act of political hard work, or an attempt to change the world. The Republican establishment doesn’t give a crap what you write on AMG. Neither does Senator Collins. They are actually out there working hard to change the world, and accomplishing it, and give not a wit what Mike G has said over the last decade in an online forum.

    But I’m open to your skills at persuasion. What has your political voice on AMG actually accomplished over the last decade? What policies have changed or actions have been taken that otherwise would have been different? Explain it to me.

  18. Mike G says:

    It is like the wings of a butterfly creating a typhoon for the Philippines.

    No you are absolutely right, they are out to change their world and it goes cha ching in their pockets, while a decade of butterfly flapping on my part has given me a lot of laughs.

  19. Mike G says:

    On the other hand it might be similar to a warm summer night in Maine. You’re laying in bed enjoying enjoying the night and peace and quiet.

    Then off in the distance, it begins, a yap then another, yap,yap, yap and then it becomes incessant. The yapping dog, well you aren’t the only one listening to this, there are other dogs too. They think something is up, what’s going on over there, what’s he barking at.. And then you get the howler, howlllllll, then another starts barking, bark, bark bark. Then another, then another and then someone yells shut that FN dog up.

    There might be a blast of a shotgun in the distance to show someone means business.

    Isn’t that a lot of what occurs in politics, how to shut up that yapping dog, so that the other dogs don’t get upset? : )

  20. amglolz says:

    What tends to happen in politics is that liberals work hard for years to accomplish their goals, usually succeeding, while conservatives do a lot of complaining and sending of money to people who actually aren’t good at achieving anything, but say lots of exciting, angry junk.

    I don’t know where dogs, butterflies, and shotguns comes into that.

    If you browse the AMG archives from say, 2003, and write down what appears to be the top 3 conservative priorities of the time, what is the success rate ten years later? What is the success rate of liberals ten years later?

  21. Mike G says:

    Well conservatives supposedly want smaller government, they have failed there. Conservatives want lower taxes, they may have succeeded somewhat on the point, but if taken a hard look at, adjusting for inflation, the creep of income tax rates, miscellaneous fees, hidden fees, etc, probably not. Support of the 2nd amendment, some losses, some gains.

    So liberals wanted to stop some of the wars, they failed there, Obama has increased the wars, drone attacks across the globe.

    Liberals wanted national health insurance, what we got was a insurance company based program, that doesn’t appear too good at this point.

    Liberals wanted to legalize pot, that has occurred in some states.

    And what I choose for either side is just arbitrary.

    Some of these issues however cross both liberal and conservative values so it is hard to say exactly who is on which side.

    What there is no doubt about however is that we have more government rather than less government, we have more military spending than less military spending, we have more domestic spending than less domestic spending, we have more police and law enforcement control than less, we have more national debt than less national debt, we have more corporate bailouts, we have larger banks and less smaller banks, more regulations rather than less.

    The problem with putting labels on liberal and conservatives is that as far as government liberty is concerned they aren’t good terms.

    What I believe it comes down to is whether they are authoritarians or libertarians. Do you believe in the individual and that he will make the proper choice for his best interest or do you think government and the collective will define how individuals must act. Must government decide all behavior, commerce, industry, research, entrepreneurship, charity, welfare or is the accomplishment of these matters best done by individuals and local communities.

    Then there is whether the federal government should have complete control over its citizens and states. Should we have local control, state, municipal, county, town or does all power reside in DC and the locals are only tasked with following these edicts.

  22. Bill says:

    It would wonderful if that hateful “Pastor” Bob “kill the gays” Emrich would join.


    Anita Mann.

  23. Ryan McCabe says:

    I am disturbed by the loss of AMG. Not disturbed because it is going, but how it went. Naran DROVE AMG off a cliff. Everyone here knows it, and everyone with half an ounce of intelligence on AMG knows it.

    I posted there for about three years. It was unfortunate that about a month ago, Naran didn’t like what I was saying about the Maine GOP and Paul LePage. I am not a servant to the Maine GOP. I speak my mind about Democrats and Republicans, how they both make mistakes, and how they BOTH need to be held accountable. I call that credibility. I call that Free Speech. Naran calls it “whining”. I had finally had enough after three years of my threads being deleted and watching Naran pick and choose which threads stayed and which threads go.

    I am sorry for SKF, he seems like a nice guy. Naran took something he worked hard to build, and destroyed it. The ironic thing about it all? The very people she claims to be looking out for, cannot stand her or AMG. Sad day for Maine. But, you know what they say….As Maine Goes, So Goes the Nation

  24. PastorSlob says:

    I always found it odd that AMG was run by an “Editor” and not a moderator like every other web forum.

  25. Average Joe says:

    What used to be good about AMG was actual debate and discourse among unlike minded individuals. Yes, sometimes it got nasty and out of hand with both sides being guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct.

    But Naran, the new sherriff in town, changed all that. And she lied about how she changed it. She talked one game and walked another. I agree that her regime (to borrow a term from her idol, Rush Limbaugh) did more to destroy AMG than anything.

    I wonder how much of the demise was due to political pressure. Not as much as self-inflicted implosion, I’m willing to bet.

  26. chris coose says:

    It could be as simple as Scott Fish sitting down one day and opening up a few threads and saying to himself, “I’m not going to pony up 150.00 every month for this bullshit.”

    I think I got to stick around zlong as I did past Scott’s departure was because I would take time to answer Scott’s questions that were directed at me. I believed he knew as much as he may have disliked having to do that, it breathed a bit of spark into the crazy shit. His questions were the only reasonable ones I ever saw.

    Naran, the journalist, is nothing but a junk yard dog and a really stupid one at that. She did lie regularly. To the point, I considered it sociopathic.

    Scott made a fatal mistake in handing Naran the baton. I think he also knew he’d be killing 2 birds with one stone in shuttin her down.

    I shall be looking forward to Naran’s next Pulitzer effort.

  27. PastorSlob says:

    It seems they are trying to organize an effort to save AMG. They even had a meeting, The Narantula warned them of secret liberal cameras hiding in the bushes so they could meet safely.


  28. Jarody says:

    If I hadn’t been working I would have showed up.

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