Representative CEBRA of Naples.

Senator COLLINS of Wells.

Representative BICKFORD of Auburn.

Representative CHASE of Wells.

Representative CURTIS of Madison.

Representative FITTS of Pittsfield.

Representative HARVELL of Farmington.

Representative O’CONNOR of Berwick (a regular on As Maine Goes).

Representative SIROCKI of Scarborough.

Representative WINDSOR of Norway.

Look at that list. If you see any of them giving your 1st grader a civic lesson, pull your child away IMMEDIATELY. These people don’t understand how our country works.

They are the sponsors of LD 58, a completely unconstitutional and immoral bill that would make it a crime for government officials to follow the law.

This bill, quite simply, would make it a felony for Federal or State officials to enforce Obama’s Affordable Care Act (“ACA”), punishable by up to five years in prison. So not only would they brand government officials criminals just for doing their job, but they would like to see them separated from their families for five years.

“Obamacare” as it is known, is already giving small businesses tax credits for providing healthcare to employees. Presumably the letter of law in this bill would require someone to arrest the IRS agents at our local offices who assist in giving these tax credits to business by processing their paperwork. Who would carry out this arrest? Who knows! I would hope that no police officer would be nutty enough to try.

Another requirement of the ACA is that insurers must allow children as old as 26 to remain on a parent’s policy. This is already in effect. Presumably anyone who tried to enforce this in Maine would also be subject to arrest.

Look: Whether or not the ACA is constitutional isn’t even important when considering this law. This law is illegal even IF the ACA is later found to be unconstitutional. Why? Because the court system is the final arbiter. States can’t just decide which Federal laws to follow and which they won’t.

They tried that in the South in regards to desegregation; they ended up with soldiers escorting people to school.

Is Maine going down that path? Will LePage be the Governor Wallace of health reform? I hope not. I hope this disastrous, illegal, and just plain stupid bill is voted down as soon as possible.

2 comments to “These Maine Legislators Don’t Understand How America Works.”

  1. jgiven says:

    Yep, that’s profoundly dumb alright.

    But they forgot one section, the part that says when a Federal court says the Maine law is itself unconstitutional, that they can ignore the finding as if it never happened…

  2. amglolz says:

    Cebra is quoted as saying that the bill is a bit “symbolic.”

    Usually conservatives have a problem with “symbolic” bills.

    I don’t… But in my mind, a symbolic bill is something like “whoopie pies are our state dessert” not “let’s put x in jail for n years.”

    Representative Cebra has a very unique definition of symbolic. And his idea that this will “send a message” to Washington may be correct, but the message isn’t what he thinks it is.

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