Dan Demeritt

The PPH has picked up on LePage public-relations guru Dan Demeritt being slightly less effective at business than, say, anyone with fewer than five foreclosures pending.

Mr. Demeritt earns over $80,000 in state salary for his public relations smarts.

But have you noticed something? He isn’t doing a whole lot of public relations! Adrienne Bennett has supplanted Demeritt as the person always quoted in news articles on LePage’s behalf.

What is her pay? I hope it’s at least half of Demeritt’s.

And if she has a significant other, I hope he landed a plum “executive assistant” job, too, like Demeritt’s wife enjoys, which brings the Demeritt family income above $130,000.

Because I haven’t seen Demeritt do anything worthy of his salary, but Ms. Bennett seems to not suck so bad.

This is absurd theatre. Demeritt has $130,000 in household income and he can’t run a pizza shop. LePage was on vacation because he has “nothing to do.” LePage can’t find department heads because the taxpayer-funded $117,000 salaries are “not a lot.”

Out. Of. Touch.

Maine: Open for business? Or Maine: Open for surreal, live-action political theatre of the absurd? I vote for the second.


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  1. amglolz says:

    Classic Demeritt: On WGAN defending LePage during the NAACP debacle, Demeritt doesn’t like how the conversation is proceeding so he says the host, a family lawyer, is in the business of “breaking families up” and, further, that the host is saying LePage wasn’t honest because “that’s is what you do.”


    Classy! $80,000 doesn’t buy you the talent it used to, eh?

  2. Average Joe says:

    What I find fascinating about AMG’s reaction to this story is that they’re all over Ethan Strimling for having the audacity to wonder if Demeritt had anything to do with the fire. Hmm. Let’s see…foreclosed property…mortgage under water…arson. I’d be much more concerned if the police DIDN”T have this guy as a “person of interest.”

    Heck, I felt like I was a “person of interest” when I had a garage fire many years ago. It’s what they have to do in cases like this. And they’re guilty of dereliction of duty if they don’t.

  3. amglolz says:

    I dont think Strimling was right to bring it up, especially considering there is another “prime suspect.” A tenant threatened to burn it down right before it burned down.

    But It is fascinating that the AMG reaction is so strong in defense of Demeritt yet say Obama was born in Kenya or that Bill Clinton murdered a man… and listen to the beautiful sound of silence.

  4. Average Joe says:

    I hadn’t heard about the threatening tenant, but I’m still willing to bet that the authorities are taking a good look at Mr. Demeritt, as well. They have to. And I didn’t hear Ethan flat out accuse Demeritt — in fact, he couched his observation with something like “I have no proof or evidence. but it could be suspicious.”

  5. amglolz says:

    An abusive boyfriend threatened to burn the place down when the girlfriend left to go to McDonald’s with someone else. Lo and behold it done caught itself burnin’ that very night. Just another night in the Capitol city.

    Unless it was overinsured the insurance payment wouldn’t help that much, anyways.

    It would make a good movie. Jack Black could play Demeritt.

  6. amglolz says:

    I hear Demeritt has an alibi for which there are five witnesses. They were all in line to serve him foreclosure papers.


  7. chris coose says:

    Opening the comments on the PPH DeMeritt foreclosure was like taking a step into the Twilight Zone. The AMG thread on the subject turned out to be about Ethan Strimling.

    “As you know, AMG tries hard to be even-handed in its media coverage.*
    * (despite the bleating to the contrary, from some on the outside, who can only peer through the AMG windows). Naran

    The last post I saw to the AMG thread was this gem by Robert questioning a poster who was so bold to suggest the DeMeritts may be in cushy financial shape.”

    “How do you know that ODF? Do you have inside knowledge on their finances?
    His finances are really none of my business. And Naran, yes, most people are one issue away from disaster. Most people are living paycheck from paycheck.

    WOOOPS! Robert may be in for a big surprise later today, that is, if they quit talking about Evil Ethan,

  8. Average Joe says:

    To be read with a gruff, cigarette-raspy voice:

    “Hey, Danny, come here…yeah, over here, by the bus…don’t worry, Danny, the bus ain’t movin’…yeah, that’s it…stand right here, Danny…”

  9. Bob says:

    Having known “DoucheBag Dan” Demeritt when he worked for his Step-Father’s sandwhich shop in Bridgton, it comes as ZERO-NADA surprise that he is EXACTLEY where he DESERVES to be! His step-dad is a wonderful person who dumped “Danny Boys” mother. His Mom? Don’t get me started on HER!

    “Double D” was ALWAYS a whinny, negative, “Holier-Than-Thou-Especially-If-Your-Surname-Is-Christ” child who had his head so far up a certain former “Les Otten 4 Governor” insurance-guru-from B-Town that it was damned near impossible to figure out where said Guru ended and Danny began. And then Susan Collins came to town…

    As a former Law Enforcement professional, I can only… “wonder” about the timing of the Arson fire of Danny’s property (Hey, don’t get all pissy with me for saying it; Public Safety Spokesguy Steve McCausland said it first…) and his unique way of paying back what he owes to the lending instutions who believed in him.

    As the saying goes, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

    I DO hope that this unfortunate accident… wait, it’s already been ruled arson… I DO hope that this unfortunate ARSON investigation digs.
    And digs.
    And digsdigsdigs.

  10. amglolz says:

    It has been brought to my attention that a search for “Dan Demeritt” on Google brings up this page second, right behind the story about the foreclosures. A search for “Dan Demeritt PR” bring up this page as the number one hit.

    Demeritt just started a PR firm, according to As Maine Goes.

    Dan Demeritt PR, Inc. needs to hire a search engine specialist, stat.

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