In shocking news that shocked the amglolz community with a profound feeling of shock, we wake up today to find that former AMGer “Jarody” has been arrested criminally charged at the Occupy camp in Augusta.

Apparently he threatened someone with a sledgehammer.

Two points I want to make:

1. Give Jarody some sympathy because he is emotionally distraught. You see, he emailed me a few days ago asking me to come down to Occupy Augusta with him. I didn’t respond. Clearly anyone would be angry and upset over such a rejection from an anonymous political blogger whom he doesn’t know and has never shown any hint of actually being friendly with him.

2. Threatening with a sledgehammer? Last time we knew he was stopped by police he was carrying a handgun. So he is calming down. His tools of violence keep getting less fatality-prone. Before you know it, he’ll just be using pillows to threaten people. Or puppies.

Oh, Jarody. What a tangled web we weave.

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  1. Jarody says:

    I was never arrested. I was summoned. By the way,great article. We still on for dinner tonight?


  2. amglolz says:

    So what’s the real story? Sledgehammer self-defense?

  3. Average Joe says:

    Just a misunderstanding of the old Peter, Paul and Mary protest song, I’m sure.

    “If I had a (sledge) hammer, I’d hammer in the morning…”

  4. jarody says:

    In the accusers own words he states that hes had an issue with me for years. This is pretty much an extension of that. I didn’t thinks he’d lie to officers however he has.

  5. amglolz says:

    Well, at least in a he-said, he-said type of court battle you’ve got the credibility argument sewn up!

  6. I hate Jarody says:

    Yes Jarody did do it. It was no lie. If you want to go to Augusta Police Department, Officer Fry made the work place restraining order last year. Jarody is a psychotic wanna be stalker. And that “kisses,” thing proves he is Bi. Video camera’s are everywhere. Just because there was no one willing to speak as a witness doesn’t mean that video camera’s didn’t catch Jarody running over 100 feet with a sledgehammer after a writer for an online magazine. That’s right. Anyone willing to put $10 on a Major Credit Card each month can be a member of ArchEnemys online magazine. Home of New Englands hottest Models. Then oh look! The Occupy Augusta interviews part one and two are writen by music trade magazine .com. Who owns that? Oh yeah, Doug Papa. Look at his profile and it looks like Nate and Carrie LaChance, the owners of the online magazine personally asked Doug to write for thier online magazine. 23 articles and part one and part two of an intense direct question, direct answer interviews, with no mention of Jarody. It seems Doug Papa was working on Part three when in fact Jarody had to run after the reporter whom walked from the Viet Nam Memorial in Capital Park and almost made it to the road right in front of the State House. The Capital Police would not issue the summons unless they spent days going over the video tape. Technology doesn’t lie. Trust me, if it wasn’t on tape it would not have gone this far.

  7. John Chapman says:

    “And that “kisses,” thing proves he is Bi. ”

    This must be true; bisexuals cannot be relied upon, since they are too confused to tell the truth.

    “Trust me”

    From an anonymous internet poster with a name like “I hate Jarody”, how could we possibly do anything else?

    Ah, this is truly delightful. I feel right at home here. Puttin’ up my virtual feet and lightin a digital cigar.

  8. Tim Wright says:

    How long til you threaten to file a virtual lawsuit, The?

  9. John Chapman says:

    Sshh, I’m busy watching the virtual “I hate Jarody” show on my virtual TV. Maybe during a (virtual) commercial.

  10. amglolz says:

    Ok, I think everyone on all sides should post their version of events and Mr. Chapman will make a ruling. This can be a recurring thing, if it works. Honorable Judge Chapman’s Court of Chancellery and Anonymous Online Disputes.

    His rulings will be virtually binding.

  11. Jarody says:

    Also take note of my awesome viking helmet. Have you never seen good acting?

    Oh wait….no you haven’t….

  12. John Chapman says:

    “Honorable Judge Chapman’s Court of Chancellery and Anonymous Online Disputes.”

    (tearfully) Wow, I’m so honored !! I’d like to thank the academy, my parents, my agent . . .

  13. zooeyg says:

    You (both) forgot The, as in “THE Honorable Judge Chapman’s court…” I won’t settle for anything less.

  14. I hate Jarody says:

    Your Honorable Judge Chapman. The photos of the Sledgehammer proves Jarody had access to a sledgehammer and was wanting to use it in a terrorizing method. As far as psychotic I present the following evidence. Sir exhibit B is a you tube video in which Jarody is walking outside his apartment while an armed police standoff is taking place two doors down. He was told to go inside, yet as a silent psycho he does not.

    I can go on. But I won’t. I will merely state one more thing about this case before I rest. However, If I am insulted by Jarody I will have to respond.

    Your Honorable Judge Chapman, If video camera’s did not catch all the action, there is no way he would have been given a summonds. January 4th is the day that video will be shown in a Court of Law. Thank you for your time and place your bet’s on Jarody being found guilty as the video’s will prove beyond a reason of a doubt.

  15. Jarody says:

    The DAs office has decided not to prosecute at this time. I feel some of you owe me an apology.

  16. Tim Wright says:

    I’m sorry you call yourself Jarody. How’s that?

  17. amglolz says:

    I’m so sorry, Jarody, that as penance I am considering changing my legal name to “Sorry.”

  18. Jarody says:

    I can feel the love man. I can feel the love.

  19. I hate Jarody says:

    I’m sorry the Kennebec County District Attonery’s office does not have the professional pride equal to the Capital Security and disagreed to see the same thing that was caught on the video camera. I’m sorry the District Attonerys office gave Jarody the same exact treatment reserved for informants and infultrators that directly or indirectly work for them. I’m sorry that scum can be mistaken for normal regular people in our society.
    I will never be sorry or ever believe that Jarody didn’t do it, because if he didn’t there is no way that the intregrity of the Capital Police would be compromised. I believe the Capital Police had the evidence. It’s not official, but in my personal opinion the Kennebec County District Attorneys Office was not happy about having to back off of this case, but had to pretend they didn’t see a sledgehammer in Jarody’s hands on the video, because of the royal treatment some people get in exchange for information. I have talked to some people about Jarody in the Augusta Occupy Movement and their response after degrading swearing was, “We know we’ve been infultraited.” I’m not saying this myself, I’m just repeating from what I’ve heard from more than one person with credibility. You know credibility? Like all the other stuff that is said about Jarody on this website, like the reason why he was banned in the first place. Jarody may have won this round, but he is far from winning this battle. Oh one more thing. Jarody I hear your sister calling you. I’m not sure if it’s out of Post Tramatic Stress Disorder from that little thing you wrote that was pointed out on this website.
    I hate Jarody and I support this message.

  20. jarody says:

    Since I was not charged I do not have the power of full discovery (or disclosure) concerning the info that was brought to the DA’s office. I don’t know what Capitol Security told them or gave to them. I have not seen any reports. I have only a trespass notice and a nonactive citation. I can tell you however what I have . I have a good number of people who were there on the day in question who will talk about how there were no incidents that day until the Capitol Police appeared and kicked me out based on the words of one person.
    If that is the only stuff the DA has it made the right decision in saving the taxpayers money by not prosecuting a case based on that.
    If you sincerely believe I’ve been granted favors by anyone in politics,the courts,or law enforcement I don’t know what to tell you.
    Hell if you think anyone likes me in politics,the courts,or law enforcement I don’t know what to tell you.
    Not to toot my own horn but I was one of the organizers of Occupy Augusta. In a leaderless environment everyone became a leader. I’ve received a lot of support from many members of Occupy Augusta during the stress of the unfounded allegation and I am very thankful for that.
    You give me the names and I’ll give you the agenda they are pushing.
    I did everything within my power to make sure Occupy Augusta didn’t become co-opted by existing groups pushing agendas and a lot of people are pissed off about that.
    Of course its kind of ironic talking about credibility with someone who goes by an alias.

  21. amglolz says:

    The argument you two are having is absurdly unimportant. No one cares which of your paranoid states is less incompatible with the real world. No one cares about what happened at the protest with the sledgehammer. We are only laughing at another mess that Jarody has managed to get into when somehow the rest of the adult world manages to avoid these pitfalls, and how seriously he takes everything he does when literally no one else in the world cares (except maybe this single anti-Jarody on the other side of this comment war). Let’s enjoy that and move on.

  22. I hate Jarody says:

    I will respect your request to move forward. I have worked actual jobs in the past and can follow what is requested by owners. I am not someone who claims to represent the working class by collecting scrap metal as an independent contractor, while the reality is collecting a monthly welfare check. (Which makes credibility of someone that does this and run for office a joke.)
    I will say the next time Jarody makes another mistake, everything that I was going to say on this subject will be presented then. I want to thank the operators of As Maine goes lolz for having Maine’s premier political commentary website and providing the oportunity to say everything I have said about the matter. I also wanted to praise the wisdom of this great website operator, to know when it’s time to quit on this subject and have the maturity to state the reality of the matter while doing so. I also want to thank this website for collecting all the data on Jarody, because it really is a great tool to have other people look at without doing all the research online. The Governors Press Secretarys Office loved Jarody’s racist death threat link, as well as the Democratic Party headquarters and some people involved with Occupy Augusta. Keep up the great work As Maine Goes Lolz!

    Until the next Jarody event,

    I hate Jarody.

  23. Uncle Jaque says:

    I was not aware of the existence of this site until I got an e mail from Mike H. regarding this issue with Jarody. I had posted in the former AMG discussion regarding this incident.

    After initial perusal of this discussion I am left with the distinct impression that it is populated with a host of interesting people.

    I have always been attracted to interesting people and usually enjoy their acquaintance – which may explain why I’ve liked Jarody as long as I’ve known him. I can’t imagine him actually threatening anybody, and the mental image of him chasing some bloke down the street brandishing a hammer cracks me right up. I’ll have to check out that video and see if it is equally entertaining.

    Now I hope that all concerned can resolve their differences peacefully and manage to get along in the future somehow… and please; quit picking on poor Jarody!

  24. John Chapman says:

    So here is my ruling: Jarody is NOT GUILTY by reason of insanity. Given the corruption of the Capitol Police that has percollated into the very fabric of our society, I’m afraid to hand out a straight up “NOT GUILTY” for fear that jack-booted Marden’s security will show up at my door.

    I was struck (no pun intended) by one fact, however. The pics of Jarody showing supposedly enraged hammer swinging did not cause the camera man to duck. Presumably, he recognized a poor Thor imitation [as opposed to an attack] when he saw one.

    [Thor uses one hand.]

    Of such things (plus what I had for breakfast) is justice made. [and brackets -- lots of brackets]

  25. Tim Wright says:

    Didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, did you, John?

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