AMGer “Jeepn” is on Charlie Webster’s side regarding those black mystery voters.

I grew up in Warren and live in Waldoboro. Due to the small town demographics, I know all the residents of color. If I saw a bunch of them at the voting booth, they would also stand out to me and I would question their eligibility with the town, but past dems have made sure they cannot be questioned, and I have no “right” to question their residence. The ballots are anonymous so once it’s turned in, there is no way to tell how they voted, and there is no proof they SHOULD have voted.

Incidentally, there were 2 full pages, with two colums, of new voter registrations in Waldoboro. I was in a line of about 50 people and knew a scant handful. Where do these people live? You mean to tell me all these people, while moving into the area and registering their cars, paying taxes, and getting dump stickers, merely forgot to register to vote until voting day? Oh please.

I just love this. “I know all the residents of color.” Said point blank, as if it were a scientific fact.

Question for the genius: Why isn’t it possible that there are people in your town that you have never met?

You can’t know people you haven’t seen. If you are in a line with 50 people and you know a “scant handful,” then it seems to me that you aren’t as popular around town as you think you are.

And maybe the new voters didn’t forget to register, smarty pants. Maybe they knew they could register when they go to vote. It has only been that way for a few decades.

Republicans are now the party of crazy conspiracies. The dumb party. This isn’t a joke. They have really become this bad.

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