There is a currently 9 page thread about picking a new GOP chairman to replace the non-irreplaceable Charlie Webster. It is wonderfully sweet. The discussion is, basically, about why they lost and what needs to change, but all the answers show a blissful ignorance about what parts of the Republican Party so many people find objectionable.

Take Thrasybulus, for instance. He says the GOP lost because it is talking about social issues like abortion.

Then he goes on to show just HOW CRAZY he is on the abortion issue.

Most modern abortions are sought in order to prolong the period available for recreational sex. And of course avoid buying a new wardrobe or to increase disposable income.

Please, please explain to me how in an age of birth control pills, people seek abortions to “prolong” the period “available for recreational sex.” Abortions make a poor method of birth control, as I’m sure anyone who ever had an abortion might tell you.

And implying that women don’t want to have kids so they can avoid the travesty of having to “buy a new wardrobe,” well, that isn’t condescending at all. Surely these idiotic women aren’t worried about feeding, housing, educating, and caring for children who will require an enormous commitment. No, they are just concerned about clothes. Because they are women. Women like clothes.

He goes on:

A current trend is to abort to get the “right” sexed designer baby. Islander is right on when he mentions that while men, even husbands, have no say, they certainly will pay.

An attack that might resonate with a secular, but increasingly weary society, is to say abortion is usually a sleazy creepy thing to resort to, but we’ll shut up about it if you will just publicly declare the reasons for your abortion, and the father will be required to sign off. If he won’t sign off and has the ability to raise the child, he gets the child. Won’t pass right away, but it will surely cause some consternation on the Left, and open some minds. Black men under the age of 25 are the most anti-abortion group in the USA…

This is one cockamamie bit of thinking. Let us go over it in detail.

1. It is trendy to abort children to get a “designer” baby. Despite being of an age where all the people around me are having babies, I have yet to hear anyone speak of even considering an abortion to control the sex of their child. I guess I’m not as in tune with the culture as a guy who goes by “Thrasybulus.”

2. Make women publically declare their reasons for any particular abortion. Need I discuss why this would probably not be so popular with the female voters?

3. Men have no say in the abortion decision but, due to some feminazi plot, might still pay child support on kids they don’t want. Wow.

Ok, reader, please remember that this thread at AMG is a discussion about how to win. As in, lets improve the Republican brand among women by, say, letting women’s angry ex-boyfriends have the option to force them to either carry a child or force an unwanted abortion. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Women will love that! And if the boyfriend says he doesn’t want the kid, but the woman still has it, well then that guy just has no responsibility for that child’s care. How could that possibly go wrong?

Thrasybulus is sure that if Republicans pushed this idea, it would “cause some consternation on the Left” and “open some minds.”

Uh, no. It would be like Todd Akin’s crazy statement, but times ten. Any politician not dependent on nursing assistants to feed him mushed carrots would run from such a plan, immediately. It is ludicrous. Full on crazy.

And then there is Bob Emrich, the leader of the losing campaign to continue marriage discrimination. He responds to someone saying that the social issues of abortion and gay marriage are losers in Maine with this:

I disagree, Ryan. You are generalizing according to bias. Marriage won more votes than Romney.
Look at the Maine legislature.
In 2009, marriage won. Did you and others proclaim it to be a winning issue then?
More than 50% of Americans are now pro-life and the highest gains were among young people.
The problem is not with the issues but in treating the issues as unimportant.

Apparently, no one has ever showed Bob the graph showing the change in public approval of gay marriage over time. Or he doesn’t understand it. Or, he is a religious bigot who is so blind to reality that he can’t see the plain truth in front of him. Pick one.

Lastly, the thread includes some general discussion of whether to pick Rich “Are you going to finish that barrel of lard?” Cebra or Beth O’Connor for the new chair position.

I saw elsewhere on AMG that Beth O’Connor, in her losing bid to retain her Maine statehouse seat, was outspent 20-1 by her opponent.

So Republicans are thinking of choosing for their party leader someone who could not win their own election, could not organize or raise funds, and frequently posts crazy shit on AMG. Yes, that will be a big improvement from Charlie Webster.

It all makes me smile.

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  1. chris coose says:

    Smiling at this image. This thread is begging for somebody to come in and take control. Pretty sure many of them realize they mismanaged that a bit with LePage . He isn’t really the dad they were looking for.
    I’m counting at least 6 distinct factions who all believe they hold superior integrity. Even if they sucessfully tossed out the young, scary, from away, Paulistas, they’d still be in shambles with the old Birchers like woodcanoe and Uncle Jaque, wandering around in hopeless desperation.
    They need a person to come in and dominate. They crave Beth O’Connor. I kinda like that she is playing the mystery lady.
    Ingnoring the decrepit dad they try to hide away in a corner, they have no idea that nothing they do compares to what LePage is going to do to that Pary in the next 2 years.

  2. amglolz says:

    Uncle Jaque says, due to the Nov. election, “Maine is now a district of Hell as far as I’m concerned.” I think he means this literally.

    Naran is posting vehicle registration rules. “Law and Order: Kennebunk,” would be pretty exciting; the ballsy outside-the-box police officer would try in vain to get the prosecutor to file charges of “saying you live in Maine without registering your car.” They would occasionally have joggers finding bodies, but they would be ignored for the real juicy vehicle registration plot line. Naran would interrogate the Ron Paul kid, screaming at him and throwing a plastic evidence bag containing his out of state plates “PAULFAN1″ down on the table. This would be epic television.

  3. zooeyg says:

    Freaks and Greeks?

  4. Joe Mama says:

    Charlie Webster has been making phone calls to State Committee members on behalf of Beth O’Connor.

    How can the Kidz From Away be working toward the same goal as Charlie Webster? I thought Webster hated Brakey, and vice versa.

  5. cnncomment says:

    AMGs managing editor is a complete lunatic. I’ve never seen someone spew so much intentional misinformation and bulls–t. How can she/AMG say they want to help the people of Maine….and then LIE to them with a smile on her face? Its insane.

  6. AMG has definitely gone off the deep end. I was a supporter of the site via posts and an occassional donation for more than five years. But it’s not only turned into a Maine Republican ass-kissing site, but the tinfoil-hat faction is trying to take it over.
    Naran is about as useless as boobs on a bull when it comes to moderating. She has let the new GOP chair thread get way out of hand. I think the assessment that six factions are fighting for control of the party is just about right.
    Common sense would dictate that the Grand Old Party would pick someone other than an ex-legislator, but they’ll just form another circular firing squad and continue business as usual.

  7. chris coose says:

    If we are limited to a 2 party system, I am a proponent of keeping clear of single party dominance. What we’ve got at state and national isn’t working out at all well these days and it would seem we are in for a long run of back and forth hollerin at each other.
    It would be nice if Maine Republicans could collect themselves and make some changes. Kinda come into some balance.
    I admit I don’t get out among them much, except for what I see at AMG. Quiet Observer’s got it with the circular firing squad image. If AMG is representative of the active Maine Republican Party with LePage at the helm, then it would make sense that the Democrats couldn’t help but dominate.
    I must add, it is a sad sight to see this governor hating government. That’s going to set us all back for the next couple years. I have absolutely no, less than zero, nada expectations that he’ll change his tune a single bit. None of these guys could ever appear to move, what would be perceived as to the left.

  8. The KJ is reporting that Cebra won after O’Connor withdrew her name. However, she was elected vice-chair in a three-way race.

    Looks like a workable coalition ticket, but the Ron Paul stalwarts probably won’t like being second-fiddle.

  9. chris coose says:

    This ought to be fun to watch. Hard to tell, what with all the anonymity, but I get a picture most AMG contributers don’t have very large incomes. Always kinda get the feeling that most of their rage comes from clawing up from a very low common denominator.
    So this new story goes, Webster was the first chairman to be paid. @ around 24,000 as a consultant. The new guys wants 60,000. It is reported his Dem. counterpart makes that much.
    That’s Portland wages for cristsakes!!!!

    (Wonder if they’ll do a bit of simple outcomes consideration or if they’ll let their bankrupt ideology get in the way).

    I’m on a posting sabbatical. That ewv cat makes my skin crawl. Sad though, M. Anderson makes a fun playmate.

  10. amglolz says:


    This is an excellent point. The Republican base has no sense of proportion.

    Let me try to follow their line of thinking.

    Democrats are destroying America, and Maine. Our livelihoods and the American Way of Life are at stake.

    We need someone to stop them. This person is responsible for our entire party apparatus and will be granted enormous powers to shape both the message and the mechanics of our next campaign. This person will be our face for all media in the state. We will expect this person to create Republican legislative victories in a state that has lacked them for decades, excepting the last two years.

    This person will endure attacks from both party members and idiotic blogs, such as the one you are reading. Judgment in two years will be swift and without remorse.

    But because we are cheapskates, we want this person to work for 25k. This is less than a new college grad can expect to make in the Portland area doing entry level work.

    You can work as a temp and make 25k. That is 12 bucks an hour.

    For all the free market mantra on AMG, you would think they would understand that one rule of the free market is “you get what you pay for.”

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