The Boy Scouts Thread

I think everyone wants to comment on the insanely backwater, destructive hateful mess that is the current Boy Scouts thread. Well, here is a place to do it.

One little thing from me: I love when AMGers quote some wacky source as if we should all know who it is. Example:

Ryan McCabe says he has learned that being gay is not a choice. Bob S responds:

Ryan, born gay has long been disproven. Even Simon LeVay has backed away from that stance.

LOL, right? Whoever the fuck Simon LeVay is, Bob S thinks he is not only relevant but superior as a source. He expects you, the reader, to say, “Well if fucking Simon LeVay finally gave in, then I guess it’s game over for the fags. I’m allowed to call them fags again, right?”

The conservative alternate reality strikes again!

Also, lets give credit to Ryan McCabe, who proves to be the exceptional conservative that doesn’t just ignore AMG’s hate speech but actually puts himself on record opposing it.

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  1. amglolz says:

    “Abacus” says that we can’t allow gay scout leaders because:

    “Ask yourself this, would you allow a woman to spend the night in a tent with teenage boys? No? Then why allow men who are attracted to the same type to do the same thing.”

    Is it just the crazy liberal naivety in me, or is an adult woman occupying the same tent as a group of teenage boys on an organized camping trip not as wacky as Abacus suggests it is?

    Regardless of whether you let the ladies be in the same tent, the fact that 1/3rd of Boy Scout leaders are already women sort of erases whatever point Abacus was trying to make about women and gay scout leaders being equivalently bad for the job.

  2. Tim Wright says:

    I’m pretty sure Simon LeVay is that fucking fag who sang for that fucking fag band Duran Duran. Joe Redneck told me.

  3. amglolz says:

    It is even worse than I thought. I had assumed that if I googled Simon LeVay, I would find some crackpot who backtracked on his theory about the gene v. choice argument.

    Turns out, Simon LeVay is a very respectable scientist…. Who actually believes exactly the opposite of what is attributed to him on AMG. Here is a quote from him after his latest book:

    “But I don’t think anyone chooses to experience the underlying attractions. At that level, I think the biology really argues against the point of view that the Christian right has presented, of homosexuality as being nothing more than straight people saying to themselves, ‘Oh, I think I’ll try that gay thing this weekend.’ That’s the sort of level that they sometimes want to reduce us to.”

    And then this quote from the same interview: “We know that genes play a role, but we don’t know which genes they are.”

    Pardon me for thinking there was some nugget of truth to what Bob S was saying. I wrongly assumed that this LeVay character had at some point at least said being gay was a choice. Turns out, he never did, and Bob S is just too stupid to be bothered.

  4. Average Joe says:

    “Every homosexual is a pedophile but not every pedophile is a homosexual.”
    – Joe Reneck

    I, um, well, I guess I…I’d like to say…um…gee…oh, to hell with it, I’m at a total loss for words.

  5. luckyme says:

    In my opinion, whether a person is born gay or “chooses” to be doesn’t matter. If people are consenting adults and no laws are being broken it’s no one else’s damn business either way.

  6. Bryant Pond says:

    I am tired of peckerheads telling me they know what God thinks or says or means…Why is not this bunch running the country? They seem to know everything. I will guarantee more boy scouts are molested by their own parents than scoutmasters anyways. Did I just blaspheme?

  7. Average Joe says:

    I hope that their religion is right on and that on judgment day all the AMG bigots will get exactly what is coming to them. Because somehow I think their interpretation of what God and Jesus believe doesn’t quite square with reality.

    Not all bigots are on AMG and not everyone on AMG is a bigot. Just wanted to make that clear.

  8. John Chapman says:

    “I hope that their religion is right on and that on judgment day all the AMG bigots will get exactly what is coming to them.”

    Um, if they ARE right, I’ll be smokin’ a turd in hell right beside you, Joe.

    John Chapman — AMG token Unitarian Buddho-Taoist

  9. Pooch says:

    …I heard today the BSA(under pressure from Conservative Christians) has walked back on letting in gay kids. They are “kicking the can down the road.” hmmmmmm. I guess those Pedophile Scoutmasters are not attracted to young gay males.

    …oh, and hand me one of those turds. Gotta light?

  10. luckyme says:

    “Gotta light?”
    There’s plenty of fire where you’re going ;-p

  11. Tim Wright says:

    My main concern is how Mackenzie “With an E” Andersen is going to tie this into the 43 trillion dollar lawsuit.

  12. charlotte says:

    Hi all!

    I love the a recent post on this AMG thread….a lesbian would be the best scout leader…as long as she keeps her sexuality to herself.

    See the B scouts need lesbians after all(sarcastic). End the ban on gay leaders.

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