AMGer proves it snowed somewhere!

This just in: AMGer Vic Berardelli has internet evidence of snow fall in the Dakotas.

Sioux Falls, S.D. set a record for Nov. 5 with 5.7 inches of snow last Tuesday.

Even more telling is this notice from the National Weather Service:

this will mark a new record for the fewest number of days between the last 4+” snowfall in the Spring and the first 4+” snowfall in the Fall. This year will only be 197 days, which would break the old record of 203 days set in 1970, and would be a full 100 days shorter than the average of 297 days for the period of record since 1893.


Al Gore has not been heard from.

This fortunate bit of anecdotal evidence will allow Vic to ignore the scientific truth of global climate change for at least another 6 weeks, at which time he will hopefully realize that it is cold in Maine in December. At that point all reason to question thousands of scientists working hundreds of thousands of man-hours, trekking across the globe, and launching multi-billion dollar satellites to collect billions of data points will continue to be irrelevant to Vic because, yes, it will always snow somewhere around the world on any given day.

In other news, Vic had a solid shit today so we can all assume he will never have diarrhea.

7 comments to “AMGer proves it snowed somewhere!”

  1. George says:

    So what is it about Canadians and beavers I mean give me a break, do they have to build so many dams

  2. George says:

    too much time on my hands

  3. Philo says:


    Long time no speak, you did have too much time on your hands, but now you’ve been busy.

    I’ve pretty much dropped out of sight, but my suggestion on getting rid of beavers is wait for trapping season and then make yourself a blanket out of them.

    As far as Canadians, have you been stock piling any of their money, because the loonie appears to be going up in value against the US dollar. It might be best to put a good proportion of your money in Loonies instead of the Greenbacks.

    You are just going to have to learn to love Canadians at some point, because who’d a thunk it, but we have out spent out borrowed out printed our socialist friends to the north.

    So when it snows somewhere in the future, think Loonie my friend, think loonie

  4. Philo says:

    Data points?

    It is interesting that some talk about data. There wasn’t too much data taken before the world could take data, but it is held within certain data taken from studies taken from data held within time through borings taken through the soils and looking at tree species throughout the 10,000 years that the ice receded and turns out at many times during those 10,000 years,

    Those studies have shown the we have gone through many climate changes, warming events and cooling events that had little to do with the industrial age, so the jury should be out considering same. You consider that there might be a discussion whether Al Gore has his hockey stick stuck up our asses for his own benefit?

  5. John Chapman says:

    Apparently, Vic got so pissed at this thread that he sprinkled anecdotal snow over the holy land and pyramids. What a spoilsport! Looks nice for X-mas, though. Merry Christmas to all my friends here!

  6. Average Joe says:

    Right back atcha! You may be the last sane member of that exclusive, soon to be extinct club!

  7. John Chapman says:

    Who you callin’ SANE, Pilgrim? Where I come from (AMG) them’s FIGHTIN’ words ! And among those fightin’ words are, apparently, the words “dictionary definitions”.


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